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March 22, 2019
We have more issues of the WSFA Journal, this time from post-Boskone scanning. Today we put up 8 issues, all from 1967 of the clubzine, including a couple edited not by Don Miller, but by Jay Haldeman. Scanning by Mark Olson. Thanks Mark!

Some of the last of the Boskone scanning is Battle of the Titans, Vaughn Bode vs Jack Gaughan. This art zine is exactly what it sounds like it should be - an entertaining artistic romp between two great fan (and pro) artists. This is part of the material that Geri Sullian brought to Boskone for scanning last month, and was scanned there. Thanks Geri!

George Phillies sent us a PDFs of March 2019's issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks George.

We have added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 37, No. 38, that was sent to us by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Thank you both

March 16, 2019
Another interesting collection for you today. We've added Selected Writings of Rick Sneary  to the list. This was edited by Len Moffatt, with a disclaimer by Rick Sneary. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #438 (2.1 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

March 15, 2019
We've added the March issue of Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen. Thanks Leybl!

We've added the run of Eric Bentcliffe's Bastion. There are 3 issues, from the early 1960s. In the last issue, there's an article by Dick Lupoff describing the formation of Fanoclasts, the New York city fan group. Scanning by Joe Siclari.

March 12, 2019
We've added the first issue today of Blat!, the 1994 FAAn Award winning zine from Ted White and Dan Stefan. Scanning by Joe Siclari. Enjoy!

March 7, 2019
Still from Boskone 2019, we have today 2 issues and a supplement from Blat!, the 1994 FAAn Award winning zine from Ted White and Dan Steffan. The supplement  is called "Blat Archives", and is marked as a supplement to issue 4.

More Mota! We've uploaded the remaining 15 issues that we have - from issue 17 to the final issue, issue 31. This is Terry Hughes's Hugo nominated genzine from the 70s.

March 6, 2019
George Phillies sent us a PDF of the February issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's Tightbeam, edited by George Phillies and Jon Swartz. This months Tightbeam comes in two parts. Thanks George!

A treat today - we have 13 issues of Terry Hughes's Mota. Mota ran from 1971 to 1980 and was nominated for the 1979 Best Fanzine Hugo.

Dale Speirs sent us a PDF of issue #437 (6.0 MB) of his perzine Opuntia. Thanks Dale.

February 27, 2019
Today's additons - The Really Incomplete Bob Tucker, edited by Dave Locke and published by Robert and Juanita Coulson. Scan by Mark Olson.

We've added 5 issues of Sata, first published by Dan Adkins and later by Bill Pearson. There is art here. Scans by Joe Siclari.

February 26, 2019
More from the Boskone scanning (getting to the end pretty quickly). We've added Ole Chavela!, a zine from 1960 edited by John and Bjo Trimble for Isabel Burbee (wife of Charles). Thanks to Geri Sullivan for bringing it!

Additionally from Boskone, we've added a couple of Neofans Guides  to fandom and to science fiction. These are from 1973 and 1984, edited by Bob Tucker, Marty Cantor and Mike Glyer. If you have to ask what they are, then you should read them.

Adding to our collection of yearbooks, we've added the Science Fiction Yearbook 1957, 1958 edition, published in 1960. I think I have that right. Editors are the editors of Science Fiction Times, James Taurasi, Ray Van Houton, Frank Prieto. Scan by Mark Olson.

Joe has scanned 2 more issues of Jack Chalker's excellent zine, Mirage. Today we add issues 7 and 8. Articles by J. Ramsey Campbell, Gordy Dickson, and others. There's even a chronology of Clark Ashton Smith!

A new title today is Gambit  from Ted White. This ran from the mid50s to the early 80s. It has a convoluted ancestry, and I'll wait for Joe to explain it. Scanning by Joe Siclari (on our new high speed scanner :-)

February 25, 2019
We've added the first material scanned with our new scanner, donated by Steve Rosenstein (thanks again Steve!). A choice selection, we have 5 issues of Karen Anderson's Vorpal Glass. This was done for the Golden Gate Futurian Society (GGFS) and many contributors include Poul Anderson, Tony Boucher and Fritz Leiber, among others. Thanks to Astrid Bear for finding/reporting a couple problems with the uploads! They're fixed and Vorpal Glass awaits you.

We've uploaded a few more of Bob Tucker's Le Zombies, (also scanned with the new scanner). We've added issues 51, 56 and an improved scan of issue 48. Scans by Joe Siclari.

A new index page has been added for yearbook sorts of things. It's at The first two are edited by Joe Kennedy from the late 40s - the 1945-1946 Fantasy Review, and the 1946-1947 Fantasy Review. I'll also link to them from the Fanthologies page  and maybe from the Fan Histories page. More yearbooks will be coming. Scanning by Mark Olson.

Another interesting item from the Boskone scanning. Added ATom, A Tribute, a heartfelt zine put together by Vince Clarke after Arthur Thomson's death in 1990. There's much to see here. This was in the trove that Geri Sullivan brought. Thanks Geri.

February 24, 2019
More from Geri Sullivan's Boskone fanzine set of scans -- 4 issues of Eric Bentcliffe's Waldo. Waldo was done for OMPA, and ran from 1959 to 1984.

Yesterday, we put up a bunch of issues of the WSFA Journal. Today, we've put up 11 issues of the supplement, known as Son of the WSFA Journal. This is more of the Boskone scanning.

Three charming photos added today, provided by Thomas Recktenwald. Two are photos of LASFS from the 50s  (and we sure could use some ids for the people), and one is a photo of special effects artist Paul Blaisdell and actress Lori Nelson reading a German SF pulp edited and translated by Walter Ernsting (here ). The photos were sent to Waldemar Kumming by Walter Ernsting in 1981, and came to Thomas Recktenwald from Waldemar. Thanks to Thomas for sharing them with everyone!

Eli Cohen has provided us with scans of 35 of the 36 issues of Prospectus, the Newsletter of the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society of Columbia University from 1969 to 1973 which he edited. If you fondly recall the Adventures of Ferdinand Feghoot, I'm told that many of the issues contain "The Adventures of Grayson Greensward", a feghoot-like series. Thanks Eli! If anyone has issue 1, please let us know. That's all we (and Eli) need for a complete run.

February 23, 2019
We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 27,394 names in these listings.

At Boskone, Steven Rosenstein offered to donate a high speed scanner to FANAC. It's arrived!... and we look forward to lots more scanning (and faster too). Thanks Steve!

From the Boskone scanned pile, we have added 25 issues (435 pages) of the Washington Science Fiction Association clubzine, the WSFA Journal.

Geri Sullivan provided some lovely Irish oriented materials at Boskone. Today, we've uploaded 3 issues of John Berry and Ken Cheslin's Fables of Irish Fandom. This late 90s fanzine reprints articles from the 50s, 60s and more of and about Irish fandom. You'll find pieces from Hyphen and Oopsla, from Cry of the Nameless and Void, from Scottische and Nexus. There's also a link to it from our page on Irish fandom - Thanks Geri! Scanned at Boskone 2019.

We've now put online more than 2/3 of what was scanned at Boskone last weekend. We're up to about 1500 pages!

February 22, 2019
You may notice some different formatting on our homepage. We're experimenting with some changes to the look and feel, so it will be fluid for a little while. If you have suggestions or comments, please send them to

We've added 5 issues of George Locke's zine Smoke  from 1959 - 1963. Scanning at Boskone 2019.

February 21, 2019
Geri Sullivan brought us some zines to scan at Boskone last weekend, and a couple of them are now available to you. First, we have an issue of Richard Bergeron's Warhoon. Warhoon 25  is titled "Bob Shaw for TAFF".

Geri also brought us a special Bob Shaw issue of Focal Point. Edited by Arnie Katz and rich brown, issue 12.5  was published in 1970 and the Fancylopedia article lists it as part of Volume 2 -  .

More from the Boskone 2019 scanning: today we've added 3 issues of Charles Riddle's Peon. Peon was nominated for a Fanzine Hugo in 1956, and was produced during Riddle's career in the Navy. Contributors include Terry Carr, Jim Harmon, Lee Hoffman, H. L. Gold and others.

You may notice some strange formatting on our homepage. We're experimenting with some changes to the look and feel, so it will be fluid for a little while. If you have suggestions or comments, please send them to

George Phillies sent us a PDFs of February 2019's issue of The National Fantasy Fan Federation's The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks George.

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