International Star Trek Convention 1975

"The International Star Trek Convention" was held in New York City, January 10-12, 1975, at the Statler Hilton. Al Schuster, who had chaired the original committee that had put on the cons in 1972-4 ran this con.

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Art Show

Art Show - Life size transporter scene "Journey to Babel"

Speech - William Shatner.

Klingons all over the place. The heavy-set fellow in the middle of the photo with his back to the camera is Robert Harris. Harris and his wife Sondra were the Convention Committee's attorneys during the last few conventions.

Costumes - From "Cloud Minders" Designer William Theiss

Kris Lundy (Animal X) as an Orion Woman.

Angelique Trouvere & Kris Lundy (Animal X)

Angelique Trouvere as Shana of Triskelion

Sadly, I don't remember the names of the Andorian and Klingon on either side of the adorable Orion woman that is Kris Lundy.

Kris Lundy as an Orion woman and a Klingon just hangin' at the International Star Trek Con , January 1975

I think that's a Mugatto (from Trek episode "Private Little War" ?) hanging out with the Andorian.

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