The BNF Of Iz



Illustrations by Ted E. White

after Jno. R. Neill

Chapter 1: The Cyclone
Chapter 2: The Scarecrow
Chapter 3: The Cowardly Lion
Chapter 4: The Tin Woodsfan
Chapter 5: Proville
Chapter 6: The Kalidahs
Chapter 7: The Field of Rosebuds
Chapter 8: The Beautiful Amber City
Chapter 9: Professor Woggleboggs
Chapter 10: Readerville
Chapter 11: The Strange Collector
Chapter 12: The Capture
Chapter 13: The Witch
Chapter 14: The End
Publisher's Notes -- Ted White

THE BNF OF IZ by Carl Brandon (Terry Carr & Ron Ellik) is published by the ASDFGHJKLibrary, a division of ye QWERTIOPress for thirty-five cents a copy and is Copyrighted © 1959 by Terry Carr, Ron Ellik & Ted E. White.

Of a limited edition of two hundred numbered copies, this is number #173

This is the first in a series of fannish books to be published by the ASDFGHJKLibrary. Mailing address: 1014 N. Tuckahoe St., Falls Church, Virginia, USA

Copyright © by the estate of Terry Carr and reprinted with permission.

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