Fiona Anderson



This zine supports BECs [Bug Eyed Cons] and is available by editorial whim from:

Fiona Anderson,
129 Colegrave Road,Stratford,
London E15 1EA,England.

lt is also available by email from

"I prefer to send it by email as that costs me less, and therefore its likely to appear more regularly - postage is horrendous. I want to send this out as widely as possible. Cash contributions to postage are gratefully received, but aren't compulsory."

To view a Babel-On  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Title column.

Title Month Year Editor Notes
Babel-On 2 April 1997 Fiona Anderson Premiere issue
Babel-On 3 August 1997 Fiona Anderson
Babel-On 4 Feburary 1998 Fiona Anderson Elstree or Bust!
Babel-On 5 November 1998 Fiona Anderson My trip to Sweden

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