Cosmic Circle Publications


This is a collection of fanzines published by and about those that were involved with Claude Degler's (infamous) Cosmic Circle. Zines for which we have many issues will be listed under their own names in the regular FANAC.ORG zine list. This index makes available those fanzines for which we have one or two issues.

To view a Cosmic Circle Publications  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Issue column.

Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Issue Editor Month Day Year Pages Notes
Bixel Bunk 1 Doro (Don Rogers aka Degler) March
1944 2 Vol 1, No 1
British American Bulletin 1 Don Rogers (Degler) and Raym Washington February 7 1944 2
CAPA Mailing 1 Don Rogers (Degler), Raym Washington September
1943 1 Circle Amateur Publishers Alliance
Cosmic Bulletin 2 Raymond Washington Fall
1943 1
Cosmic Circle Commentator Don Rogers (Degler)

multiple issues avail at the link
The Cosmic Circle and Fandom Jack Speer December
1943 1 External Criticism
Cosmic Circle Monthly 1 Raym Washington, Don Rogers (Degler) July
1944 10
Cosmic Circle White Paper 1 Don Rogers (Degler) June 1 1944 1
Damned Degler 1 Claude Degler Winter
1943 2 Vol 1, No 1
Fanews Analyzer

multiple issues avail at link
Fantasy Forum 1 Helen Bradleigh February
1944 2 Vol 1, No 1
Fantasy Forum 2 Helen Bradleigh February
1944 2
Fantasy Forum 3 Helen Bradleigh June
1944 1 Modern Michelist printed on back
Future Fandom Stories Degler

1944 6
Futurian Advance 1 Don Rogers (Degler), Helen Bradleigh April
1944 2
Futurian Letters 1 Helen Bradleigh April
1944 9
Ghu 1 Frankfort Nelson Stein, Martha Matner September
1943 2
Intelligence Quotient 1 Doro (Don Rogers aka Degler) March 16 1944 6
Intelligence Quotient 2 Doro (Don Rogers aka Degler) June
1944 2
Invictus 1 Raym Washington, Helen Bradleigh February 13 1944 2
Jack Speer and the Anti-CC Campaign Don Rogers (Degler)

1944 2 Report to SF Fandom
Jack Speer and Fandom Claude Degler March
1944 2
Jody's Comic Courier Jodine Fear

1944 2
Modern Michelist
1944 1 on back of Fantasy Forum
Report to Fandom - The Cosmic Circle Bruce Yerke

1943 9 External Criticism
Claude Degler and the FAPA Larry Shaw January 10 1944 1 External Criticism

Scans by Joe Siclari

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