Fantastic Worlds 3

Sam Sackett
Stewart Kemble

Spring 1953


Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Cover Lee Hoffman Art Cover
Destiny Earl Kemp/Malcom Willits Ad 2
Table of Contents
Faint Heart Gene Hunter Fiction 4
Faint Heart Naaman Illo 5
Now Hear This Ron Smith/Dick Main Ad (?) 8
I Want Malcom Willits Ad 8
Lovers and Otherwise Philip José Farmer Article 9
Philip José Farmer, et al
Photo 10
The Ackerman Agency Forrest J Ackerman Promotion 16
Forrest J Ackerman & Diane Reinsberg
Photo 17
Lovers and Otherwise (Cont'd) Philip José Farmer Article 18
Ship Paul Powlesland Illo 19
Villa Strega Andrew Gregg Fiction 20
Untitled Jaxon Illo 21
Monster Lee Hoffman Illo 23
This Little O, The Earth William F. Temple Article 24
Saucer Powlesland Illo 25
The Fireside Sam Sackett Editorial 26
Did You Say Reminisce? Bob Olsen Article 27
Ads 30
Love Song for the Year 2053 Garth Bentley Verse 31
Thing Powlesland Illo 31
The Rosicurcians
Ad 32

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