A Fanthology or Collection is a quick way to find some of the best writing in fandom. A fanthology might be themed or it might be for a particular year or perhaps from a specific publication (Sense of FAPA). A collection, of course, is a selection of the writing from a particular fanwriter, like the Best of Susan Wood, edited by Jerry Kaufman.

The Fan History Project will be providing classic as well as contemporary publications of both types. We are starting with a new electronic anthology Roadtripping with the Wheels of IF edited by 2019 TAFF candidate Geri Sullivan. This is a showcase of her interactions with the legendary writers from Irish Fandom.

In this new section on, we will be including many classic and renowned publications. See below for complete versions of Richard Eney's massive fanthology A Sense of FAPA, and the Best of Susan Wood. Many more will be coming soon.

There will also be feschrifts, appreciations and analyses, like Edie Stern's Happy Birthday, LeeH! and Terry Carr's The Stormy Petrol.

Find them all below.

To view a Fanthologies  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Title column.

Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Title Editor Month Day Year Pages Notes
1948 Fantasy Annual Red Boggs / Don Wilson Summer
1949 123 published by Forry Ackerman, scan by Mark Olson
1986 Science Fiction Fanthology Mike Glyer

1987 62 published by Dennis Virzi
"6 in 60" - An Incomplete Look at 60 Years of Science Fiction Fandom in Chicago ..and beyond Marcy Lyn-Waitsman

2000 44 done for Chicon 2000
The 1945-1946 Fantasy Review Joe Kennedy

1946 48 scan by Mark Olson
The 1946-1947 Fantasy Review Joe Kennedy

1947 78 scan by Mark Olson
ATom, a Tribute A. Vincent Clarke April
1990 67 provided by Geri Sullivan, scanned at Boskone 2019, note that blank pages have been removed
Battle of the Titans Ray Fisher

1969 28 later reprinting by the University of Illinois Science Fiction Society, copy provided by Geri Sullivan, scanned at Boskone 2019
Best of Susan Wood Jerry Kaufman
October 31 1982 84
Best of Fandom - 1957 Guy Terwilliger

1958 98 scan by Mark Olson
Best of Fandom - 1958 Guy Terwilliger

1959 123 volume 2, scan by Mark Olson
Button-Tack, The Rick Sneary Memorial Fanzine Len Moffatt / June Moffatt / John Hertz

1991 63 scanned at Corflu 2019
Chuch Harris Appreciation Society Magazine Spike / Peter Larsen / Andrew Hooper

1989 42
Entropy Terry Carr November
1964 25
Denventioneer Combozine Forrest J Ackerman / Morojo Summer
1941 30 missing page 27, marked as edited by 4e, scanned by Joe Siclari
The Expurgated Boob Stewart Terry Carr August
1960 48 scan by Mark Olson
Fanthology 64 Mike Domina / Terry Carr November
1972 61 scan by Mark Olson
Fanthology 76 Victoria Vayne

1977 99 scan by Mark Olson
Fanthology '89 Andrew Hooper May
1993 61 scan by Mark Olson
Happy Birthday, LeeH! Edie Stern / Joe Siclari August
2002 48
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Memoirs, Critiques and Bibliographies George Wetzel

1955 84 scanned at Corlu 2019
The Incompleat Terry Carr rich brown / Arnie Katz March
1988 61 this scan is taken from the 2nd edition published by Jerry Kaufman, scan by Mark Olson
The Incomplete Burbee, Volume 2 Terry Carr

1996 97 published by Jeff Schalles 20 years after the stencils were cut by Terry Carr
Of Such Are Legends Made, Vol 1 Linda Bushyager / Tim Marion / Joyce Scrivner August
1978 55
Ole Chavela! John Trimble / Bjo Trimble

1960 42 for Isabel Burbee
The Portable Carl Brandon Terry Carr April 18 1988 26 edited by Terry Carr and published by Jerry Kaufman1, for Corflu 5
The Really Incomplete Bob Tucker
1974 60 edited by Dave Locke and published by Robert and Juanita Coulson
Roadtripping With the Wheels of IF Geri Sullivan December
2018 74
Selected Writings of Rick Sneary Len Moffatt June
1957 31 "a south gate in 58 publication"
A Sense of FAPA Richard Eney

1962 388
SHsf Fanthology 3 Ruth Berman February
1972 37 Collection of writing on Sherlock Holmes in fanzines, for the Professor Challenger Society
The Stormy Petrel, a collection of articles about Francis Towner Laney Terry Carr May
1959 29 distributed in FAPA 87
When Yngvi Was a Louse Eric Bentcliffe

1982 52
The Willis Papers George Field August
scanned version, published by Ted Johnstone, illustrated by ATom
The Willis Papers George Field August
retyped articles, published by Ted Johnstone, illustrated by ATom

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