Hyphen #5

Walt Willis
Madeleine Willis

November 1953


22 Page, Mimeo, 8" X 10"

Hyphen #5, November 1953, edited and published by Walter Willis, 170 Upper Newtownards Rd., Belfast, N. Ireland. Subscription two issues for 1/6 or 25¢ or one US promag or sf pocketbook. Exchanges welcomed.

Don't let him see Bob Shaw Cover 1
New York Letter Ermengarde Fiske Column 2
Campbells Are Coming, The Bob Tucker Article 3-5
Filly and the Fight Downstairs, The Bert Campbell Article 5-7
and now ...
Teaser 7
Soupcon Report, The Bob Shaw Fan Fic. 8-9
Support ...

Re Reprints Eric Frank & Willis, Walter A. Russell Article 10
Random Chuck Harris Column 11-13
To My Public Chuck Harris Advertisement 13
Readers Letters Walter A. Willis Ltr.Col 14-19
Letter Eric Frank Russell Letter 14
Letter Paul Enever Letter 14
Letter Fred Robinson Letter 14
Letter Ted Carnell Letter 15
Letter Ted Jeeves Letter 15
Letter Archie Mercer Letter 15-16
Letter Derek Pickles Letter 16
Letter Peter Campbell Letter 16
Letter Pete Taylor Letter 16
Letter Ken Potter Letter 16-17
Letter Dave Ish Letter 17
Letter Robert Bloch Letter 18
Letter Bert Campbell Letter 18-19
Letter Evelyn Smith Letter 19
Transatlantic Fan Fund ballot Walter A. Willis ballot 20-21
Eavesdroppings Walter A., et al Willis Column 22
Toto #2 Walter A. Willis Supplement 1-2

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