((Outlander Extrodinary, president of the NFFF, and one of Fandom's leading members))

It would seem that most fans when writing about themself eather try to be funny,or to fill up space with out saying much about their subject. I feel that if anyone is interested at all, they want to know as much as possible, and I shall try to follow that line.

(illo: sketch of Rick Sneary)

((If Rick or someone will let us know which Outlander drew the original for this sketch we will gladly publish his name in the next issue of Quandry .. Ed))

I was born Richard Monroe Sneary on July 6, 1927, of rather average upper middle class parents. My Father is a Union Pacific Railway Engineer, and my Mother is an ex-Harvy Girl, from the days when it was staffed from some of the better Eastern families. I have one sister, who marryed when I was 11, and thus left me vertually an only child.

In appearance I am told I resemble Ray Palmer some what. A fact that has not prevented me from feuding with that worthy gentalman at times in the past. I'm 5'3", and weigh 100 lbs, with blue eyes and brown hair and, at the moment, mustache. Do to the fact that asthma left me without lungs, I do not smoke, and while not averged to beer, still find it a bitter draft.

My spelling, my apparent greatest clame to fame is soully the result of the asthma which bothered me tell about two years ago. I was unable to attend school, and not being an abnormally bright lad was not overly interested in learning. I had hoped that by writing a great deal that it would improve. But after calqulation the other day that I had written in the neighborhood of a million words, I see there is still much room to improve.

As with most shut-ins, I was an omnifarious reader, but we neather had, nor like so many fan, did I have access to a good library, so I was limited mainly to magazines. I didn't discover science-fiction tell 1944, but be came an ardent reader at once. I read all I could up untell about a year ago, when after finishing most of the good stories that ever appeared in ASF, I turned to other feilds of writing, inwhich I am now exploring deeper and deeper. S-F is now only the frosting.

At the present I am attending a business college learning to be an accountent. Perhaps some day I will be able to get a job taking care of all the money my friends are planning to make as great writers. At the moment though it is taking most of my time, and fandom and friends are finding it quite possable to survive without my guieding hand. I'm still active in clubs, but that will also have to end, except at a local level. I doubt that I'll ever leve it compleetly though, to many nice people.


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