Tomorrow #2

Douglas W. F. Mayer

Summer 1937


Tomorrow Vol 1 No 2 F. W. F. Dobby and G. A. Airey Art Cover
Table of Contents

Editorial Comment
Editorial 2

Horrors of Future Science Prof. A. M. Low D.Sc.
Glimpses of the Future

Horrors of Future Science (Cont'd) Prof. A. M. Low D.Sc
New Light on "Pulp" Question Ken G. Chapman and Eric C. Williams Article 10
The Atlas Company ... The Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd. Ad 11
Quarterly Cavalcade
Column 12
Aspects of Science Festus Pragnell Article 13
The British Science Fiction Bibliography
Ad 15
Does Britain Lack Science Fiction Authors?
This quarter's leading problem 16
All Lover's of Worth While Science Fiction The Science Fiction Association Ad 24

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