Notes from FanHistoriCon I - Existing Fan History References

Compiled by Peggy Rae Pavlat

FanCyclopedia I,II & III
Book of cons
Dictionaries of fannish terms/glossaries
Legends & lore (oral traditions)
Lists of collections

Lists of clubs
Lists of electronic sites
South of the Moon/New Moon Directory (???)

Existing Projects

University collections
SF Oral History Association
At-worldcon history exhibits

The History Museum (Eugene, Oregon)
THEN (Rob Hansen)
Vincent Clark Fanzine Dupe Service & Archive
Whole Fanzine Catalog
SF Poetry - Sneyd
Tolkien index of materials (Gary Hunnewell)
History of Scandanavian fandom - Engholm
History of New Zealand fandom
History of 60's Book (Dick Lynch/Bruce Pelz)
Fancy III (Hertz)
Neofan's Guide (Dick & Leah Smith)
Guide to Cons Listings - (Strauss)
Indexing major fanzines (Joe Siclari)
Indexing FAPA (Pavlat)
History of fan funds
Ortlieb's Australian history of fandom
DUFF archives
Whole NESFA Catalog (Tony Lewis)
Northwest club history (Glover)
Canadian history (Garth Spencer)
Franson/Devore book
Hugo census (where are they?)
Tucker bio (Toni Weisskoff)
Forry Ackerman bio (Pinckards)
Fan photo albums (Jeff Schalles,Joe Siclari,David Dyer-Bennett, Roxane Graham-Smith's Photo Gallery)

Completed or Quasi-Completed Resources

All Our Yesterdays
A Wealth of Fable
Who's Who in 1961
Tuck stuff
FAPA book

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