Notes from FanHistoriCon I - To-Do List

Compiled by Peggy Rae Pavlat

  1. Develop a plan for the preservation of European material at Intersection. Perhaps a scanner (or copier) can be set up in the fan lounge, and the word can go out for people to bring in old zines to be scanned/copied.

  2. Mailing to First/Secon Fandom to get more info on sources of old fannish information and to get suggestions for other preservation projects.

  3. Contact Franson (N3F) about on-going projects.

  4. Compile an awards list, especially the FAAN Awards.

  5. Talk to Brad Templeton about the plusses & minuses of CD-ROM technology.

  6. Be sure there's a way to store/index the oral tradition-legends and lore

  7. Make a directory of fen with specific fannish expertise.

  8. Find out about creating a 501.c.3 organization.

  9. Publicize FanHistoriCon I.

  10. Start planning future FanHistoriCons (Smofcon? Intersection?)

  11. Write to F & SF, Asimov's, Locus, SFC, etc. regarding retaining old fannish materials and memories.

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