Summer 1995 Report

Compiled by Laurie Mann

Dick Lynch (6/24/95)

Continued writing and presented a draft of the Fandom in the '60s book at Midwestcon

Laurie Mann (6/27/95)

Fall '94---put notes from FanHistoriCon online, started the Timebinders Web site.
Winter '95---offered use of scanner for fanzine scanning project.
Summer '95---got promise of 10 free megs of Web space from Telerama Public Access Internet in Pittsburgh for a Fan History/Convention Running Information Site

Joyce Scrivner (6/27/95)

  1. I've interviewed a fan for Dick's history (Floyd Henderson who went to Canada rather than get drafted), though I haven't written it up yet. I've got commitments from several others to talk (Jim Young, Ruth Berman, Ken Fletcher, ... .)
  2. I've got money from MinnStf for the Redd Bogg's history of Minneapolis Fantasy Society. (Currently planned to be issued for next Minicon as part of a two volume Rune publication.)
  3. I've got tentative plans to reprint the Atom TAFF report. (And I've got some questions about this: what do you people think about adding some single paragraphs from friends as a memorial to Atom? what about adding some photos?) This would be done for LACon next year.
  4. I've got money and time committed to doing a 'Minneapolis' display for Intersection this year. (To go along with the Glascow and Dusseldorf displays). This is currently being worked on.
  5. I'm working on putting together a series of displays for next year at LACon on the fan funds. Together with this would be a binder(s) containing extant fan fund reports for people to read/look through.
  6. And there is the Minicon thing, ... . (I'd rather wait until other people talk about this, first, okay?) Questions anyone?

Leah & Dick Smith

Programmed FanHistoriCon at Midwestcon 1995. July---Dick started a public mailing list for fan history.

Don Glover, the younger (7/4/95)

  1. Still working on a list of all the conventions in the PNW will have general statement about the series of cons and eventually a short review of each.
  2. Will be helping/working on the Westercon CD project for Westercon 50.
  3. Got a badly damage copy of a photo fo the 61 world con banquet restored.