Worldcon 76 (San José) 2018 WorldCon

Part 8 Exhibits 1

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MagiCon Time Capsule Exhibit, including the plastic crate
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MagiCon Time Capsule exhibit
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Fan Tables
x18e004.jpeg[65KB] [New]
Fan Tables
x18e005.jpeg[47KB] [New]
The Tower, in honor of a former local landmark
x18e006.jpeg[67KB] [New]
Dublin 2019 table
x18e007.jpeg[44KB] [New]
More of the MagiCon Time Capsule exhibit
x18e008.jpeg[54KB] [New]
Golf club, buttons and astronauts in the MagiCon Time Capsule Exhibit
x18e009.jpeg[45KB] [New]
Tshirts, Glasgow subcapsule, Chairman's hat and gavel
x18e010.jpeg[48KB] [New]
Yet even more of the MagiCon Time Capsule

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