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Fanzine Archive Listing 11/1/2019

This is a Checklist of my collection. It is a resource for those needing bibliographical information about fan publications. Fanzines are being added to the Checklist on a weekly basis and updated lists will be uploaded here. Eventually, I hope that the Checklist will be a comprehensive reference to the vast variety of fan publications. This is the third, version with over 15,000 fanzines listed.

At this time the core of the Archive is my personal fanzine collection. We hope to expand this with further donations. If you have fanzines that you no longer want, DON'T THROW THEM AWAY! If you don't have a local fan who is interested, please contact me. If necessary, assistance can be provided for shipping costs.

Joe Siclari, September 10, 2018
Fan History Project, Chairman

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