The following were omitted in stenciling the preceding pages. Asterisks in the text indicate where they should go.

Beulah - Pet name of the fanzine Nebula.

Caspercons - Quote conventions unquote in Casper Wyoming. In the middle of 1943, Rothman took off from his ASTP to visit Perdue. A little later, the coördinator of the Cosmic Circle passed thru.

clubroom - The PSFS had plans to rent an apartment in which to store club property, and in which one of the members would live, but this didn't materialize. The LASFS, however, did acquire a clubroom. Mimeos and typewriters are available for the members to use. The Club library of fanzines, pros, and books is there. A cot is available for anyone who may be working so late as to find it inconvenient to go home. Not only on meeting nites, but at any time, members come in to work on publications, read, or talk.

Cosmic Circle, add: A special investigation has revealed that Degler was committed to the Hospital for the Insane in 1936-1937, released against the advice of the doctors. In 1942 he was forced to leave Newcastle because of illicit relations with a minor. The "fans" of Newcastle appear to be almost wholly imaginary.

dressed-up mundanes - Hack stories in which non-fantastic elements could be substituted and the plot remain substantially unchanged.

Powwow - A conference of the OSA in 1939.

Ruja-Blu - (Ackerman) Nickname for Abby Lu Ashley, referring to hair and eye coloration. The Michifen misunderstood it as ruj-Ablu.


The publisher wishes to express his thanks to the numerous Los Angeles fans who, in manner small or large, contributed to the manual labor of producing the FANCYCLOPEDIA.

One hundred and 8 "fan hours" went into the mimeography alone -- the crank turning (c. 28,775 revolutions), the slip-sheeting, the de-slipping, and a special trimming job on a portion of pages. A good gallon of ink was consumed.

The tremendous assembly job yet remains to be done; and altogether it appears likely that the creation of the FANCYCLOPEDIA, in addition to its author's two years of compilation, will have cost, in the time of a composite fan, 5 nonstop 24 hour days.

Special credit accrues to Walt Daugherty for a bit of a blitz in the securing of the precious stencils from the previous publisher-to-have-been when former fan lost interest in the project.

Special credits also to Fran Laney for his trimming work, Morojo for her transportation of the edition to the bindery.

MIMEOING ............ SLIPPING ............ DE-SLIPPING
37 pgs - Ackerman ....38 pgs - Ackerman ... 32 pgs - Ackerman
22 pgs - Daugherty .. 25 pgs - Morojo ..... 24 pgs - Morojo
20 pgs - Morojo ..... 19 pgs - Daugherty .. 15 pgs - Brown
8 pgs - Crozetti ..... 8 pgs - Crozetti ... 10 pgs - Daugherty
8 pgs - Laney ........ 5 pgs - Rogers ...... 5 pgs - Rogers
4 pgs - Misc. ........ 4 pgs - Misc. ...... 13 pgs - Misc


46 hrs - Ackerman
30 hrs - Morojo
13 hrs - Daugherty
5 hrs - Brown
5 hrs - Laney
5 hrs - Crozetti
4 hrs - Rogers

Data entered by Judy Bemis

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