Fancyclopedia I: J - JVPC

J - Tho foreigners have from the beginning used this for the sound [j], Englishers generally take it to indicate the compound sound [dz]. However that be, we have it, and it vies with D for initialing the greatest number of fans, including the many people named Jack, Jim, Joe, and so forth. Forry the J, J, and the J are all nicknames for Forrest J Ackerman, tho he found out one day that J isn't his legal middle initial.

Jike - Pronounced [zike]. Taken as a nickname by Jimmy Kepner, and finally abandoned because nobody'd pronounce it right.

Jinx - Nickname of Harry Jenkins Jr.

Jr - A 1929 Oldsmobile auto, successor to Baby, acquired by Dick Wilson late in 1939 and used by the Ivory Towerites.

juffus - Nickname for Jack F Speer, originating when he wrote his initials j'f's.

JVPC - The Jules Verne Prize Club, RAPalmer Chairman. It offered cups for the three best stories of the year in the early 'thirties.

Data entry by Mal Barker