Fancyclopedia I: Q - quasi-quote marks

Q - The criticisms of Q's existence as a membr of the alfabet are so obvious that we will not go into them here.

QSFL - The Queens Branch of the SFL. Queens, of course, is the borough of New York in which Flushing, Richmond Hill, Long Island City, etc, are located, but membership has included fans from other boroughs and even from Newark and nearby.

Originally established late in 1937, the QSFL was made up of young fans like Taurasi, Gillespie, and Wilson for the most part. When the Wollheimist unit joined it, the name was changed to Greater New York SFL. After the breakup of the GNYSFL, the QSFL was reestablished under a new charter, and pretty much run by the Triumvirs for several years. With good publicity from the pros, especially Thrilling Wonder and Startling, it gathered a large membership of scientifictionists, a number of whom became fans. They even set up an offshoot, the Newark SFL.

The last historical note on the QSFL was the attempted ejection of Dick Wilson and Dan Burford from the January 41 meeting. Thru the efforts of current Director Scott Feldman and Hyman Tiger, a record attendance of around 60 stfists and pro celebrities was secured. They had given an invitation to the Futurian Society, which was declined, and unbeknownst to Dick Wilson. Wilson brot Dan Burford, michelist, just back in town, and to the QSFL meeting, and the Triumvirs and Racic threatened to throw them out. Delay was requested while a vote was taken, but other things intervened, and Wilson and Burford came in while pros were making speeches. Presently seeing them, the Triumvirs, Racic, and Mrs Sykora gave battle, to the distaste of the celebrities. The manager of the hall finally put everyone out. Feldman and Tiger resigned. Later, some people remembered that under the constitution, one vote would have been sufficient to exclude a person if the vote had been taken. According to Feldman (denied to a considerable extent by Mrs Sykora), at the time of the meeting Taurasi, Moskowitz, and Racic had allowed their memberships to lapse thru non-payment of dues.

Quadrumvirs - (Speer) - Dubious Latin Meaning four who share authority and rule. In fandom it applies to Wollheim, Pohl, Lowndes, and Michel, heads of the Wollheimist faction dominant in the Second Fandom. Wollheim came into the ascendacy in the middle of 1937 when Sykora resigned and the ISA broke up. The Quadrumvirate was completed at the beginning of 1938, when Lowndes joined the CPASF, etc. In October of the same year, those holding FAPA office resigned and announced the temporary defeat of their ideas; and the Triumvirate came into the headship. The ex-"dictator" and his three "stooges" continued to write and act in fairly close concert until the Ivory Tower was disabled, after which Pohl split off somewhat, but all still maintained the general community of Futurians though.

Queensies - Members of the QSFL who supported the Triumvirs' policies, as opposed to the Futurian faction of New York. Many of them were not well-known fans, but attended the last two Philicos. It was supposed that they would vote the Triumvirs' way, but because of the supposition, and their numerical strength, the non-Queensies saw to it that few votes were taken at the Philcos.

quibbling - What you accuse your opponent of doing when its' you that's doing it. Oh, in view of the quotation under "puns" perhaps it should be explained that in archaic English, "quibble" means a play upon words.

quizzes - Ordinarily presented in fanzines without offer of prizes, except maybe mention in the next issue. Sometimes quizzes are part of membership requirements of organizations, and in the SFL of the B Stf degree.

Quiz questions may be about the present or past of pro fantasy, fandom, or science, but usually include such ones as "With what issue did Wonder Stories go large size for the second time and what was the cover-copper on that issue/" and similar highly useful information.

quasi-quote marks - (Speer) - It frequently is impossible or inconvenient to quote and exact works of a

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