Fancyclopedia I: regional - Rustebar

regional organizations - Orgs of fans or federations of localized and state organizations in one of the regions into which the US is usually divided. Despite such inclusive proposals as those in the Battle Creek constitution of the NFFF, there have been only two so far, the DFF and the Mid-West Fantasy Fan Federation. Their chief function would seem to be regional conferences (the East also has annual conferences, either Philcon or Boskone), but it was suggested that they take such duties as news-gathering and recruiting.

reproduction - The making of more than one copy of a publication, or the means used in doing so. Standard methods are hektoing, mimeoing, and printing, supremacy passing historically from printing to hektoing to mimeoing, as fandom's size fluctuated. Great ingenuity has been displayed in discovering new and unusual means of duplication; they include linoblock, silkscreening, rubber stamp, fotografy, foto-offset, blueprint, and even teletype tape, dogtag printer, and sonodisc. Some fanzines are not duplicated but merely passed around or displayed, and a few have been carbon copied.

reviews - Fantasy books, plays, movies, radio programs, comics, and the like, are reviewed in fanzines, and in individ alpha, non-fantasy works that interest the publisher, particularly music, are described. The principal purpose in reviewing fantasy in other mediums seems to be to get it on record, perhaps for the someday bibliografy; certainly little other function is served by radio reviews. Reviews of stf books are a slitely different matter. An effort has begun to get them published on uniform sized paper so that they may be bound into a booklet to use as a guide when combing the second-hand bookshops or looking thru a library.

Thomas G Robertson - Pename of Robert G Thompson.

Jack Robins - Name taken by Jack Robinson about 1939.

rocket - The symbol of science-fiction, and the only known way of accomplishing interplanetary travel, which is the number one scientific ambition of fandom. Many fans have joined rocket societies such as the BIS and ARS to back or perform experimental work on rockets. The war having given great impetus to rocketry, some fans are definitely planning to join the research which will lead to construction of the first space ship. In our time.

the rooster that wore red pants - A sorta gag line plugged, frequently in parafrazed form, by Walt Liebscher. According to Tucker, the symbol originated in a dirty story, but it was "distinctly minor fare."

Rosebud - (Welles:Tucker) - Originally the name of a boy's sled, and Citizen Kane's last word. It came into fandom when a character in Doc Lowndes' "Trigger Talk at Green Guna" murmured that just before kicking the bucket. The cry was repeated to Liebscher by Tucker, under circumstances which gave it special fanish meaning.

round robin - A story each installment of which is by a different author. There were round robins by pros in the old Fantasy Magazine, including one which for novelty's sake was written backwards -- the end being written first, penultimate portion next, kaj tiel plu. Speer had plugged for round robins of fan fiction, but the two that got underway died of boredom after a while.

Roy St John Le Claire - Some bloody Futurian; they're always signing anonymous penames to poems in their pubs.

Rustebar - Nickname of Rusty Barron, tho his real name is James D. Hevelin.

Data entry by Judy Bemis & Mal Barker