Fancyclopedia I: U - United Publications

U - Ackermanese for "you". Superscript 235 gives you atomic power.

the Undead - A classification usually indicating either a vampire or a zombie.

unendurable pleasure indefinitely prolonged - (Moskowitz) - A quotation from "My First Two Thousand Years", which SaM used with a quite different context in saying that fans who attended the First World Convention experienced unendurable pleasure indefinitely prolonged. The original story is about the Wandering Jew, who persues the equally immortal Wandering Jewess thru two milleniums and several books, in order to enjoy the aforementioned u.p.i.p., tho his desire for her does not prevent him from stopping off at numerous other places en route.

United Publications - Two publishing houses have carried this name. The first was a combine of Taurasi, Gillespie, and R G Thompson, around the 1937-1938 year's end, soon shifting into Taurasi-Thompson Publications.

In November of 1938, Jim Avery and Harry Warner launched another group called United Publications. It was notable for a definite set of rules: Only one member to a city; only new fanzines to be admitted; and a strong curb on religious, political, and other controversial material (the Spaceways policy). After a few months it ceased to be heard of.

Data entry by Judy Bemis