Fancyclopedia I: Y - yobber

Y - Because some scribes of Norman England didn't know enuf about Anglo-Saxon to continue spelling words like "hwaet" with a hw, but instead spelled them wh, the h element has almost disappeared in recontimmigrant-dominated regions of the US like the Atlantic seaboard, and Y and "why?" are pronounced identically. Hence such organizations as the YIAOPUMUMSTFPUSA, Unltd.

ye ed - An avoidance meaning "the editor", sometimes scientificombined yed. In all such uses of "ye", it should be pronounced "the", but almost never is.

yhos - Pronounced [ihos]. Stands for "your humble and obedient servant", an avoidance and nickname of Art Widner's.

Yngvi - (de Camp) - The only thing we are told about Yngvi is that a little fellow in the Giant's prison of "The Roaring Trumpet" came to the front of his cell every hour on the hour and yelled "Yngvi is a LOUSE!" The mystery has fascinated fandom, and Yngvi turns up in all sorts of places. Frequently the statement that he is a louse is taken literally; sometimes Yngvi is confused with the little guy who didn't like him; and once it was said that Yngvi is a Type Fifteen fan. Elmer Perdue has been the leading defender of him or it, asserting by stickers and otherwise that "Yngvi is NOT a louse!" At the Denvention, Rothman made a motion to the effect that Yngvi is not a louse, but it was defeated. A motion was then passed stating that Rothman is a louse.

yobber - (Michel-Wollheim) - This thingumabob has become so popular that the author deems it necessary to quote the editorial in which it originated:

"I, the Mentator Itself, call upon all hoypoloyalists to rise and slice these absolte ones, slice them, writhe and wrothe and then -- then -- Yobber! Yes, yobber! This is a time for stern measures.

"But first yob the leader. Yob the pohlth ikself! The polth that preens and croos. The polth that would durst murmurlate the Mentator myself! Vah! Tho we scorn with frange these attempts, yet we warn lesser zorji that things may get out of hand. So Forward - YOBBER TO THE VERY END!" From a Mijimag in the 3d Mailing.

Data entry by Judy Bemis