Fancyclopedia I : Z - Zweig, Allen

Z - As in the case of A, a race centered around this letter on the S-F CheckList, and such titles as Z Zug's Gazette and Z (infinity sign) have tried for last place on the list. It somewhat spoiled the fun when Swisher placed at the end of the List, in more or less random order, certain non-alfabetic characters that had been used as fanzine names.

zombie - A creature, perhaps formerly dead, who has been raised sans soul to serve as slave for a master. Sometimes a nickname for Singleton because of the pseuicide.

Zweig, Allen - Pename of Donald A Wollheim. It was the name of an actual scientifictionist who, says Dick Wilson, was badly killed in an auto accident some time back.

That winds up the stenciling!

Data entry by Judy Bemis