General Information

The 1995 World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

From 24th August 1995 until 28th August 1995 (inclusive).

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README.pdf README.ps.gz README.ps - Guide as to what's on at the con. (In Acrobat PDF/Postscript - Gizipped/Postscript)

grid.pdf grid.ps.gz grid.ps - Daily guide as to what's on at the con presented in tabular grid, to be used with the README. (In Acrobat PDF/Postscript - Gizipped/Postscript)

Hotel Information - Information and a hotel booking Form.

Restaurant Information - Review of Glasgow Restaurants


Fan Fair

Child Care Programme

Dealer's Room and Art Show

Science Programme (courtesy of archive.org)

Progress Report Articles - Some articles from the progress reports.

High Road - A List of articles for people coming to Intersection. (does not seem to be available at archive.org)

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