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April 15, 2021
Bibliographies: Our section of Bibliographies can be seen at, and today we added 3 items from Steven Beatty, that is, three of his Fanzine Indexes covering some of the years between 1976 and 1981. Scanning was done by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Bobolings, Bob Pavlat. Added our first issue, #30 with a listing of the Shadow FAPA contributions from 1960-1966. It's linked from Bibliographies as well. Scan by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!
--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the April 2021 issue. Thanks, Leybl!
--Fan Polls and Awards. Added a section with 9 items on the FAAN Awards. Materials so far are from 1974-1980. There is a separate directory for the FAAN awards, but it will be combined shortly with this one.
--Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 6 issues, including two that had multiple co-editors. Added #1, 4, coedited by Ken Hobson, Richard Moir and Chris Guy, along with #6, 9-10, and 25. Between issue 9 and 10, the page count jumped 20 pages. Contributors to #10 include Leigh Edmonds, Ronald Graham, Pat Terry and others. All but #25 are from the 60s. Issue #25 has a segment of Vol Molesworth's "Australian Fan History". Scans by Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 41. Thank you, Evelyn! Thank you, Mark!
--Outworlds, Bill Bowers. Added the 40 page 2nd part of issue 21-22. Outworlds is a core fanzine for us to scan. Many thanks to Jerry Kaufman who scanned both parts. Thanks, Jerry!
--Science Fantasy News, Vince Clarke. Added "Introducing the Science Fantasy Society" from 1949.
--TNFF pubs. Added 10 items: 2 NEFFER Newsletters from 1970-1971, edited by Stan Woolston, and 8 TNFFs from the early 2000s, with various editors. Thanks to the N3F for letting us archive these from their website.

Corrections and Clarifications: Destiny, Earl Kemp and Malcolm Willits}. Thanks to John Bray for catching a consistent misspelling in the editors names. Mea Culpa. It's fixed now. Thanks, John!

April 10, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Bangsund Miscellaneous Pubs, John Bangsund. Added 4 items: Proceedings of the Thomas Love Peacock Society (Dec 69), ANZAPA Egoboo Poll Ballot (1970), Winding Up (1970), and FAPAbit 1 (May 76). Scans by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--Fan Fund Related Materials. Yeah, well, this index was really for trip reports, but I put the brief "Introducing the Shaw Fund" here (Marc Ortlieb and Justin Ackroyd) from 1984.
--Fan Polls and Awards. Started this new index page for various fan polls and awards. Added 6 items so far: 3 of Terry Carr's nominating ballots for the Fanac Poll, two more ballots from the early 60s, and one "Fan Award Poll Results" from 1963. Watch this space.
--Fantasy Aspects, Alan J. Lewis. Added #3 (Nov 59) of this new-to-us title. Contributors include: Rog Phillips, Harry Warner, Jr., Joe Kennedy, Art Rapp, Bjo Trimble, and Bob Block (sic). The piece is "Banquet Remark(s)" and it reads like Bob Bloch - "Friends - and Dr. Asimov: Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. After all, I’m not here to insult Isaac Asimov ...even if that were possible. On the contrary, I have a very high opinion of Asimov...though I know him well. Men like Isaac Asimov do not pass our way very often...and for this we should be grateful."
--First Fandom Publications. Added 3 items: From 1959, two versions of Lynn Hickman's announcement of the formation of First Fandom as an organization. Very cool. From 1966, we have a financial statement. It has a signature, but I can't make out who signed it. Can anyone decipher it? If so, let me know and I'll put the name of the originator on the index page.
--Harris Miscellaneous Pubs, Chuck Harris. Started an index page for the miscellaneous writings of Chuck Harris. Added 6 items today from 1955-60, including #1 and #2 of his "Swan Song". "Hymen 1" scan provided by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!
--Procrustean Papers, John Bangsund. Added 1 issue: #3 (Aug 80). Scan by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--Satellite, John Burke. Added 3 issues of this 1939 title: #7-8 (Apr-May 39), and #11 (Aug 39). Issue 8 has a piece by L.V. Heald on the "Liverpool Science Fiction Cosmos" that still gives off that fannish air of enthusiasm. Contributions by C.S. Youd, Louis Kuslan, Harry Turner and others. Many thanks to Rob Hansen for the scans. Thanks, Rob!
--Small Steps Across a Foreign Land, Perry Middlemiss. Added #1 of Perry's new travelzine. Thanks, Perry!
--SFSFS Shuttle. Added 3 SFSFS directories from the late 80s.
--Star Trek Related Materials. Added 2 items to this new index page, and pointers to the Star Trek related zines already on the site: a letter from Harlan Ellison, and Bjo Trimble's "Where No Fan Has Gone Before 2".

--AussieCon Two. Added a bidding pub by David Grigg for Melbourne in '85. Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Syncon 2 aka Syncon 72. Added the program book for this, the 11th Australian Natcon. Scan by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!

April 7, 2021
YouTube: A choice addition today (although they are all choice) - an audio recording of the 1969 GoH speech given by Jack Gaughan at Boskone. The talk is entertaining, and it is so very clear that Jack is among his friends in his chosen place. From the YouTube writeup: " both entertaining and thoughtful, interspersed with sharply witty comments. He quotes from Leonardo Da Vinci, and teases his friends, some in the room, including Isaac Asimov, Ed Emsh and Donald Wollheim. He starts with a recounting of the problems faced by female artists like his wife, Phoebe. He tells anecdotes about his experiences as an illustrator, teases Lester del Rey, and compares the lives of artists today to the lives of artists 500 years ago. Jack is frank about his own feelings on science fiction and science fiction illustration. It's chatty, low key, entertaining and comfortable and a marvellous window into an important figure in the field, lost far too soon...Thanks to the New England Science Fiction Society (NESFA) and Rick Kovalcik for providing the recording. Thanks to Andrew Porter for providing photos and to Dr. Gandalf for digitization."

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Fanthologies, Collections and Festschrifts. Added 1 item: Rob Hansen's 1987 collection of recent British fanwriting, "Now Read On".
--First Fandom Publications. Added 5 issues of Dave Kyle's "First Fandom News Letter", from 1968-1976.
--Gemini, Ron Lane. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 1940s. There are articles, poetry and in #6, some spiffy color art plus part 2 of "Alice in Thrilling Wonder-Land", which is about fans.
--G2, Joe Gibson. Added 17 issues from 1963-1966: V3#2-12, V4#1, V4#4, V4#6, V4#9, V5#2, and V5#10.
--High Points, Elsie Wollheim. Added #2 of this 1945 zine. Since Pavlat-Evans only lists #1, I feel as if we have overachieved.
--Improbable, Vowen Clark. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from the 1950s. From #3 - "This brings up a pet peeve of mine. Quite a bit of material has been written, telling just how unfair, rude, discouraging, vicious, and just generally ornery those legend-shrouded figures, known only as BNFs, can be. This is hogwash...pure, unadulterated and unabridged junk. Most of this propaganda is written by neos who have received bad reviews of their pride-and-joy zines or by neos who aspire to join the BNFs by criticising them." There was a review by Bob Tucker in that issue along with material from Guy Terwilleger.
--Metaphysical Review, Bruce Gillespie. Added 4 issues: #2-4 (Nov 84- Jul 85) and #9 (Aug 86). Issue 4 has Don Ashby's story of "The Magic Pudding Club" circa 1975.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the latest issue, #498 (2.9 MB) of Dale's perzine. Thanks, Dale!
--PSFS News. Added 10 newsletters of recent vintage. Nathan Lilly - Feb-Nov 2003; Jenna Lynn Binder - May-Aug 2004. I said they were of recent vintage, however, the kids born at the beginning of the run I put up today are now eligible to vote in the U.S.
--Southern Fandom Confederation Publications. Added 2 items: P.L. Caruthers-Montgomery: SFC Bulletin V4#5 (Jul 89); and Tom Feller: SFC Bulletin V6#9 (Jun 97).

PDF Replacements: All OCR and PDFing by Joe Siclari unless otherwise noted.
--File 770, Mike Glyer. Replaced 26 issues with searchable PDFs - #3-11, 16-17, 19 and 30-43. PDFing and OCRing (and original scanning) by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!
--Sky Hook, Redd Boggs. Replaced #9 with a searchable PDF.

April 3, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--The Baloobius, Taral Wayne. Added #5 of Taral's perzine. Thanks, Taral!
--Miscellaneous Publications, John Bangsund. Added 3 items to this index: "I Must be Talking to Myself" (Oct 75), A Moving Story (Dec 75) and "A Note of Some Importance" (74). Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--First Fandom Publications. Added 4 items: Roy Tackett- First Fandom Magazine 9 (Jul 63); Lynn Hickman - First Fandom Magazine 12, 14, 15 (Fall 66-Spr 68).
--Focus, BSFA. Added 15 issues from 1980 by various editors of this BSFA publication, "An SF Writer's Magazine". The issues run from #2 in 1980 to #20 in 1990. Check the index page to get the full list of editors. Thanks to the good folks at BSFA for providing these scans.
--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. We've added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 40. Thanks, Mark! Thanks, Evelyn!
--Perryscope, Perry Middlemiss. Added #9 of Perry's perzine. Thanks, Perry!
--Philosophical Gas, John Bangsund. Added 3 issues: #23 (Apr 73), #27-28 (Fall-Win 74). Contributors include Bertram Chandler and George Turner. Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Revolting Tales of Sex and Super-Science, John Bangsund. Added #69, so numbered because John lost track of the numbering of the zine, and was pretty sure that this whole number was available. Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Skyrack, Ron Bennett newszine. Added 21 issues and 2 supplements to complete the run!: #10 (Dec 59), #16 (Apr 60), #32A (May 61), #33 (Jun 61), #66-67 (Apr-May 64), #71 (Oct 64), #73-77 (Dec 64-Apr 65), #79-82A (May-Aug 65), #86 (Feb 66), #90 (Jun 66), and #92-95 (Sep 66-May 68). All scans by Rob Hansen. Whoo-hoo and thanks, Rob!

Fancyclopedia: Contributors this last month include: Andrew Lippert, Darrah Chavney, Chris Krolczyk, Gary McGath, Jesse Weinstein, Joe Siclari, Kirby Sloan, Laurie Mann, Leah Zeldes Smith, Mark Olson (of course), Anne Gray, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Steven Silver and Thomas Bull. Thanks, all!

PDF Replacements: All OCR and PDFing by Joe Siclari unless otherwise noted.
--Fanhistory, Lee Hoffman. Replaced the 3 issue run with searchable PDFs.

Corrections and Clarifications: Thanks to Mark Olson for pointing out a typo in the index page for Rob Hansen's Licks. Fixed now. Thanks, Mark!

March 31, 2021
We are delighted to report that was given the 2020 FAAn Award for Best Online Achievement at the Sunday, March 28, virtual award Zoom call. Many thanks to all who provided us with this most excellent egoboo!

YouTube: Added Part 2 of the Zoom talk by Jim and Greg Benford is now online. From the YouTube writeup: "Jim and Greg Benford continue with their history in science fiction and fandom. They discuss fandom at UCLJ (now UCSD), travelling ghiants, and the talented writers of the Bay Area. There are stories of famous names, from Poul Anderson and Robert Silverberg to Edward Teller, Elon Musk, Martin Rees and Stephen Hawking. The relationship of science fiction to technical advances in weaponry is discussed, and regional differences in fandom. The anecdotes shine, and Greg tells a particularly fine tale about Buzz Aldrin, almost the first man on the moon. To cap it off, there's the Void Boys song, and a little of its history including some comments by Ted White."

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--First Fandom Publications. Added 8 issues of ScientiFiction, edited by Mark Schulzinger, covering all of 1994-1995. Zines were provided for scanning by John Coker III. Thanks, John!
--Licks, Rob Hansen. Added the full run of 14 issues (and an Egoboo Poll certificate) for this FAPA perzine. Licks ran from 1990 to 1995. Scans provided by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!
--Megalon, Marcello Branco and Renato Rosatti. This is a Portuguese language fanzine. Added 8 items: #5-10 (Jul 89-May 90), #24 (Jan 93) and #62 (Sep 2001). Scans provided by Marcello Branco. Thanks, Marcello!
--Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 3 issues: #5 (Apr 65), #8 (Jun 68) and #45 (Aug 83). From 6 pages in 1965, Mentor grew to a substantial genzine. Issue 45 is 58 pages and has contributions by A. Bertram Chandler, and others. From the Chandler article - "Now every time that I meet Harlan I ask hirn, "When is The Last Dangerous Visions coming out?" He retaliates with, "When is Frontier Of The Dark coming out?" Both books should have been coming out this year. When they will come out the Odd Gods of the Galaxy alone know." Scans by Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 39. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--No Award, Marty Cantor. Added #4 (1998). Contributors include Teddy Harvia, Milt Stevens, Mike Glyer, Len Moffatt, Joseph Major, Bill Rotsler, Ray Capella and Brad Foster.
--Skyrack, Ron Bennett newszine. Added 16 issues: #5-8 (July 59-Oct 59), #10 (Dec 59), #14-15 (Feb-Mar 60), #19-20 (May-Jun 60), #23-24 (Sep-Oct 60), #26-27 (Nov-Dec 60), #30-32 (Mar-May 61). All scans by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!

Corrections and Clarifications:
--Thanks to Rob Hansen for spotting some typos in the London Newsletter  index page. Fixed now. Thanks, Rob!
--Thanks to John Bray for spotting typos in the Light  index page and the NOLAzine index page too. Fixed now. Thanks, John!
--Thanks to Dale Speirs for spotting a download problem with New Canadian Fandom  #8. Fixed now. Thanks, Dale!
--Thanks to Sandra Bond for pointing out some missing pages in Warhoon  26. Fixed now. Thanks, Sandra!

We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 28,554 names in these listings.

March 27, 2021
History: Added Kim Huett's new history of the Fan Achievement Awards - Thanks, Kim!

YouTube:  - Today was the Fan History zoom with Jim and Greg Benford. I've uploaded Part 1 to YouTube (there'll be one more part). From the YouTube description: "Jim and Greg Benford talk about their lives in science fiction fandom and in science. Part 1 includes stories from their childhoods spent immersed in other cultures to their well respected fanzine Void and through much of their science careers. There are anecdotes about well known fans and writers, about the Texas fan community of the day, and early science fiction conventions. Jim and Greg are exuberant in their affection for the field, and for the careers they chose to help make the Heinlein juveniles become possible."

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--DUFF. Added 5 pubs related to the Down Under Fan Fund: Jerry Kaufman's trip report for his 1983 DUFF trip: Kaufman Coast to Coast; Janice Gelb's trip report for her 1999 DUFF trip: Janice's Adventures in Down-Underland; Art Widner - Corroboree 2-3 (1992); and Ken Fletcher - What's DUFF (Jul 81). Corroboree 2 starts with very sad apologies, as Art reports the death of his son and his own treatment for prostate cancer.
--First Fandom Publications. Added 6 items all edited by Mark Schulzinger: 3 issues of First Fandom Report, from 1992-93 ; 1 issue of ScientiFiction-the First Fandom Report (Win 93); and 2 issues: Secretary/Treasurer's Report (Sum and Win 92). Thanks to John Coker, III for the scans. Thanks, John!
--London Newsletter, Jean Muggoch. Added 2 issues of this irregularly published brief newszine, from 67-68.
--Masiform D, Devra Langsam. Added 1 issue of Devra's Star Trek zine. Next month's Zoom call is on early Star Trek fandom.
--Masque, Bill Rotsler. Added 1 issue from 1983, which was combined with KTEIC Magazine. Rotsler says it is a letter-substitute fanzine. Scan by Bill Burns. Thanks, Bill!
--Megalon, Marcello Branco and Renato Rosatti. Megalon is written in Portuguese. Added 6 issues and 4 supplements to this title from Brazil. Thanks go to Marcello Branco, who provided the scans. Thanks, Marcello!
--New Canadian Fandom, Robert Runte. Added 4 issues: #5-8 (Aug 82-Oct 85). Contributors include Taral Wayne, David Stever-Schnoes, Brad Foster, Lloyd Penny, Doug Barbour, David Vereschagin, and others.
--No, Ruth Berman. Added 12 issues plus 1 supplement for this new-to-us early 70s genzine. Contributors include John Berry, Jim Young, Ken Fletcher, Ben Indick, John Boardman, Sheryl Birkhead, Grant Canfield, Eleanor Arnason, and others.
--Plak-Tow, Shirley Meech. Added #6 of this new-to-us Star Trek title.
--Procrastinator, John and Bjo Trimble. Added 2 issues of this OMPAzine from the mid 60s.

Corrections and Clarifications:
--Thanks to Rich Lynch for telling us about a problem with the newly uploaded SFPA indexes in the Bibliography  section. Fixed now. Thanks, Rich!
--Thanks to John Bray for telling us about a problem with the MagiCon newsletters in Fixed now thanks to Mark Olson. Thanks, John! Thanks, Mark!
--Thanks to Rob Hansen for correcting some errors on the Skyrack  index page. He's also sent us some new issues which we'll get online shortly. Thanks, Rob!

March 24, 2021
Bibliographic works: Added 2 indexes to SFPA, both by Dave Hulan and done in the 60s. Bibliographic pubs are at  Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich!

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1950s One Shots. Added "Some Important Information Concerning Unicorn Productions" by John and Bjo Trimble. This has to do with their movie-making group. I'm not sure of the date, but it is in the 50s.
--1980s One Shots. Added "Currently Recommended", a one-shot reviewzine from Gary Farber (Mar 81).
--Bjottings, Bjo Trimble. Added 1 issue of this personalzine from 1966.
--DUFF. Added 4 DUFF Ballots and 4 newsletters. DUFF Ballots: 1992, 1993, 2001, and 2002; Added DUFFberry Bush #1 (May 85), 3, 5 (86) and 6 (87).
--Fantasy Advertiser, Gus Willmorth. Added V2#2 (Aug 47).
--Glom, Forry Ackerman. Added #10 (Feb 48).
--Kteic Magazine, Bill Rotsler. Added 12 issues, with all scans provided by Bill Burns: #117-118 (1962, although not positive about 118), Oct 1976, two 1978 issues (Dec and one without a month), Feb-Mar 1980, May, Jul, Aug 1981 and Dec 1982. Thanks, Bill!
--Megalon, Marcello Branco and Renato Rosatti. Megalon is written in Portuguese. Added 9 issues and 2 supplements to this new-to-us title from Brazil. Thanks go to Marcello Branco, who provided the scans. Thanks, Marcello!
--The Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 6 issues of Mentor (scanned by three different people). Added #43 (Apr 83), 54-55 (Jul-Sep 85), 59 (Jul 86) and 80 (Oct 93). Scans provided by Perry Middlemiss (43 & 80), Alan Stewart (55) and Joe Siclari (54, 57, 59). Thanks, Perry Alan and Joe!
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the latest issue(#497)(8.9 MB) of his perzine. Thanks, Dale!
--Prehensile, Mike Glyer. Added #2 (1972). Prehensile is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Saint Fantony publications. Added Dave Kyle's "An Important Communique to Knights and Ladies of St. Fantony" from 1971.
--Skyrack, Ron Bennett. Added issue #11 of the Skyrack Trader from Dec 72.
--UniFan, Ellen Pederson and Niels Dalgaard. This new-to-us title is an English language zine from Denmark. Added 2 issues. Issue 1 has both an article on the history of fandom in Denmark, and a very entertaining transcript of a workshop at the Scandinavian Science Fiction festival Fabula 77 with Brian Aldiss, Phil Farmer and Sam Lundwall wherein they talk about a possible sf story and argue about the whys and wherefores. I think there may have been alcohol involved.
--Warhoon, Richard Bergeron. Added a supplement to #28, "Notes for a Willis Bibliography". I'll also link to it from our BIbliographic page -

PDF Replacements:
--Fanhistorica, Joe Siclari. Replaced issues 0, 2, 4 with searchable PDFs, and added a Fanhistorica Press flyer from 1978.
--Fantasy Commentator, A. Langley Searles. Replaced issues 12, 17 and 20 from the late 40s with searchable PDFs.

March 20, 2021
John Bangsund is our new Featured Fan on the homepage. Many thanks to those that have been feverishly scanning his zines and helping in other ways in preparation for this spotlight - Bruce Gillespie, Irwin Hirsh, Kim Huett, Perry Middlemiss, Mark Ortlieb, Mark Plummer, and Sally Yeoland.

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Bangsund Misc Publications, John Bangsund. Added 14 more of these ranging from the early 70s to 1983. Most are very brief. Perry Middlemiss supplied 9 and Joe Siclari supplied 5. There's "Not Philosophical Gas", and "Not the Society of Editors Newsletter". Other titles include "First Draft 1", "Moving Story", the "Return of Oberon", "Swine Fever" and "Wedding 2". "Constitutional Stuff" for ANZAPA 13 (coauthored with Leigh Edmonds and Paul Stevens), contains an amendment to the ANZAPA constitution. Scans by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the March 2021 issue. Thanks, Leybl!
--BNF pages. Added Walt Willis, currently featured on our home page.
--Karellen, Georges Gheorghiu. Added #1 (Apr 60) of this French language fanzine. I'm not familiar with the zine or the editor, but in an article about French SF from the point of view of amateur publications (written by Jean-Pierre Planque in Bifrost 1-3 in 1996), Gheorghiu is mentioned as a pioneer of the Golden Age. The lead piece in Karellen 1 is fiction by Elie Rosenberg, and there's a reprint of an Honore de Balzac story.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 38. Thanks, Mark! Thanks, Evelyn!
--The Nehwon Review, Redd Boggs. Added 4 issues: #2-3 (Mar 64-Spr 67), #7-8 (Win 70 - Sum 71).
--Novacious, Forry Ackerman and Morojo. Added #4 of this zine from Feb 1940.
--Rune. Added 3 supplements: Garth Danielson - Klarn Rays 1-2 (92-93); John Bartelt and Garth Danielson - Bong 31 (93)
--Society of Editors Newsletter, John Bangsund. Added 1 issue of this new-to-us title: V8#7 (Mar 79).
--Space Times, Eric Bentcliffe and Eric Jones. Added 1 issue of this new-to-us title: V2#6 (Jun 53) which is an annish. It was published for the Nor'west Science-Fantasy Club in Cheshire. There's fiction, articles, columns and artwork. Cover by Harry Turner.
--TAFF. Added 4 more items: Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden: TAFFluvia 7-8 (Aug-Nov 86), 10 (Apr 87); Terry Carr and Thomas Schluck: TAFF Progress Report 10 (Jan 68).
--Tightbeam, George Phillies and Jon Swartz. Added the last 3 issues: #316-318. Thanks to George Phillies for sending. Thanks, George!
--TNFF. Added 6 more issues of this clubzine of the N3F with various editors. Added Janine Stinson - V62#1-2 (2002), V66#4 (2006); Ruth Davidson - V66#1 (Mar 2006); Jeff Redmond - V66#2 (Jun 2006); Chris Garcia/Ruth Davidson/Janine Stinson 0 V66#3 (Sep 2006). Scans provided by the N3F. Thanks!
--Undulant Fever, Bruce Arthurs. Added 9 issues of this new-to-us title, starting with #1 in 1975. Issue #1 is "the new personalzine from the new civilian Bruce D. Arthurs at his really-new address". Not the same as spring after a pandemic, but I can empathize with the sentiment.

Clarifications and Corrections:
--Thanks to Sandra Bond for pointing out a metadata error in is  1. Fixed now. Thanks, Sandra!
--Thanks to Kevin Smith for pointing out 4 missing pages in Matrix  9. Thanks, Kevin. We made a note and will try to figure out if we have them.

PDF Replacements:
--AKOS, Eli Cohen. Replaced all 3 issues with searchable PDFs. OCR by Eli Cohen. Thanks, Eli!
--Fanhistorica, Joe Siclari. Replaced #1,3,and 5 with searchable PDFs.
--Kratophany, Eli Cohen. Replaced all 14 issues with searchable PDFs. OCR by Eli Cohen. Thanks, Eli!

March 17, 2021
Whoo-hoo! The admirable team of Mike Benveniste and Mark Olson have solved the problem of not being able to reference photos in Facebook. There was something nonstandard in our code and FB broke it so that the pix wouldn't work. But now, you can post away. Thanks, Mark! And big thanks to Mike!

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1940s One Shots. Added an "Open Letter to Anglofans" by Forry Ackerman from Sep 41. This came to us from Jim Halperin by way of Rob Hansen. Thanks, Jim! Thanks, Rob!
--Alien Culture, Jim Leary. Added #2 (Apr 49) of this title. It's a well rounded zine, with articles, verse and illustration, including one by J.C. May aka Julian May.
--August Derleth Society Newsletter, Richard Fawcett. This is the clubzine of the Society. Added the first 4 issues from 1977-1978.
--Miscellaneous Bangsund Publications. Added 7 more of John Bangsund's miscellaneous pubs. First, scanned by Irwin Hirsh, is a one-shot called "Wreckin Heaves" from 1990. Then we have 6 more ANZAPA pubs, from Polls to ANZAPA OO material from 1970 to 1979, all scanned by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry! Thanks, Irwin!
--European Link, Jean G. Muggoch. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us European newsletter from 1968.
--FAPA Book, Bob Pavlat. Added 5 issues of this bibliographic publication, which lists exactly what was in the referenced FAPA mailings. Having struggled with trying to put together FAPA mailings that had been separated, this feels like a real "wow". Scans by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!
--New Millennial Harbinger, John Bangsund. Added an alternate cover to #14 (Jan 75). Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Outworlds, Bill Bowers. Added #21-22, a double issue from Nov 74. Contributors include Doc Lowndes, Poul Anderson, Susan Wood, Bob Tucker, andy offutt, Sandra Miesel and Jerry Pournelle. Outworlds is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Jerry Kaufman. Thanks, Jerry!
--Stefantasy, Bill Danner. Added #111 as our first of this title. Scan by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich!
--Stopgap, Graham Stone. Added 2 issues of Stopgap from 1952. According to Joe - "Stopgap was the newszine of the Australian Science Fiction Society which Graham Stone ran. He pubbed Stopgap for about a year before he started Science Fiction News (AU) in 1953 which then went to ASFS members Stopgap ran from #1 (Sep 1950?) - #11 (Nov 1952).
--TAFF. Added 8 items: Taffervescent 4 (Pam Wells, Feb 92). Scan by Irwin Hirsh; TAFF It Isn't Too Early (Roy Tackett; 1979); TAFF Progress Report 1 (Steve Stile and Thomas Schluck, Aug 68); TAFF Progress Report 6 (Wally Weber and Ethel Lindsay, Jun 64); TAFF Progress Report 9 (Terry Carr, Nov 65). TAFFluvia 2, and 4 (Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Aug 85-Jan 86); Weekly TAFF News 3 (Randy Byers, Jul 2005). Thanks to Irwin Hirsh for the scan of Taffervescent 4!
--TNFF. Added 8 issues from 1979-1999 from various editors. Irvin Koch - V39#4 (Jul 79); David Heath Jr - V43#6 (Dec 83), V84#8 (Aug 84); Donald Franson -V50#1 (Feb 90); Craig Boyd - V53#3 (Jun 93), V56#5 (Oct 96), V57#5 (Oct 97) and V59#1 (Feb 99). These were all supplied to us by the N3F. Thanks, guys!
--Trip Reports From Fan Funds. Added Bruce Gillespie's "American Kindness", written about his trip sponsored by the "Bring Bruce Bayside" fund. Formatting issues ably resolved by Geri Sullivan. Thanks, Geri! Thanks for sending the zine, Bruce!
--WSFANAC, Avedon Carol. Added WSFANAC #5 (1980).
--The Zine Dump, Guy Lillian III. Added the lastest issue, #51 of Guy's fanzine. Thanks for sending, Guy!

Clarifications and Corrections: Thanks to Ben Ostrowsky for letting us know about a couple of upside down pages in SF News. Thanks, Ben!

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