Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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Who's Who

This page tells you who is who in the ConJosé organization. Please do not contact staff members directly through their personal email. Always use the official ConJosé email addresses given on this page. This will help us process con business more efficiently, and it will mean that messages will not go astray if we reassign responsibilities. This listing is as accurate as we can make it as of April 15, 2002.

Please note that just because we have names against jobs here it does not mean that we don't need anyone else. This list of just the tip of the iceberg as far as staffing a Worldcon goes. If you would like a job in any of these areas, please get in touch. Also, if you are looking for vacant staff positions, see our volunteers page.

Executive Division:

Co-Chairs: Tom Whitmore, Kevin Standlee

Vice Chair/Controller: Cindy Scott

Minion: Kerry Ellis, Kathy Fulton
Budget Consultant: Mark Olson
At-Con Treasury Manager: Jim Hudson
Treasury Specialist: Michael Schaffer
Staff: Erik Bigglestone
Vice Chair/Deliverables Manager: Craige Howlett
Assistant to Vice Chair: Jan Price
Chairmen's Staff: Ben Yalow, Bobbi Armbruster
Committee Secretary: James Stanley Daugherty

Events Division
Division Manager:
John Blaker

Deputies: Kent Bloom, Eric Larson
Advisors: Susan DeGuardiola, John Hertz, Crickett Fox
Torcon 3 Shadow: {TBD}
Safety Officer: Kurt Siegel
Events Office Manager: {TBD}
Department Heads/Directors: Pierre Pettinger, Sandy Pettinger
Master of Ceremonies: John Hertz
Caller: Larry Schroeder
Stage Manager: John O'Halloran
Judges (presentation): Bjo Trimble, John Trimble, jan howard finder, Janet Wilson Anderson
Judges (workmanship): Kevin Roche, Andy Trembley
Judges Clerk: {TBD}
Green Room: Byron Connell
Official Photographer: Charles Mohapel
   Assistant: Leonard J. Provenzano
Fan Photographer: Danny Low
International Costumer's Guild Archival Video: Carl Mami
Half-Time Entertainment: Trans-Iowa Canal Company (TICC)
Hugo Awards
Department Head/Director:
Randy Smith
Advisors: Janice Gelb, Bobbi Armbruster
Staff: Perrianne Lurie
Stage Manager: Les Roth
Presenters: {TBD}
Stage Escorts: Mary Kay Kare
Reception Hostess: Laurie Mann
Backstage Greeter (Check in): Perianne Lurie
Voice of Ghod: Eric Larson
Official Photographer: Danny Low
Assistant: Charles Mohapel
Opening/Closing Ceremonies Director: Twilight (Sue Mohn)
Technical Services Director: Carl "Z!" Zwanzig
House Manager: Tom Galloway

Exhibits Division
Division Manager:
Larry Smith

Art Show (Hall 1): Jerome Scott, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink

Staff: Bonnie Atwood, Janet Baernstien, Gary Bell, Joanne Belton, Sherry Benoun, Melanie Breedlove, Kim Brown, Sanford Cohen, Maria Covingtion, Bronwyn Dougherty, KT FitzSimmons,, Dekker Graden, Jo-Anne Hall, John Hall, Allison Hershey, M J Jewel, Tina Klein-Lebbink, Johnna Y. Klukas, Donna Long, Eric Long, Carol Lynn, Charles Matheny, Winton E. Matthews, Chris Meredith, Mary Meredith, Kathleen Meyer, Fuzzy Niven, Margaret Organ-Kean, Bob Passovoy, Bruce Payette, Elayne Pelz, Maurita Plouff, Wes Plouff, James W. Reynolds, Pam Rice, Suzanne Robinson, Andrea Senchy, Steve Simmons, Kris Smelser, Dave Stein, Harold Stein, Shari Taylor, Beth Zipser, Mike Zipser

General Exhibits (Hall 2):
Commercial Exhibits: {TBD}
Fan Tables: {TBD}
Fan Exhibits: {TBD}
Dealers Room (Hall 3): Sally Kobee (pre-convention), Art and Becky Henderson (at-convention)

Facilities Division
Division Managers:
David Gallaher, Nancy Cobb

Facility Negotiators: Bobbi Armbruster, Ben Yalow
Facility Staff: Glenn Glazer, Andrew A. Adams
Safety Officers: Kurt Siegel, Sam Pierce
Party Maven: Richard Ney
Convention Operations: John Harold, Robbie Bourget
Staff: James Daniel Bishop, Noel Collyer, Rick Kovalcik, Steve Lopata, Pat McMurray, Kurt C. Siegel, Neil Simpson, Tadao Tomamatsu, Dave Tompkins
Suite Coordinator: Elspeth Kovar
Assistant: Roxanne Meida King

Fairy Godfather Division
Division Manager:
David W. Clark

Deputy: Crickett Fox
Fairies: Anne Bennedsen, Greg Dougherty, Chris O'Halloran, John O'Halloran, Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Daniel Spector, Maurine Starkey, Karen Tully, and a cast of dozens.

WSFS Manager: Kevin Standlee

Hugo Administration: Kevin Standlee, John Lorentz
Online Hugo Nominating Ballot Designer: Erik Olson
Business Meeting Chair: Kevin Standlee
Deputy/Parliamentarian: Kent Bloom
Secretary: Cheryl Morgan
Timekeeper: Pat McMurray
Emergency Holographic Everything: Seth Breidbart

Mark Protection Committee: Cheryl Morgan

2005 Site Selection: Jim Briggs

Staff: Rick Katze, Dick Spelman, Steve Francis, Todd Dashoff, Rowan Fairgrove
Advisor: Mark Linneman

Hospitality Division
Division Manager:
Geri Sullivan

Deputy: Priscilla Olson
Coach: Bobbi Armbruster
Torcon III Shadow: {TBD}
Staff: Ulrika O'Brien

Con Suite: Sandra Childress
   Deputy: Regina Reynante

Resort Management: Catherine Crockett, Gigi Gridley, Christian McGuire, Michael "Lynx" Molisani, Anne KG Murphy, Gregg Reynante
Cabana Boys and Girls: Tristan Anderson, Kris Bauer, Doug Faunt, Keith Oshins
Lifeguard: Jack Targonski
On-Site Shopper: Kathy Fulton
Supplies: Katherine (Katt) Thornton
Staff: Nancy Kathleen Bruce, Cathy Green, Melinda Kimberly, Grant Kruger, Cat M. Meier, Tracy Poole, John Yaskowich
Advisor: Naomi Fisher
Fan Lounge: Alan Rosenthal, Janice Murray
Deputy & Champion of Breakfasts: Marci Malinowycz
Staff: Neil Rest, Donya Hazard White
Fanspace: Geri Sullivan, Priscilla Olson
Staff: Gary Agin, Ulrika O'Brien

Member Services Division
Division Manager: Elaine Brennan
Aide-de-Camp: Sharon Sbarsky
Childcare/Liaison to KiddieCorp: Elaine Brennan

Handicapped Access: {TBD}

Info Desk: {TBD}

Freebie Tables and Information Displays: {TBD}
Registration: Elaine Brennan
Deputy: Mark Herrup
Staff: A Cast of Dozens
Solutions Desk: {TBD}

Ribbons: Sharon Sbarsky

Sales to Members: Scott & Jane Dennis (Fo'Paws Productions)

Video Programming: {TBD}

Programming Division
Division Manager:
Kathryn Daugherty

Guest of Honor Liaison: Elisa Sheets

Anime: Tracy Brown

Staff: Bay Area Animation Society

Auctions: Sandy Cohen

Autographing: Angela Penrose

BOFs/SIGs: Linda "Kitty" VonBraskat-Crowe

Dances: Greg Dougherty

Regency Dance: John Hertz
Modern Dance: Gary Alexander

Facilities Liaison: Tim Szczesuil

Assistant: Ann Broomhead

Filk: Seanan McGuire

Deputy: Kathy Mar
Staff: Kierin Bushore, Gwen Knighton, Dave Weingart

Fun and Games: Thomas Galloway

Gaming: Mike Beyer

Staff: John David Galt
Green Room: Linda Deneroff
Staff: Sandy Cohen, Sue Mohn, Ira Stoller

Guest of Honor Liaison: Elisa Sheets

Kaffeeklatches: Kathei Logue

Staff: Eva Whitley

Program Operations: Ian Stockdale

Staff: Adina Adler, Mary Ann Anthony, Jeff Beeler, Tammy Coxen, Martin Easterbrook, Richard Foss, Cynthia Gonsalves, Saul Jaffe, Ruth Leibig, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, David Score, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, Susan Wheeler

Program Database: Mary Ann Anthony, Ruth Leibig, Jim Mann

Mailings: Jim Mann, John Schmid

Program Participant Liaison: Rebekah Jensen

Programming Staff: Douglas Reay, Sharon Rush

Program Webmaster: Aidan Rogers

Writers Workshop: Adrienne Foster

Staff: Gerri Balter, Kent Brewster, Jennifer Carson, Richard Chwedyk, Raymund Eich, Derek James, Devon Monk, Kevin O'Donnell Jr., Ken Rand, Eric Witchey
Panel Consultants: Margaret Organ-Kean (Art), Janet Wilson Anderson (Costuming), Bobie DuFault (DYR), Janice Gelb (Fan), David Bratman (Fantasy), G. David Nordley (Hard SF, Science), Lee Whiteside (Media), Mike Willmoth (Science), Deirdre Saoirse Moen (Writer/Publishing)
General Programming Consultants: James Stanley Daugherty, Mike Glyer, Joyce Scrivner, Bill Humphries, Richard Mandrachio

Publications Division
Division Managers:
Bob Daverin, Brenda Daverin

Publications Whip: Gary Alexander, Anne KG Murphy
Copyeditor: Anne KG Murphy

Program Book: Brenda Daverin, Bob Daverin

In Memoriam List: Teddy Harvia

Pocket Program, Progress Reports and Offline Publications: Sue Ellen Adkins

At-Con Newsletters

Publisher: Robert Daverin
Editors: Matt Branstad, Michelle Boyce, Brenda Daverin
Staff: Douglas Berry, Mike Nelson, Hilary Ayer, Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Julie Wall

Local Resources Guide: Lynn Gold
Restaurant Guide: Bruce Schneier, Karen Cooper
Hugo Awards Ceremony Program Book: Geri Sullivan
Webmaster: Lunatic E'Sex, Michael R. Bernstein, Bob Daverin, Aahz Maruch, Diane Kurilecz
On-Line Information: Kevin Standlee, Elaine Brennan

Publicity: Rob Miles

Flyer Distribution: Paul Israel
Advertisement Coordinator: Sushmita Sen Majumdar
Local Media Adviser: Lynn Gold
Press Relations: Bart Kemper
At-Convention Press Office: Bart Kemper
Staff: Adrienne Foster, Rayma Kemper, Bill Farina, Charles Mohapel, Bev Widder, Bill Widder
At-Convention Sign Shop: Sue Ellen Adkins

Support Services Division
Division Manager:
Tony Cratz

Deputy: {TBD}
Corporate Liaison: Debbie Notkin
E-mail Services: Tony Cratz

Foreign Legion Commandant: James Stanley Daugherty

Canada: John Mansfield
Europe: Vince Docherty
United Kingdom: Steve Davies, Gulia De Cesare
Australia: Rose Mitchell
Information Technology: Mike Higashi
Staff: Deirdre Saorise Moen, Rick Moen, Eric Scott
PDA Software: Jossie Diaz, Bhroam Mann
Systems Administration: Jim Dennis
Tech Support: Jerry Tien

Internet Lounge: Heather Stern, Jim Dennis
Game Arcade: TJ Bayer
Logistics: {TBD}
At-Convention Office: Laura Domitz

Pre-Con Office: {TBD}

Mail Box: Cindy Scott

Staff Lounge: Jorell Clark

Technical Services: Carl "z!" Zwanzig

Network Engineering: Aaron Block

Staff: Steve Okay, Eric Scott

Production Stage Manager - Civic Auditorium: Bill Parker

Staff: Seth Breidbart, Karl Ginter, Ron Jarrell, David Josephson, Paul Kraus, Bryan 'SMASH' Manternach, Jeff Poretsky, Ken Uhland and a Cast of Tens

Volunteers: Peggy Rae Sapienza
Staff: Sharon Pierce, Bernard Bell, Barbara Karmazin, Judith Kindell, Chris Marble, Dawn Plaskon



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