Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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Hotels FAQ

What hotels are you using and how far away are they from the Convention Center? - A list of all of our official hotels is available here. All of the hotels are within a block or two of the Convention Center.

Do you have special room rates? - Yes, we do. See out hotel comparison chart for details.

Are those rates inclusive of taxes? - Non-American visitors should note that room rates in the USA are generally quoted exclusive of local hotel tax. The current rate of hotel tax in San Jose (each locality sets their own tax rate) is 10%, so if the room rate is quoted at $129, you will actually be charged $141.90 per night.

Are those rates per room or per person? - Some rooms may be more expensive than others because they sleep more people. However, the charge is quoted for the room, not per person.

What about tipping? - Staff at American hotels are generally poorly paid. A tip for the maid of $1 per person per day, and a tip of $1 per bag for any staff who carry your bags or make other arrangements for you is considered polite. Please tip the maids daily as the same people may not work your room each day.

How do I book a room? - Booking is being handled by the local Housing Bureau. For details of how to book, click here. Please do not try to book directly with the hotels. You will not get the discount rate, and the hotel will have our room blocks already booked so may appear full to the booking staff.

Housing Bureau! I remember what happened at Bucconeer. Will we have the same trouble with San José? - The San José Convention and Visitors' Bureau does not outsource its Housing Bureau. The CVB handles all bookings itself and is very proud of its track record for successfully serving convention bookings. ConJosé's staff tested the online booking system before it went live, and while we cannot guarantee to have caught all potential problems, we are confident that it is working well.

Can I get a rollaway? - Please check with the individual hotels to see if rollaways are available. You can find links to their web sites here.

What if I don't like or cannot afford the official con hotels? - You can find links to lists of local hotels here.

Will I be allowed to smoke in my room? - Yes, provided that you book a smoking room. Note that smoking is forbidden in public rooms in the hotels.

Will I be able to hold room parties? - Yes, but only in the Fairmont where we have negotiated a corkage waiver to allow you to prove your own food and beverages. For more details click here. If you are holding a party and are staying in the Fairmont, please mark "party" in the comments section of your booking form.

Help! I want to stay in the Fairmont but I need a good night's sleep, what do I do? - Don't worry, if you specify "non-party" in the comments area of the booking form we will try to put you as far away from the noise as possible.

Can I reserve a suite? - Information about suite reservations is available on our parties page. For details click here.

I am interested in xxxx, is there a particular hotel in which I should stay? - We will be attempting to plan programming so that certain hotels are the focus for certain types of activity. Full details of this are not yet available, but here are some general guidelines:

  • The Fairmont is the party hotel and will host much of the evening programming, including filking
  • The Hilton is directly connected to the Convention Center
  • The Crowne Plaza is adjacent to the site for the Masquerade and Hugos

The hotel information for the Fairmont and for the Crowne Plaza in the online booking system lists a price for the 3rd person in the room, but not the fourth. Are four people allowed in the room? How much does the room cost with four people? - The Fairmont and Crowne Plaza charge the same price for a room with four people as for one with three people. Both hotels have a maximum of four people in a room. The price for the fourth person is $0 additional; that is, the price of the room is the same as if there were only three people in it: $149/night in the Fairmont, and $139/night in the Crowne Plaza.

The hotel booking form lists a hotel called the Hyatt Santa Clara. What (or where) is this? - This is a typographical error for the Hyatt Sainte Claire, hotel number 4 on the locator map on the hotel booking form.

The rates listed on the hotel booking form for the Hyatt are not the same as those on the online booking system. Which rates are correct? - The rates in the online system are correct. The rates shown on the hotel booking form are $5 too high for a 3-person room. The correct rates for the Hyatt are $119 single/$119 double/$134 triple/$149 quad. Regardless of whether you book through the online system or the paper booking form, you will get the $134 3-person rate if you request a 3-person room.

The hotel comparison chart in Offline 3 says the rate for a 4-person room at the Hilton is $149, but the hotel booking form and the online booking system shows $169. Which is correct? - A 4-person room in the Hilton is $169. The rate shown in the hotel comparison chart for a Hilton Quad room is a typographical error. The rate on the hotel booking form and the online booking system is correct.

Help! I can't get a room at the XXXX for my whole stay. Is the hotel already sold out? - Go to and click on "Make a New Reservation" Enter the dates of the con: 8/29/02 and 9/2/02 and press "Refine Hotel List". When the page reloads, you should see the hotels you want in the drop down list. Choose one and you should be able to go from there. The problem most people are having is that they are entering date ranges outside our room block, so the automated site responds with no availability. Changing the date range will change the site's responses.



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