Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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I really liked the membership badge pouches at ConJosé. Do you have extras that I can buy? - Sorry, but no. We had to reserve our remaining stock of badge pouches for our members who were unable to attend. Once we mailed those out, we did not have any pouches left that we could sell.

How do I join? - check out our membership rates, and then sign up.

What will it cost? - please see our comprehensive membership rate chart.

Do you sell passes to just one thing (like the Dealers Room or the Masquerade)? - No. We do sell single-day admissions which include admission to all events and exhibits on that day, but you cannot buy a "dealers room admission only" or a "masquerade admission ticket" or any other limited-admission pass.

Where do I send the money? - you can find the addresses here.

Can I pay by credit card? - Yes, you can. Please note that if you do you must pay in US Dollars and a currency conversion fee may be charged by non-US banks. We accept credit card payments through PayPal.

My credit card statement says SFSFC. What does that mean? - Our credit card account is in the name of our parent corporation, San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions Inc. You can find out more about them here. If you use PayPal, that's what'll show up on your statement.

Your memberships sure are expensive! What do I get for my money? - To start with, remember that you are buying 5 days worth of convention, not the 2 or 3 days you get with most SF cons. There will be a huge amount to see: check our programming, events and exhibits sections for details. Also, because we are expecting thousands of people, we need to hire a convention center, and that doesn't come cheap.

How do I transfer a membership?
Print and complete the Transfer Membership form and send it to us as indicated on the form. The recipient should also bring a copy to registration.

The membership form doesn't say anything about hotel rooms, what do I do? - See the hotels section for information.

What does "site selection discount" mean? - People who voted in the site selection ballot at the Melbourne Worldcon in 1999 automatically received a supporting membership in the winning Worldcon, ConJosé. Therefore they have to pay less for their memberships.

What does "presupporters discount" mean? - Some kind people gave us money to help us bid for our Worldcon. We are now giving that money back by charging them less for their memberships.

What does "want pubs" mean on the membership form? - We send copies of our publications to our members. Some people are kind enough to save us money by asking for only one copy of each publication per household. The form has a space where the second and subsequent members can say that they don't want publications.

Have I joined already? - you can check our membership list here. If you think you may have asked us not to publicise your membership, email us at and we can check our database.

Did I vote in site selection? - because of Australian data protection laws we cannot put a list of voters online, but we can check for you. Email us at and ask.

Was I a member of the BA2002 Bid? - you can find the list of bid members here.

I'm not getting any mail from you, have you lost my membership? - we may have your postal address wrong. For a list of people whose mail is being returned to us click here. Also, you had the option when you joined of not receiving our publications. You may have told us not to send you anything, or we may have mistakenly listed you as not wanting publications. Write to us at and we'll make sure we've got you listed correctly.

I haven't had any mail in ages, what are you doing? - all of our publications are available online. If there is something there that you haven't received we may have the wrong address for you. For a list of people whose mail is being returned to us click here.

Who should I contact if I have a problem? - Our registration department. Their email address is

Will you be selling con t-shirts? - We hope to sell various different items of merchandise. For the latest news click here.

I have volunteered to work on the con, do I have to pay? - Yes. Even the con committee are paying for their memberships. If ConJosé covers its costs our first priority will be to refund the memberships of people who worked on the convention. This is normal practice for Worldcons.

I have volunteered to be on the program, do I have to pay? - Probably, yes. Worldcons have hundreds of program participants. It isn't possible to give them all free memberships. If this is a problem for you, please contact our programming department.



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