Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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Programming FAQ

I was on Programming. Do I get a membership refund? - Like almost all other Worldcons, all members of ConJosé except our Guests of Honor were required to buy memberships. Even the con committee bought their memberships. Traditionally, North American Worldcons that have sufficient surplus to do so refund memberships to program participants and volunteers. ConJosé will reimburse the memberships of qualified program participants, volunteers, staff, and committee. We began processing membership reimbursements in late May 2003 and expect to mail most reimbursements by the end of June 2003. Because we are processing reimbursements in batches, we decided to go ahead and issue batches of payments as they became available rather than hold up payment for some people while we waited for additional information for the rest. We will publish an announcement in our Press Releases section when we complete this mailing. If you're reading this after July 2003, haven't received a reimbursement check, and believe you qualified for reimbursement, write to and we'll investigate. We are not emailing people regarding their reimbursement unless we have a question about the person's membership or some special payment situation.

Where will ConJosé programming be held? - The main daytime programming items will occur in the San Jose Convention and Cultural Facilities located at 410 South Almaden Boulevard in the San Jose, California. The Dealer's Room, Exhibits, and Art Show will also be at the Convention Center. There will be Children's Programming, Filking, and Late Evening Programming in the Fairmont Hotel. Gaming will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

When will ConJosé programming start? - The first ConJosé programming items will start at 1:00 pm on Thursday, August 29, 2002. The Opening Ceremonies will be held in the Imperial Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel.

Main programming will start every day (except Thursday) at 10:00 am and last until 7:00 pm. Program items will last 75 minutes and will be scheduled every 90 minutes.

What can I do at ConJosé before 10:00 am? - There will be early birds who will lead calisthenics, Tai Chi, and other early morning activities.

What can I do at ConJosé late at night? - There will be night owls who will be leading game shows, filking, adult topic program items, and other surprises. ConJosé lasts five days; almost 24 hours every day.

When will ConJosé programming end? - The last ConJosé programming items will will take place from 2:30 pm until 4 pm on Monday, September 2, 2002. The Closing Ceremonies will be held in the Convention Center.

Will my favorite author be appear at ConJosé? - We have invited over 400 writers, scientists, musicians, artists, academics, editors, agents, educators, game designers, and fans to be Program Participants. As these people accept our invitation, we will post their names on our list of Program Participants.

How do I get to be invited to be on a panel? - Please write to and include details of your areas of expertise. We cannot guarantee to include you, but we are always happy to hear from potential Programming Participants.

I have heard that I have to be on a panel if I want to claim attending the convention as a professional business expense - While we cannot give official tax advice, we have been advised that it is much more important that you keep a complete record of what you spent and what you did during the convention. Being a Program Participant should have no effect one way or the other. A full discussion of this subject is beyond the scope of this FAQ. However, the IRS has published some guidelines which help make the matter clearer. Go here and read the section on conventions and travel expenses.

Will my favorite actor appear at ConJosé? - Worldcons do not pay appearance fees or salaries to anyone involved in running World Science Fiction conventions. We invite all members of science fiction fandom to become a member of ConJosé, but they must purchase a membership and pay for their own transportation and lodging.

Can I get my book signed by my favorite author at ConJosé? - Yes, but please use common courtesy and allow writers and others to eat their meals and walk from one panel to another without unduly inconveniencing them. A list of people who have agreed to autograph can be found here.

I wrote a story. Can I get someone to critique it? - Yes. Please see the instructions for the Writer's Workshop here.

Will you have programming about my favorite topic at ConJosé? - ConJosé will have panels, slide shows, plays, contests, music concerts, auctions, and other activities too odd to categorize. If you have a suggestion for programming at ConJosé, please email and let us know your ideas.



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