Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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ConJosé 2003 Financial Report

60th World Science Fiction Convention
Income and Expense Statement Summary [1]

July 1999 through June 2003
All amounts US$            
Income   Notes       % of Income
  Memberships     $710,319   72%
  Art Show     $144,972   15%
  Dealers Room     $61,393   6%
  Pass-Along Funds Received     $27,040   3%
  Sales to Members     $7,436   1%
  Advertising Sales     $6,300   1%
  Grants & Donations     $5,934   1%
  Miscellaneous   $16,771 2%
Total Income $980,165 100%
Facilities Division            
  Convention Center Rental   $111,000      
  Decorator   $138,305      
  Other $52,935 $302,241   31%
Exhibits Division            
  Art Show $134,371      
  Dealers Room   $6,645      
  Exhibits   $8,656 $149,671   15%
Publications Division            
  Pre-Convention Publications   $35,830      
  At-Convention Publications   $55,618      
  Other $2,066 $93,514   10%
Support Services Division            
  Technical Equip/Svcs   $30,054      
  Office Expenses   $33,226      
  Treasury   $16,702      
  Other $17,243 $97,225   10%
Member Services Division            
  Registration   $23,135      
  Childcare   $12,890      
  Other $28,381 $41,270   4%
Hospitality Division            
  Con Suite/Fan Lounge   $22,546      
  Hugo Nominee Party 2001   $5,096      
  Other $8,803 $36,445   4%
Programming Division            
  Guest of Honor Expenses   $16,087      
  Green Room   $5,307      
  Other $10,351 $31,745   3%
Fairy Godfather Division            
  Hugo Awards $10,686      
  Tours, Transit Passes   $4,210      
  Other $3,505 $18,401   2%
Events Division          
  Masquerade   $4,067      
  Hugo Awards Ceremony $4,333      
  Other $2,090 $10,491   1%
Chair Division            
  Miscellaneous $8,370 $8,370   1%
Total Expense $789,372 81%
Net Ordinary Income $190,792 19%
Other Income/Expense            
  Interest Earned     $7,125    
  Gain (Loss) on Currency Exchange     ($10,461)    
Net Other Income (Expense) ($3,336)
Net Income Before Reimbursements $187,456 19%
  Membership Reimbursements   $96,653   10%
Net Income Before Pass-Along Funds $90,803 9%
  Pass-Along Funds Paid   $30,000   3%
Net Income as of June 30, 2003 $60,803 6%

60th World Science Fiction Convention
Balance Sheet

June 30, 2003
All amounts US$ unless noted          
Current Assets          
  USA Checking     $5,591  
  Money Market Account     $47,318  
  Canadian Agent Account   CA$ 7,508 $5,576  
  Euro Agent Account   EU€ 945 $1,081  
  UK Agent Account   GB£ 268 $443  
  Bulk Mail Account     $3 $60,011
Fixed Assets          
  Computer Equipment     $550  
  Mailbox Key     $2  
  Office Equipment     $240 $792
Total Assets $60,803
Liabilities & Equity
Total Equity $60,803
Total Liabilities & Equity $60,803


[1] Income & Expense Summary:
For a full, much longer version of this statement, contact ConJosé at or write to PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363.

[2] Miscellaneous:
Comp room resale, ice sales, Scooter rental, Masquerade, tour tickets and transit passes, writers workshop, childcare fees, video arcade royalty

[3] Facilities Division Other:
Security, Telephones, First Aid, Traffic Control, gratuitiies, Civic Auditorium and Hotel meeting space rental.

[4] Art Show:
Includes payments to artists.

[5] Publications Other:
Press Room, miscellanous publication administration.

[6] Support Services Other:
Pre-con promotional parties, Staff Lounge, Volunteers. Logistics, Internet Lounge, IT Expenses.

[7] Member Services Other:
Scooter rental, refunds, returns, sales to members, film program equipment.

[8] Hospitality Division Other:
FanSpace, additional catering, post-con thank-you parties.

[9] Programming Other:
Children's programming equipment, specific room fees, IATSE fees, Dances sound and lighting, Writers' Workshop.

[10] Hugo Awards:
Includes cost of manufacturing trophies, bases, nominee pins, and shipping trophies to recipients not present; also includes cost of mailing to members of MilPhil advising them of their right to nominate for 2002 Hugo Awards and mailing of 2003 Nominating Ballot to ConJosé members.

[11] Fairy Godfather Other:
Site Selection ballot printing, Business Meeting additional microphones, Mark Protection Committee donation.

[12] Events Division:
Technical and Facilities Costs are in other divisions.

[13] Hugo Awards Ceremony:
Includes cost of pre-ceremony reception.

[14] Events Other:
Opening/Closing Cermonies, stage signage, sign language interpreters, Patrick Stewart appearance additional expenses.

[15] Chair Division Other:
ASCAP/BMI licenses, conference calls, donation refund, chair telephone expenses, at-con division meetings.

[16] Membership Reimbursements:
Additional reimbursements were paid after June 30, 2003. If you think you were entitled to reimbursement and have not received it, contact ConJosé at the address in Note 1.

[17] Pass-Along Funds Paid:
ConJosé still has remaining convention-related expenses not reflected on this statement. Note that this statement reflects the committee's status as of the end of our most-recent fiscal year, June 30, 2003, and we have incurred additional expenses since that time. We anticipate additional pass-along funds payments of approximately $3,000 to each of our three successors.

[18] Net Income:
This figure is the anticipated starting figure for ConJosé's report to the
2004 WSFS Business Meeting.



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