Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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World Science Fiction Society FAQ

For a basic introduction to WSFS and the Worldcon click here. The rest of this page deals with questions about ConJosé's WSFS functions.

I was a member of ConJosé, and I want to nominate for the 2003 Hugo Awards, but I do not know or never received my membership number. How can I vote? - If you were a ConJosé attending or supporting member, you can nominate for the 2003 Hugo Awards. Including your ConJosé membership number helps confirm your voter eligibility, but you can still vote even if you don't know your number (see next question). Try looking yourself up with our membership search page. If you don't find your name there, don't panic! This list is not complete, and does not (as of January 1, 2003) include anyone who joined at the door and also does not include a small number of people who sent their ConJosé membership payment with their 2002 Hugo Award ballots to the Portland PO Box, due to a processing delay for which ConJose apologizes.

I still don't know my membership number. How can I vote? You have to have a membership number to vote, don't you? - You can still vote even if you do not know your membership number. On your 2003 Nominating Ballot, include as much information as you know (name, address, etc.). The Torcon 3 Hugo Administrator will use that information to check your eligibility with ConJosé. You might want to include a note explaining that you don't know your number, but you think you're a member, and why; this can help confirm things. Torcon 3 and ConJosé remain in contact with each other, and ConJosé will do our best to confirm your eligibility.

What is this Business Meeting thing? - The Business Meeting is the governing body of WSFS. It decides how WSFS is run.

That's only for SMOFs, right? - Secret Masters of Fandom? Well, you can believe in conspiracies if you want, but actually WSFS is a participatory democracy. Anyone who is a member of ConJosé can participate in the Business Meeting.

You mean I could submit business myself? - Sure you can. In most cases you will need someone to second your motion, but other than that anyone can join in. For more information about submitting business click here.

Great, I always throught that there should be a Hugo Award for xxxx - OK, now wait a minute. Before you get started on your grand plan you will need to learn a bit about the WSFS Constitution so that you can phrase your motion approriately. Then you'll need to persuade a whole lot of people to vote for you, so you'll need to make sure that you idea is a good one.

Oh, is the Business Meeting very complicated? - It can certainly seem so on your first visit, but like any other debating system it has rules that you can learn. For information about the debating process click here.

What Hugo Awards are there? - For a full list of the current Hugo categories, an explanation of what they mean, and the eligibility criteria see this external web site.

How can I enter my book/fanzine/self for an award? - You don't need to enter. If your work fits the eligibility criteria then it is automatically enetered.

How does the Hugo voting work? - A full explanation of the Hugo voting rules can be found here.

Who is eligible to vote for the Hugos? - Nominations may be made by anyone who is a member of ConJosé or of the Millennium Philcon. Voting on the final ballot is restricted to members of ConJosé.

When can I vote in the Hugos? - The Hugos are for work published in 2001, so no one can vote until the year is over. ConJosé will send out nomination forms to all eligible voters early in 2002.

What is this Best Web Site Hugo I have been hearing about? - Each Worldcon is allowed to present one special Hugo Award. ConJosé has chosen to present an award for Best Web Site. For more details click here.

Will you be awarding Retro Hugos? - No.

What is Site Selection? - Site Selection is the process whereby WSFS decides where Worldcons will be held. Organizations bid to be allowed to hold the convention at their favorite site. Because of the time needed to negotiate contracts with facilities the vote is held three years before the convention takes place, so ConJosé will be voting on where Worldcon will be held in 2005.

Who are the Site Selection candidates? - For a list of organizations bidding for 2005 click here.

Who can vote in Site Selection? - Anyone who is a member of ConJosé.

Can I bid for a Worldcon myself? - Of course you can. If you think that you have a good site, and you have a lot of m/u/g/s friends willing to help you, go ahead and file a bid.

What do I need to do to file a bid? - Technically all you need is an organization and a provisional contract with your site. For details of the precise paperwork needed write to However, is you are serious about this you will also need to campaign for votes. That means putting up a web site, printing fliers, holding parties to promote your bid and so on. It is hard work (though not as hard as actually running a Worldcon should your bid be successful).

Do I have to be serious about this? - Of course not. So-called "hoax bids" are a traditional part of the fun of Worldcon. In fact they are an excellent excuse for holding a party. For information about holding parties at ConJosé click here.




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