ASFA Publications


1980 - present


The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists was first discussed at the 1976 worldcon, and met formally the following year. It was incorporated in 1988.

Country: US

New issues will be listed in bold.

Issue PDF Editor Whole Vol Num Month Day Year Pages Notes
ASFA Newsletter 2 PDF Amelia Sefton / Freff

1980 12 scan by Joe Siclari
ASFA Newsletter July 1981 PDF Amelia Sefton

1981 10 scan by Joe Siclari
ASFA Newsletter March 1982 PDF Sheila Orick

1982 8 scan by Joe Siclari
ASFA Quarterly Summer 1990 PDF Scott Merritt
8 2 Summer
1990 22
ASFA Chesley Awards Program 17 PDF

2002 18
ASFA Quarterly Winter 2003 PDF Teresa Patterson / Mel White
20 1 Winter
2003 48 scan by Joe Siclari
ASFA INKlings Winter 2015 PDF Sara Felix
1 1 Winter
2015 14

Provided by Sara Felix and ASFA

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