ASFA Publications


1988 - present


The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists was first discussed at the 1976 worldcon, and met formally the following year. It was incorporated

in 1988.

Country: US

New issues will be listed in bold.

Issue PDF Editor Whole Vol Num Month Day Year Pages Notes
ASFA Newsletter July 1981 PDF Sefton

1981 10 scan by Joe Siclari
ASFA Quarterly Summer 1990 PDF Scott Merritt
8 2 Summer
1990 22
ASFA Chesley Awards Program 17 PDF

2002 18
ASFA Quarterly Winter 2003 PDF Teresa Patterson / Mel White
20 1 Winter
2003 48 scan by Joe Siclari
ASFA INKlings Winter 2015 PDF Sara Felix
1 1 Winter
2015 14

Provided by Sara Felix and ASFA

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