The other day I received a call from one of my best friends, also a fellow fan editor. He asked me why in heaven's name was I going to print ABstract, instead of dittoing it. Before I could open my mouth, to answer, he told me that ABstract would lose its personality, and that 'homey' feeling that had been created through the colorful dittoed ABstracts throughout 1954, would be lost. He felt, in short, that ABstract would lose all the feeling of being an amateur magazine if it were printed.

Now the reason I'm telling you all this is because you are the readers and in my book, what you say goes. I felt that you might feel somewhat the same way my friend did. And so I must explain the reason why.

The CONish, as many of you know, was a success. It brought me many new subscribers as well as the numerous prozine reviews and mentions. I have well over 400 correspondents now, and close to 600 people who would like to receive ABstract. As is clearly evidenced, I cannot publish this on the Rex-O-Graph. And even if I could, 150-200 copies run out by hand is too much when added to my college work. Art-work is much more beautifully reproduced and it is easier on the artists. No stencils have to be mailed back and forth. In short, you, the reader, get most of the benefits. The mag is in a handier size, it is printed -- without errors -- and the reproduction enables 1000 of you to receive the magazine. On top of that it saves wear and tear on me so that you can be sure that Gafia is not just around the corner.

However, the question of whether or not I stay in the printed medium is up to you and your support. 150 out of the 1000 receiving this ish are traders -- that is they trade their own fan magazines for this and no exchange of money is involved. About 180 of you have sent me money for a single issue -- this issue -- and I would appreciate your continued support throughout 1955. And then we come to my favorite people, my subscribers. There are 45 of them that are steady. Still in all this means that 625 of you are receiving this magazine for apparently no reason at all. Your names have been gleaned from all corners of fandom and through the letter columns in some of the heavily fan-populated promags. This issue is free to you. If you subscribe, then you may be assured you'll get six more issues, not counting this one off as one of them. If you wish further copies at the single copy price, this is still free.

Your immediate support would be needed and appreciated. The expensiveness of this process demands plenty of capital. If I receive enough subscriptions to pay for the next issue, then I can go ahead and print it. If you are seriously thinking of subscribing, do so now, because, by doing this, you assure yourself of receiving all future issues printed. All your letters of comment and criticism will be appreciated .....

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