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NITE CRY: Don Chappell - 5921 E. 4th Pl., Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vol2, #1 10¢
Mainly mediocre local material. Claude Hall and Ron Ellik. Average. C

A BAS: Boyd Raeburn - 9 Glenvalley Dr., Toronto 9, Canada. PayAftRead. #5 10¢
Well done, loaded with many satirical laughs. A fan's magazine. Good. B+

BIBBILITY: Ray Thompson - 410 S. 4th St., Norfolk, Nebraska #3 10¢
Poor mimeography, poor editorial attitude. Not much good material. D+

HYPHEN: Walt Willis - 170 Upper Newtownards Rd., Belfast, Ireland #11 25¢
Finest Mag outside of the U.S. Great material, great humor. A must. A+

ALPHA: Jan Jansen - 229 Berchemlel, Borgerhout, Belgium Vol. 1, No. 7 10¢
Good mimeography, fairly good material. Interesting reading. Try it. B

RHEA: Malz-Menicucci - 38 Seville St., San Francisco, Calif. Vol. 1, #2 25¢
Material by Wolf, Bloch, Beck and editors. Interesting but expensive. B

DEVIANT: Carol McKinney - Sta. 1, Box 514, Provo, Utah. Vol. 1, No. 4 20¢
Contains Ellison, Geis, Carr, Venable, and Dea. A very fine magazine. B

DAWN: Russell Watkins - 110 Brady St., Savannah, Georgia Vol. 1, No. 23 10¢
Has Moreen, Carr, Kunwiss, and other interesting writers. Pretty good. C+

GRUE: Dean Grennell - 402 Maple Ave., Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin Vol. 1, #22 25¢
One of Fandom's Finest. Evelyn Gold, Calkins and Grennell. Great. A+

OOPSLA!: Gregg Calkins - 2817 11th St., Santa Monica, Calif. Vol. 1, #15 10¢

EPITOME: Mike May - 9428 Hobart St., Dallas, 18, Texas Vol. 1, No. 3 10¢
A nice, readable newcomer which shows plenty of promise. Donnell, White. C-

PEON: Charles Lee Riddle - 108 Dunham St., Norwich, Conn. Vol. 1, No. 33 10¢
Stuff by Harmon, Woolston, Carr, and Clarkson. Great mimeo and material. A

SKYHOOK: Redd Boggs - 2215 Benjamin St. N.E., Minneapolis 18, Minn. #22 10¢
"The Individualistic Quarterly of Science Fiction" -- and a great one. A

CONFAB: Bob Peatrowsky - Box 634, Norfolk, Nebraska Vol. 1, No. 7 10¢
A letter zine and the best. Really interesting reading and discussions. C+

SPIRAL: Denis Moreen - 214 Ninth St., Wilmette, Illinois Vol. 1, No. 9, 10¢
Good editor, good material. Has come a long way in 1954. Really Good. B+

LE ZOMBIE: Bob Tucker - Box 702, Bloomington, Illinois. No. 64 25¢
A great and welcome revival of a mag from 1948. Well worth reading. A+

PSYCHOTIC: Richard Geis - 2631 N. Mississippi, Portland 12, Oregon #16 20¢
Now offset with really great material and letter column. Fandom's BEST. A+

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