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Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill, Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA
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Lewis Morley will be operating the Lost In Space  robot when
Jonathan Harris (Dr Smith) performs at the Seymour Centre in
Sydney. The five night season starts on March 14th, and
bookings are now open. Lewis has been modifying the robot for
Australian conditions. (Does this include hanging corks around
the head?) The voice is provided by the original actor, Dick
Tufield. Meanwhile Marilyn Pride has been running courses on
illustrating children's books for the University of western

Congratulations to Wendy & Irwin Hirsh on the birth of Kieran
(no middle name) Hirsh on January 27th, two weeks early but
one day too late for an Australia Day Commemorative Spoon. The
Bullsheet is expecting at least three more reproductive
announcements in the next few months.

Harlan Ellison & David Gerrold were affected by the quakes.
Ellison received a broken nose. Gerrold's house was damaged in
the quake but he was unhurt. The Star Trek set was also hit.
Bruce & Elaine Pelz had a cat killed and lost walls.

The AGM was held at Carey Handfield's place on Sunday January
30th. Elected were President:— Jane Tisell , Vice-President:—
Alan Stewart., Secretary:— Cath Ortlieb, Treasurer:— Carey
Handfield, Committee:— LynC (Instrumentality  Editor), Donna
Heenan (Publicity) & Richard Hryckiewicz (committee member
without portfolio). Strangely enough this was also the list of
attendees at the AGM once Clive Newall and Jo Handfield are

Starfest Has been postponed until June. Dates, according to
Ali Kayn, are as listed below, with Majel Barrett replacing
George Takei as GoH.
Concinnity has released an assortment of information, with a
Progress Report promised Real Soon Now. Details include
information on writing & art competitions, masquerade and some
programme items.


SUPERCON	Comics convention, 12-13th April 1994, World
Congress Centre Melbourne, 9-00am to 6-00pm each day. GsoH Jim
Valentino & John Romita. $20-00 pre-booked. Phone Alternate
Worlds (03) 529-2255 or write to P.O. Box 1278, Windsor 3181

CONSTANTINOPLE 	1994 Media/General Natcon, 1-4 April, Southern
Cross Hotel Melbourne. GsoH William Gibson, Colin Baker, Bruce
Gillespie, Bean & Medge. Current attending rate $110, P.O. Box
212, World Trade Centre, Melbourne, 3005

INTERA.C.T. Media convention, 22-25 April 1994, National
Convention Centre Canberra, Attending Rate $80-00 until
31/3/94 GPO Box 2080 Canberra ACT 2601

STARFEST  Media, June 18-19 (Brisbane) June 25-26 (Melbourne)
Melbourne: Southern Cross Hotel, Brisbane Mayfair Crest Hotel,
GsoH Majel Barret & Dave McDonnell, Attending $60, Bookings
through Bass in Melbourne or Ticketworld in Brisbane.

CONFUSION '94	Western Australian convention incorporating
Swancon 19, 15-17 July 1994, Perth International Hotel. GoH
Gerry Anderson. Attending Rate $50-00 until January 31st. P.O.
Box 190, Mt Lawley, 6050

CONCINNITY '95	27-29 January 1995, Melbourne, Venue & GsoH to
be announced, Attending Rate $50-00 until 7/4/95. Ali Kayn GPO
Box 972G, Melbourne, Vic, 3001

MUTAGEN '96  Australia Day Weekend 1996, Dr Who convention
bidding for the right to be the 1996 Media Natcon. Contact


NOVA MOB Melbourne SF discussion group meets on the first
Wednesday of every month, except Jan & Dec. Eating at the
Erawan Restaurant 205 Swan St Richmond at 6-00pm followed by
the meeting at Alan Stewart's house.

CRITICAL MASS Adelaide  SF discussion group meets on the first
Wednesday of every month from 8-00pm at the SA Writers'
Centre, 242 Pirie Street, Adelaide. Dinner before hand at the
East End Coffee House.

THE MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB meets every Friday night at
7.30 pm, St David's Hall, 74 Melville Rd, West Brunswick. The
meeting on Friday February 11th is the Cartoon Quiz Night.
$4-00/head. Teams of four. Supper provided. Sponsored by Slow
Glass Books.

ST VALENTINE'S SF/FANTASY BALL Saturday 12th February 1994,
William Angliss Restaurant, Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne,
$35/ticket. THREADS, P.O. Box 257, Brunswick West 3055

THE FRIDAY NIGHT MOB An assortment of Melbourne fans meet for
natter and the like at K&Ms in the Myer Arcade every Friday
night, from about 6-00 p.m. We're the noisy mob located on the
large tables closest to the cash register.

GALLIFREY Melbourne Dr Who fan club.  St Michael's Church
Hall, Carlton. Saturday February 26th, 11am to 6pm. Door
admission $2-00 Austrek/Gallifrey Zoo Day Royal Melbourne Zoo,
March 26th, meeting between 11-45am & 12-15pm, eating at

AUSTREK, Melbourne Star Trek Club, February 5th, St Luke's
Church Hall, Dorcas Street South Melbourne, 2-5pm.

WEBER WOMAN'S WREVENGE #45 & #46,  Genzine, Jean Weber, 7
Nicholl Ave, Ryde, NSW 2112, Available for the usual or

ICEWORLD #1, Dr Who newszine, Sean-Paul Smith & Damian
Christie for Gallifrey, GPO Box 910G, Melbourne, Vic 3001.
$14/year (subscription includes Black Light)

THE CAPTAIN'S LOG  #198  Star Trek clubzine, Katharine Shade
for Austrek GPO Box 5206AA, Melbourne 3001, $22-00/year.


DUFF A copy of the ballot will be circulated with this issue.
Ballots must be postmarked by April 30th to reach an
administrator by May 5th.

GUFF nominations closed on 31/1/94. A ballot should be
available within the fortnight. Roman decided to include only
five nominators per candidate on the ballot, despite the fact
that two of the candidates had eighteen and eleven nominators
respectively. I didn't think GUFF got that many votes. Rumour
has it that a trip report, the first in the fifteen year
history of the fund, might appear this year. (I'm not holding
my breath.)

Okay. Stuff-ups from #1. Please note the altered dates for
Starfest. Also I hadn't noticed the change in the Media Fan
GsoH for Constantinople. According to Donna Heenan, Narelle
Harris's move to Egypt made her a rather expensive GoH and so
they are bringing in two from Adelaide. Narelle will be
represented by a tape of herself. And for my third stuff up
(Ramans always do things in threes—the dirty beasts) the local
Internet sf group to which this is posted is aus.sf (not
aust.sf)  And now, for my fourth stuff-up (we have one
perverted Raman here) while Nick Stathopoulos was on hand to
evacuate paintings and stuff for Lewis Morley & Marilyn Pride,
the assistance was not needed, and Lewis & Marilyn were not
actually evacuated.

Iceworld, Alan Stewart, DUFF ballot, Ali Kayn, Lewis Morley,
Roman Orszanski, Irwin Hirsh, Ian Gunn, The Captain's Log,
Donna Heenan, Cath Ortlieb

Tuesday February 15th. Distribution date Friday February 18th.
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