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Australian National Science Fiction Association by Marc Ortlieb,
P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill, Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA (e-mail:
Postal subscriptions $5-50 for ten issues.

Sean McMullen's new book will be launched at Constantinople.
George Turner, who made the trip from Ballarat for the February
Nova Mob meeting, has received the proofs of his new novel. (They
were sent, by courier, on December 20th, with a request that
George return them by December 29th. George received the proofs on
January 13th!!!)

Ex-Ararat fan editor and current rising star in the Richmond ALP,
James Styles, was married to Aline Ng in St Ignatius Church
Richmond on February 14th.

In order to ensure a reasonable attendance at the 2015 Natcon, the
following additions have been made to the fan population:— Sarah
Joan Leigh Janson weighing in at 9lb 3oz, born to Leigh Palmer and
Warren Janson on 8/2/94; ex-MUSFA member Torbjorn von Strokirch
(Some may remember the post-Unicon IV cricket match at his fathers
farm) and wife Robyn have a new son; Eidolon  co-editor Jeremy
Byrne and partner also added a son. There are another four neofen
on the way.

Not quite, but a few fans have been trying.  Lucy Sussex and
Julian Warner rolled a car while holidaying in Tasmania but
they're fine. Derek Screen and Sharon Tapner were also involved in
a car accident on Saturday but were unharmed. The car's pretty

The M.S.F.C. Cartoon Quiz Night was won by The Friends of Fat
Freddie's Cat, Thyme editor Alan Stewart, Les Robertson and The
editor of this humble sheet. Thanks to Justin Ackroyd of Slow
Glass Books for the prizes.

Constantinople have released the Ditmar & ASFMA voting forms. 

Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards
Best Long Fiction or Collection:— The Destiny Makers  George
Turner; Graffiti  Dirk Strasser; Twilight Beach   Terry Dowling;
The Weird Colonial Boy  Paul Voermans
Best Short Fiction:— "Catalyst"  Leanne Frahm (Terror Australis);
"Starbaby" Rosaleen Love (Overland, Dec '93); "The Lottery" Lucy
Sussex (Overland, Dec '93);  "Ghosts of the Fall"  Sean Williams
(Writers of the Future IX)
Best Professional Art Work:— Galaxy Bookshop Dragon Lewis Morley;
Twilight Beach Cover Nick Stathopoulos
Best Fan Writer:— Paul Ewins; Terry Frost; Bruce Gillespie; Jan
Best Fan Artist:— Ian Gunn; Craig Hilton; Pamela Rendall; Steve
Scholz; Kerry Valkova; Phil Wlodarczyk
Best Fanzine:— Black Light; Ethel the Aardvark;Get Stuffed; SF
Commentary; The Mentor; Thyme
William Atheling Jr Award For Criticism:— "Five Bikers Of The
Apocalypse"   Leigh Edmonds (Eidolon #12); "SF Sucks" James Allen
(Get Stuffed #6); "Silverberg Not Moving" Damien Broderick (SF
Commentary 73/74/75)

Australian Science Fiction Media Awards
Best Fan Writer:— James Allen; Paul Ewins; Terry Frost; Jan
MacNally; Martin Reilly; Katharine Shade
Best Fan Artist:— Ian Gunn; Darren Reid; Steve Scholtz; Kerri
Valkova; Phil Wlodarczyk
Best Newsletter:— Awaken; Blacklight; Ethel the Aardvark; Get
Stuffed; Thyme
Best Fan Fiction Zine:— Black Light; Nekros; Spock; Steve and
Martin's Excellent Fanzine; Yukkies
Best Amateur Audiovisual Production:— Concave Opening Ceremony
Russell Devlin; Beky's Brain Phone Answering Message Danny Heap;
Star Wars Tribute @ Jedi 10th Darren Maxwell; Starwalking Video
Karen Ogden; Starwalking II Closing Ceremony The Bastards

Supercon got a write-up in the Sunday Age  6/2/94, including a
photo of Joseph Italiano. Emphasis was on the price paid for
comics, along with a mention of pornography in comics.


CONSTANTINOPLE 	1994 Media/General Natcon, April 1-4 , Southern
Cross Hotel Melbourne. GsoH William Gibson, Colin Baker, Bruce
Gillespie, Bean & Medge. Current attending rate $110, P.O. Box
212, World Trade Centre, Melbourne, 3005

INTERA.C.T. Media convention, 22-25 April 1994, National
Convention Centre Canberra, Attending Rate $80-00 until 31/3/94
GPO Box 2080 Canberra ACT 2601

SILICON New Zealand  National Convention June  3-6 1994 Bentley's
Hotel, Dunedin, New Zealand,GsoH Barbara Hamby (pro), Tom Cardy
(fan), PO Box 333, Dunedin, N.Z.

STARFEST  Media, June 18-19 (Brisbane) June 25-26 (Melbourne)
Melbourne: Southern Cross Hotel, Brisbane Mayfair Crest Hotel,
GsoH Majel Barret & Dave McDonnell, Attending $60, Bookings: Bass
in Melbourne—Ticketworld in Brisbane.

CONFUSION '94 Western Australian convention incorporating Swancon
19, 15-17 July 1994, Perth International Hotel. GoH Gerry
Anderson. Rate $50-00 until January 31st. P.O. Box 190, Mt Lawley,

CONCINNITY '95 27-29 January 1995, Melbourne, Venue & GsoH t.b.a ,
Attending Rate $50-00 until 7/4/95. Ali Kayn GPO Box 972G,
Melbourne, Vic, 3001

MUTAGEN '96 Australia Day Weekend 1996, Dr Who convention bidding
for the right to be the 1996 Media Natcon. 

CONQUEST New Zealand National Convention April 14th-17th 1995, Mt
Richmond Manor Inn, Auckland, New Zealand, GsoH Vonda N. McIntyre
(pro) Roger Zelazny (pro) Richard Tayor (pro) PO Box 26-311,
Auckland, New Zealand


NOVA MOB  Wednesday March 2nd. Speaker Paul Kidd. Eating at the
Erawan Restaurant 205 Swan St Richmond at 6-00pm followed by the
meeting at Alan Stewart's house.

GALLIFREY Dr Who fan club.  St Michael's Church Hall, Carlton.
Saturday February 26th, 11am to 6pm. Door admission $2-00. The
club will run the 1995 St Valentine's Day Ball.

AUSTREK/GALLIFREY Zoo Day  Royal Melbourne Zoo, March 26th,
meeting 11-45am - 12-15pm, eating at 2-00pm.

SKYFORCE  Star Wars Social Club,  St Marks Church Hall, corner
Burke Rd and Canterbury Rd, Camberwell. Feb 26th, June 11th, Sept
10th, Dec 10th. 1pm -5pm.Contact Star Walking, Inc. PO Box 118,
Springvale 3171. They will be running an SF Ball in September


BUSSWARBLE #13  Perzine, Michael Hailstone, 14 Bolden Street,
Heidelberg Vic 3084 Available for the usual.

ETHEL THE AARDVARK #53  Clubzine, Paul Ewins for the MSFC, P.O.
Box 212, World Trade Centre Vic 3005 Available for the usual, for
members of the MSFC or for $10-00 for six issues.

ANZAPA 156 A healthy 163 pages including a ballot for Official
Bloody Editor, Alan Stewart and Kim Huett are standing. Jenny
Glover & Dick & Leah Smith have dropped out. Invited to join are
Gary Mason and Terry Morris. The waiting list stands at five.
Contact Alan Stewart, P.O. Box 222, World Trade Centre, Vic 3005.

And he's been nodding off a lot lately. Must be old age. Errata
from The B.S.#2:  Supercon was in February, not April. I
hand-corrected most of those. Kieran Alexander Hirsh was born on
January 26th. Cath saysI never listen to the secretary of the
Australian Science Fiction Foundation; LynC is really the
membership secretary of the Foundation and Donna Heenan is in
charge of publicity and The Instru-mentality. (Jo Handfield, while
physi-cally present at the meeting, is not a member of the
Foundation, a fact that is regularly brought to the attention of
Foundation treasurer Carey Handfield.)

Justin Ackroyd, Cath Ortlieb, The Sunday Age, Alex Heatley, Sean
McMullen, George Turner, Alan Stewart, Richard Scriven

Tuesday March 1st. Distribution date Friday March 4th.