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Lucy Sussex has edited two anthologies of young adult sf. They will
be published by Omnibus. #1, due in May will be called The
Patternmaker, after Dave Luckett's story therein. #2, due in June,
takes its title from Lucy's Ditmar nominated story, The Lottery. In
addition, Lucy has a teenage fantasy, Deersnake, (Hodder Headline)
due out in June.

We are pleased to note the arrival of Dylan Peukert Orszanski at
5-43am on Wednesday 23rd February at the Calvary Hospital in
Adelaide. Both Sue Peukert and Roman Orszanski are reported as well
and Roman has already helped with nappy and bath. Only three more to
go in the current crop of fan pregnancies.

Sue Howard is playing episodes of Chuck Chunder  on Radio 3LO at
5-20am. The Science Show, on Radio National (26/2/94) ran a program
on linguistics which not only took to task those purists who object
to the splitting of the infinitive in "To boldly go…" but which also
interviewed the linguist who developed the Klingon language and its
spin-off "How to speak" tapes and books. RN followed this with a
feature on Trek fandom—"Star Trek…The Last Frontier". The ABC must be
full of closet trekkers!!! Add Channel 10 to that list. On Level 23
(27/2/94) there was a piece on trekkers mentioning Deep Space Nine.
Typical media drek, even referring to Dr Spock's pointed ears.

Constantinople have lost media GoH Colin Baker. His place will be
taken by Sandra Reid (costume designer) Robert Jewell (Dalek
operator) and Kate Orman (author) all with Dr Who  connections.

Swancon '95 have released a progress report (See below for details)


CONSTANTINOPLE 	1994 Media/General Natcon, April 1-4 , Southern Cross
Hotel Melbourne. GsoH William Gibson, Bruce Gillespie, Bean & Medge.
Att $110, P.O. Box 212, World Trade Centre, Melbourne, 3005

INTERA.C.T. Media convention, 22-25 April 1994, National Convention
Centre Canberra, Att $80-00 until 31/3/94 GPO Box 2080 Canberra ACT

SILICON New Zealand  National Convention June  3-6 1994 Bentley's
Hotel, Dunedin, New Zealand,GsoH Barbara Hamby (pro), Tom Cardy
(fan), PO Box 333, Dunedin, N.Z.

STARFEST  Media, June 18-19 (Brisbane) June 25-26 (Melbourne)
Melbourne: Southern Cross Hotel, Brisbane Mayfair Crest Hotel, GsoH
Majel Barret & Dave McDonnell, Att $60, Bookings: Bass in
Melbourne—Ticketworld in Brisbane.

CONFUSION '94 Western Australian convention incorporating Swancon 19,
15-17 July 1994, Perth International Hotel. GoH Gerry Anderson. Att
$50-00 until January 31st. P.O. Box 190, Mt Lawley, 6050

SURVIVAL 94 Dr Who convention, 25-27 November 1994. GsoH Sylvester
McCoy & Sophie Aldred. P.O. Box 804, Croydon, 3136

CONCINNITY '95 January 27-29 1995, Melbourne, Venue & GsoH t.b.a ,
Att $50-00 until 7/4/95. Ali Kayn GPO Box 972G, Melbourne, 3001 (See
attached flier)

SWANCON '95 W.A. regional April 13-17 1995. Sheraton Perth Hotel. GoH
Pat Cadigan. Att $50. P.O. Box 318 Nedlands  6009

INTERSECTION 1995 Worldcon, 24-28 August 1995 Glasgow, Scotland. GsoH
Samuel Delany & Gerry Anderson. Att £60, supp £15 until 30/4/94. No
Australian agent. 

MUTAGEN '96 January 26-29 1996, Dr Who convention bidding for the
right to be the 1996 Media Natcon. Att $80-00. GPO Box 910G Melbourne

CONQUEST New Zealand NatCon April 14th-17th 1995, Mt Richmond Manor
Inn, Auckland, New Zealand, GsoH Vonda N. McIntyre, Roger Zelazny,
Richard Taylor PO Box 26-311, Auckland, New Zealand

The Bullsheet  is anachronism in action. The paper version is mimeo,
while the e-mail version surfs the Internet.



SOUTHERN SYDNEY SF GROUP Lyn Elvey (02) 534-3595 (A.H.)

WESTERN SYDNEY SF GROUP Friday 4th March 7 p.m. Joy Buchanan (047)

GARGOYLE CLUB horror artists & writers. Back Garden The Royal
Exhibition Hotel, 86 Chambers St, Surrey Hills, NSW. First Friday of

UNISFA (Uni of WA Sf Assn) Annual General Meeting March 11th 1pm, The
Guildroom. Anna (09) 356-5421

CIA(Curtin Imagination Association) Space opera freeform(?) March
26th 7pm. Peter (09) 361-9808

WEST LODGE W.A. Dr Who, 1pm first Saturday of month. Collins St
Centre South Perth. Brian (09) 316-3260

WESTREK  W.A. Star Trek,  7.30pm last Friday of month, 82 Beaufort St
Northbridge. Ray Raspa (09) 362-5713


AUSTREK, Melbourne Star Trek , March 5th, St Luke's Church Hall,
Dorcas Street Sth Melbourne, 2-5pm. Theatre Sports.

NATIONAL GALLERY March 6th, Lucy Sussex, Sara Paretsky, Deirdre Bair
(biographer of Simone de Beauvoir) and Miriam Dixson talk about women
writers. (Lucy would like it noted that she gets paid for the gig.)

THE MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB Every Friday night at 7.30 pm, St
David's Hall, 74 Melville Rd, West Brunswick. March 11th Swap Meet.

ENTERPRISE (Star Trek) March 19th St Luke's Church Hall, Dorcas
Street South Melbourne, 1-5pm.  P.O. Box 466, World trade Centre,
3005. (ph) 03-384-1918

AUSTREK/GALLIFREY ZOO DAY  Royal Melbourne Zoo, March 26th. Meeting
11-45am to 12-15pm; Eating at 2-00pm.

NOVA MOB  Wednesday April 6th. Dirk Strasser. Eating at the Erawan
Restaurant 205 Swan St Richmond at 6-00pm Meeting afterwards at Alan
Stewart's house.

THE DOCTOR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA Second Saturday of the month St
Luke's Church Dorcas Street Sth Melbourne  12-30pm to 5ish. GPO Box
4782UU, Melbourne,3001

& social group. Dandenong Public Library Conference Room, Stewart St
Dandenong. Second Tuesday of month 7-30pm to 10-00pm. Ann McGann 63
Woodside Ave, Frankston, 3199

GALLIFREY BBC Telefantasy club. April 26th. BBQ, activities & videos.
St Michael's Church Hall, cnr MacPherson & McIlwraith Sts North

MILLENIUM A science fiction play by Gallifrey member Charles
McKenzie. Powerhouse Theatre Albert Park Vict. March 31st, April 1 &
2 and 6-9 1994 at 8pm. $10 ($5 concession)


CRITICAL MASS Adelaide  SF discussion group. First Wednesday of the
month from 8-00pm at the SA Writers' Centre, 242 Pirie Street,
Adelaide. Dinner before hand at the East End Coffee House.


THE CAPTAIN'S LOG  #199   Star Trek club-zine, Katharine Shade for
Austrek GPO Box 5206AA, Melbourne 3001, $22-00/year.

THE ZINE #2  Extensive listing of Melbourne sf clubs,wargames groups
and related organisations. Stephen Smith PO Box 41, West Brunswick
3055, $1-40/issue.

BLACK LIGHT  #8  Dr Who & BBC Telefantasy clubzine. Sean Paul Smith
for Gallifrey GPO Box 910G Melbourne 3001. $14-00 for six issues.
Includes Iceworld.

SKRIBE  February '94, Perth Newszine sf & gaming. Paul Branch &
Celine Zhu P.O. Box 6336, East Perth, 6892


A note from David Richardson re The BS#3   "Sharon Tapner wasn't in
the crash with Derek Screen, I was."

Ron Clarke, Kim Huett, The Captain's Log, Ethel the Aardvark, David
Richardson, The 'Zine, Yvonne Rousseau, Lucy Sussex, Black Light,
Sally Beasley, Skribe, Jane Tisell, Derek Screen.

The Bullsheet would appreciate more information on fan activities in
Qld, Tas, Canberra, S.A. & N.S.W..

Tuesday March 15th. Distribution date Friday March 18th.