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Constantinople, the 33rd National Science Fiction Convention and the
12th National Media Science Fiction Convention was held at the Southern
Cross over the Easter Weekend, April 1-4, 1994. I enjoyed it.

	There were 429 members of the convention, plus assorted other visitors,
panelists, hucksters' assistants, media visitors and the occasional
free-loading fan who "just came in to deliver a piece of crockery to
the art show" and who ended up staying for the afternoon and then sat
in on the closing ceremonies. This makes it Australia's third largest
NatCon, following Syncon '83 and, I am told, Swancon 18 last year.

	Teaspoon Awards
	Ian Gunn presented the first set of teaspoons, explaining in his speech
that they were for people who had created minor stirs in fandom. They
follow in the rich tradition established by Paul Stevens' Gold Plated
Caterpillars. Ian noted that his Award was available in trade for other
people's awards and he had a spare Teaspoon Award in his pocket, should
someone care to trade their Ditmar/Asfma for a Teaspoon. The following
made more sense with Ian's accompanying dialogue. Perhaps he can be
persuaded to publish that.

Most Contrived Name Dropping
Beky Tully
Most Creative Use of Modern Technology
Lewis Morley & Marilyn Pride
Most Productive Neofan
Sue Peukert
Most Strenuous Self-Promotion
Most Feared Fictional Villain
Derek Screen (Not Derek Small, as I erroneously put in the Daily Bullsheet #4.)
Mister Macho 1994
Glen Tilley

Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards (Ditmars)

Best Long Fiction or Collection:—
The Destiny Makers  George Turner

Best Short Fiction:—
"Catalyst"  Leanne Frahm (Terror Australis)

Best Professional Art Work:—
Twilight Beach Cover Nick Stathopoulos

Best Fan Writer:— Bruce Gillespie

Best Fan Artist:— Kerri Valkova

Best Fanzine:—
Ethel the Aardvark  Paul Ewins

William Atheling Jr Award:—
"SF Sucks" James Allen  (Get Stuffed #6)

	In accepting his award, Nick discussed in detail the failings in the
nomination process, particularly related to the professional art
category, failings that do need to be addressed by future awards
	The Ditmars themselves were a superb creation of Kerri Valkova's, black
cats on a plaque with the eyes in the pattern of the Southern Cross.

Australian Science Fiction Media Awards
Best Fan Writer:— James Allen
Best Fan Artist:—  Kerri Valkova
Best Fan Fiction Zine:—
Steve and Martin's Excellent Fanzine  Steve Scholz & Martin Riley
Best Newsletter:— Ethel the Aardvark;
Best Amateur Audiovisual Production:—
Starwalking II Closing Ceremony The Bastards (Danny Heap & Paul Ewins)

	The Asfmas were the glass steps with finger slicing edges. Plaques for
nominees for both awards were designed and constructed by Apollo

Short Story Competition
Sponsored by the Australian Science Fiction Foundation
1st Prize:—
Adam A Browne & Samuel M Sejavka
Red Spot Special
2nd Prize:—
Chris Lawson The Judas Kiss
3rd Prize:—
Helen Sargeant Multitudes
Lyn McConchie Measure in All Things Maide;   John Ezzy "Brand New Sky";
Janeen Samuel The Road Toll

Chandler Award
	The Australian Science Fiction Foundation presented the third annual
Chandler Award for outstanding achievement in Australian Science
Fiction. This year the award went to George Turner. Previous recipients
are Van Ikin and Merv Binns. In Presenting the Award, Jane Tisell
reminded everyone that the award, though given by the Foundation,
depends on suggestions from science fiction fandom as a whole.

Masquerade Winners
Girl through the Hoop  Paula Lind
Lilith  Chris Ballis
The Borg  Mark Hassam, Steve & Catherine Scholz
Sun and Moon  Wendy Purcell & Gail Adams
The Borg  Mark Hassam, Steve & Catherine Scholz
Judges' Choice
The Borg  Mark Hassam, Steve & Catherine Scholz
Costumers' Guild Awards for Hall Costumes
Karen Ogden-Deep Space Nine Uniform Andrew McGee - Vampire;Paula Ruzek
- TNG Admiral; Bean- Princess Bride; Sharon Mosely - Classic Star Trek
Dress; Darren Maxwell - Imperial Officer; Shane Morrisey - Imperial
Officer; Robert Jan - Federal Marine Sgt Major; Gail Adams -
Pre-Raphaelite Gown; Wendy Purcell - Princess Bride; Sue Burtzynski -
Space, the Final Frontier; Shane Morrisey - Republic Officer; Kathryn
Anderson - Avon inspired costume; Katherine Scholz - Robin Hood, Men In
	The convention suffered from standard problems with program items
running late, people losing membership badges, the hotel staff being
over-officious etc, but the worst aspect of the convention was the
theft of money and a disk drive from the Gallifrey Table in the
Huckster's Room. The Southern Cross Hotel assured the convention that
the room was secure, but it wasn't, and someone broke in. Fandom rose
to the occasion, ably assisted by Shane Morrissey who noted "Thanks to
fandom for your generous donations towards the rescue of Gallifrey Inc.
The hat whip around collected $549.25."

Future Natcons

At the Media Business session, Condiment won the right to host the 1995
media Natcon. (Held over from the DefCon Business session.) Perth's
Confusion 96 won the 1996 Media Natcon.

At the Lit Business session, Thylacon gave details of the 1995 NatCon
in Hobart and Swancon 21 won the right to hold the 1996 Lit NatCon in
conjunction with Confusion.

Condiment will be a One-Day convention at the Melbourne Town Hall.
Details to be announced.

Thylacon June 9-12 1995, Wrest Point Hotel Casino, Hobart. GsoH Kim
Stanley Robinson, Peter Nichols and Grant Stone. Attending $60-00 until
1/1/95. Supporting $20-00. Voting $5-00. GPO Box 580D, Melbourne 3001.

Confusion 96/Swancon 21 Easter 1996. University of Western Australia
(Pending confirmation) Other details to be announced.

	There will be a postcon report which should include voting figures, Art
Show awards and other convention details.

"What are you doing with William Gibson's thing on your arm?"
(Security Person's comment to Jane Tisell just prior to the closing

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Tuesday April 12th. Distribution date Friday April 15th