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E-mail copies free. Ask to be put on the mailing list, or grab it from 
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Looking at the finance report presented at the July committee meeting, the 
bid needs more support, particularly in the form of members. Alan Stewart 
will be assisting on the bid table at Conadian and will be helping our 
agents run bid parties. A membership form will appear with the next 
Bullsheet, but, for further info, contact the committee P.O. Box 99, 
Bayswater, Vic 3153.

Gardiner Dozoiss The Years Best SF 11  has one Australian Story Greg Egan's 
"Chaff" Australians to appear in the recommended reading list are Sean 
McMullen (2); Greg Egan (2 more); Bart Meehan, Sean Williams, Rosaleen 
Love, Terry Dowling, Stephen Dedman, George Turner & Dirk Strasser (1). 
Sean Williams collection of three novellas Doorway to Eternity  
(MirrorDanse Books) is now available.
Ron Clark reports that The Mentor (see zine listing) will no longer be 
printing fiction. Ron is the proud owner of a brand new mortgage and needs 
to cut down on fanzine costs. He will also be pruning his mailing list.

A in '99 bid chair, Alan Stewart,  starts his DUFF trip on August 14th. 
His itinerary includes Conadian. Other Australian Conadian attendees 
include Sarah Murray-White. Rumour has it that occasional Australian 
resident Stephen Boucher is also gallivanting through the U.S. convention 
season. Perry Middlemiss and Robyn Mills are heading for the U.K. for a 
month and Lucy Sussex and Julian Warner are off to Canada and the U.S..

The Futurian Society of Sydney  has moved to Room 1615 University of 
Technology, Broadway, Sydney 7-00pm. Their dinner venue is now  The Old 
Windsor Tavern, Castlereigh St, Sydney.

CONducktor has released details of its programming including the gaming 
and video program details.
Ali Kayn offered to put a copy of The Bullsheet  in each of the 
Concinnity 95 convention bags. She said I'd need to print her 1,000 copies.
Despite a couple of Melbourne sightings of Thylacon committee member Robin 
Johnson, the con is emulating its mascot a tad too well. There are hopes 
that it can be cloned from fossilized DNA from one of Peter Nichols' cigars.  


CONDUCKTOR 13-14 August level 5 Union Building Adelaide Uni GoH Tony 
Shillitoe. AUSFA, (08) 272 1974 Brendan Watts

TREXPO, Star Trek, 3 Sept,  Camberwell Centre Austrek GPO Box 5206AA, 
Melbourne 3001 03-887-1701

COMEDYCON, Media Comedy?, 16-18 September, Tradewinds Hotel Maroubra, GoH 
Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf), $75, P.O. Box 627, Ryde, 2112.

CONQUEST '94, Star Trek 23-25 September Lennon's Hotel Brisbane GsoH  
Jonathan del Arco & Richard Arnold, Att $80 GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001

SURVIVAL '94 Dr Who convention, 25-27 November  Novotel  on Collins GsoH 
Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred & Kate Orman. $85/3day $25 Banquet. 
PO Box 804, Croydon 3136

VOYAGER Star Trek 30/12/94 to 1/1/95. GoH Dwight Schultz.  Hilton on the Park 
Melbourne $85/3day $45 Banquet G.P.O. Box 474 Rosebud 3939. 059-82-25-20 or 
Ace (above)

NOVACON '95 Dr Who, 13-15 January 1995, Radisson Hotel Newcastle,GoH John 
Levine & Nicholas Courtney  $70  P.O. Box 140, Kotara Fair 2289

EVENT HORIZON Blakes 7 Carindale Hotel, Carindale Brisbane 27-29 January 
1995  $65 until 7/10/94 Event Horizon, P.O. Box 492, Corinda QLD 4075 
(07) 349-2229 

CONCINNITY '95 January 27-29 1995, Regent Hotel Melbourne, Att $60-00. GsoH 
Robert OReilly & Ian Gunn.  GPO Box 972G, Melbourne, 3001.

SWANCON '95 W.A. regional April 13-17 1995. Perth Sheraton Hotel. GoH Pat 
Cadigan. Att $70. P.O. Box 318 Nedlands  6009  

FORCE ONE (1st National Star Wars Con) 15-17 April 1995, Melbourne Sheraton, 
GsoH Steve Sansweet, Hugh Fleming. $110. P.O. Box 118 Springvale 3171.

THYLACON 1995 Lit NatCon,June 9-12 1995, Wrest Point Hotel Casino, Hobart. 
GsoH Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Nichols and Grant Stone. $60-00 to 1/1/95. 
Sup $20-00. Voting $5-00. GPO Box 580D, Melbourne 3001.

MUTAGEN '96 January 26-29 1996, Dr Who  Att $80-00. GPO Box 910G Melbourne 3001.

Easter 1996. University of W.A.Supp $15. 

FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY  August 19  Future Histories Room 1615 University 
of Technology, Broadway, Sydney 7-00pm (Dinner beforehand at The Old Windsor 
Tavern, Castlereigh St, Sydney. 5-30pm.)
02 534 3595. August 20th 2-00pm End of the world discussion.
SYDNEY DR WHO FAN CLUB 4th Sunday of month Sefton District Girl Guides Hall. 
P.O. Box 381, Chester Hill, 2162 (02) 727-4272

IN-FRIENDS  STTNG/DS9/Babylon 5 videos Fridays 6:30pm Building 17 Edith Cowan 
University Mt Lawley. Phone 275 7848

MELBOURNE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB Each Friday 7.30 pm, St Davids Hall, 74 
Melville Rd, West Brunswick.
TIME TREKKERS SF Club of Central Vict  August 5. Community House 21 Carpenter 
St, Bendigo.  P.O. Box 934, Bendigo 3550
AUSTREK, Trek, August 6 Hobsons Bay Secondary College 88 Graham St Albert 
Park, 2-5pm. Starfleet Academy Exam. 
DANDENONG VALLEY S.F. & FUTURIST SOCIETY  Dandenong Library Conference Room. 
August 10th 8-00 pm. Ann McGann 63 Woodside Ave, Frankston, 3199
DR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA August 13 12.00 noon Whodunnit
ENTERPRISE Star Trek August 20 Filming Club Video "To Kill a Crusher" 
A IN 99 MEETING August 28  2.00pm Alan Stewart's place (03) 429-8354 
(P.O. Box 99, Bayswater 3153.)
NOVA MOB  Sf natter Sept 7 Race Matthews on the history of the MSFC; Erawan 
Restaurant 205 Swan St Richmond 6-00pm. Meeting: Alan Stewart's place 8-00pm.
STAR TREK MARATHONS New Venue: The Glasshouse Theatrette,  RMIT Union 
360 Swanston Street 6:30pm first Saturday of the month.

OMNI August 6, Chemistry LT 2, 11am-5pm. Videos. GPO Box 2080 Canberra 2601
CANBERRA SF SOCIETY,Aug 18, Rasa Sayang, Wooley St Dickson, 7:30pm Ken Ward
PO Box 47 Civic Square  2608. (06) 288 6391.

CONQUEST CLUB Media October 30th  Metro Arts Centre, 109 Edwards St Brisbane. 12-005-00pm. GPO Box 1376, Brisbane 4001
FNAC  Fannish discussion  The usual, in detail. John Foyster GPO Box 3086 
Grenfell St Adelaide 5000
THE MENTOR 85  SF genzine. Ron Clarke P.O. Box K940 Haymarket 2000
BUSSWARBLE #18  Perzine Michael Hailstone 14 Bolden St, Heidleberg, Vic 3084. 
The usual.

ECHO BASE HOTH 563-1323 will institute a fee for users in the near future.

ANZAPA			August 5th 
Hugo Ballots		August 6th
1995 Duff Candidates	September 14 1994
Guff			March 31st 1995

Justin Ackroyd, Kathryn Andersen, Ron Clark, Sundance Bilson-Thompson

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Tuesday August 16th. Distribution date Friday August 19th.