A fast, grubby and frequent little science fiction newsletter produced for
the Australian National Science Fiction Association by Marc Ortlieb, 
P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill, Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA 
Postal subscriptions $6-00 for ten issues.(Cheques made out to Marc 
Ortlieb please. Stamps accepted). Available for items of gossip. 
E-mail copies free. Ask to be put on the mailing list, or grab it from 
aus.sf on Internet, the Ausom FC BBS  543 3411 or Psibaud  (03) 804 3205.   

Ellen, the fiction editor of Omni  and anthologist will be at Slow Glass 
Books 1st Floor, 305 Swanston St, on April 21 at 5.30pm

Sally Beasley reports that, contrary to information published in 
The BS #25, Dave Luckett has only two confirmed books, THE ADVENTURES OF 
ADDAM, that was released in February, and NIGHT HUNTERS  that is due for 
release in June. He has other books doing the rounds. Sally also reports 
that there is a Perth group that gathers at A Touch of Strange in Subiaco 
of a Sunday. Confirmation would be appreciated.

Derek Screen &  David Barker appeared, in Trek uniform, in the place of 
the Page Three Girl in the Herald/Sun 31/3/95. The article was plugging 
the raffle to support the Royal Children's Hospital. Sydcon got a 
write-up in The Weekend Australian Review  8-9/4/95, along with a mention 
of Thylacon. Sydcon was obviously uninterested in members from interstate. 
I consider myself fairly well read on sf happenings in Australia but I 
hadn't heard of it before reading the article. Shane Morrissey & Bobby 
Carolane featured on page five of one edition of The Age   12/4/95. It 
appears that that issue was the one mainly distributed in rural Victoria. 
MAGNETIC RIM  is a free electronic magazine  featuring short fiction from 
Stephen James, Paul Collins and others. Available in Windows help file 
format and  as text  and hardcopy. Lucy Sussex notes that Roy gets very 
stroppy if you criticise the lack of apostrophes in his publicity: "I 
should point out that the English language is dynamic, NOT static. Correct 
use of English is however people choose to use it. Anything else is 
fascist and really petty"

Ian Gunn and Karen Pender-Gunn have won GUFF and will travel to 
Intersection, the 1995 Worldcon in Glasgow Scotland in August. Roman will, 
no doubt, produce voting details soon. Donna Heenan has released her 
FFANZ itinerary that will see her at Conquest in Auckland over Easter, 
followed by two days each in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington and one 
day in Palmerston North. 

Thylacon has released PAWPRINTS, its Progress Report listing 38 members 
and giving some programming details. Marjorie Lenehan will be running the 
masquerade. From Sydney come details on an assortment of mini-cons plus 
Medtrek V.

SWANCON 95 W.A. regional April 13-17  Perth Sheraton Hotel. GsoH Pat 
Cadigan & Ellen Datlow. Att $70. P.O. Box 318 Nedlands  6009  
Ph/Fax 09 367 7236

SYDCON April 14-17 Newtown School of Performing Arts Contact (02) 550-3548

CONQUEST '95. NZ Nat Con 1995. April 14-17, Airport Quality Hotel, 
Auckland GsoH: Roger Zelazny, Vonda McIntyre, Richard Taylor, Keith Smith 
P.O. Box 26-311 Auckland, NZ.  E-Mail:

FORCE ONE (1st Star Wars NatCon) 15-17 April,  Melbourne  Town House, 
GsoH Steve Sansweet, Hugh Fleming, Jon Berg. $110. PO Box 427 Northcote 
3070. 03 416 8998

THE REUNION #2 April 28-30th Ark Royale 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge 
NSW 2776 Relaxacon? $20 attending or $15 for those feeding others. 
$12 Day rate.

THYLACON 1995 Lit NatCon,June 9-12, Hadley's Hotel, Hobart. GsoH Kim 
Stanley Robinson, Peter Nicholls and Grant Stone.$75-00. Sup $20-00. 
Voting $5-00. P.O. Box 418, Sandy Bay, Tas 7005 (002) 312-560 

ARCON Aussiecon Reunion Convention, celebrating twenty years of Australian 
Science Fiction. September 22-24  GsoH Robin Johnson & David Grigg Savoy 
Plaza Hotel Melbourne. P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill, Vic 3131 Att $50-00.

CONTINUUM (Conquest 95) September 22-24 Lennon's Hotel GPO Box 1376 
Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512 

CONDIMENT '95 1995 Media Natcon October 14 Melbourne Town Hall (Anyone got
an address for this?)

MUDCON November 18-19 Winery tour/Convention. Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road 
Faulconbridge NSW 2776

MUTAGEN 96 January 26-29 1996, Dr Who GsoH  Peter Davison (O.C.P.)  
Chris Barrie (O.C.P.)  Paul Cornell. Att $90-00. GPO Box 910G 
Melbourne 3001. (03) 534-2752

THE FESTIVAL OF THE IMAGINATION '96 ( Confusion 96/Swancon 21) Lit/Media 
NatCon Easter 1996. Kings Hotel  Perth.  GoH Bruce Sterling. 
Membership $50 till the middle of May, supporting $20. 
GPO Box G429, Perth, 6001 Ph:(09) 434 4167. 

CONSTELLATION NZ Natcon: Queen's Birthday Weekend 1996 The Christchurch 
City Travelodge, NZ GsoH Michael Moorcock, James Dignan $50.00 during 
1994/5 P.O. Box 29-119, Fendalton, Christchurch NZ. 
Email: c.

MEDTREK V  Australia Day Weekend 1997 UWS Hawkesbury Richmond NSW  Susan 
Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting


FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY April 21 7pm Science fiction in science 
fiction(fans in sf, etc).  Room 1614, Tower Building, University of 
Technology, 17 Broadway, Sydney. Contact Ron Clarke (02) 489-5826

THE WINTER BALL July 29 Elim House, Shaftesbury St Burwood (NSW). $50. 
All bookings by July 20th to Susan Clark, 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge 
NSW 2776. Proceeds to the Linda Cox Chan Fund for Diabetes Research.

SYDNEY DR WHO FAN CLUB 4th Sunday of month Sefton District Girl Guides 
Hall. P.O. Box 381, Chester Hill, 2162 (02) 727-4272

Ferguson Community Centre, 30 Caldwell St Merewether P.O.  Box 140, 
Kotara Fair 2289, ph (049) 57 5109  (049) 43 2666
BABYLON 5 OZ FAN CLUB PO Box 161 Adamstown  NSW  2289

AUSTRALIAN DR WHO CLUB PO Box 4 Epping NSW 2121 email:  $9 per year Fanzine Data Extract

GARGOYLE CLUB First Friday of month 7.00pm, Royal Exhibition Hotel Surrey 


MSFC April 21 Fantasy Board Games; April 28 Post-Force-One Convention 
Quiz;  7-30pm St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick 
P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

ENTERPRISE Star Trek A.G.M. April 22 1pm Horticultural Society Hall, 
Victoria St Melbourne P.O. Box 466 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005 

NOVA MOB May 3 Alan Stewart's Place Marc Ortlieb on Colin Kapp. Phone Alan 
Stewart for details (03) 429 8354

AUSTREK May 7 10am Village Cinema Airport West. Screening of The Puppet 
Masters.  Bookings to Austrek GPO Box 5206AA Melbourne 3001 (03) 887 1701

STAR TREK MARATHONS April 22nd  6:30pm State Film Centre 1 Macarthur St 
East Melbourne (03) 758 1807

BRISBANE DR WHO CLUB April 16 P.O. Box 10308 Adelaide St Brisbane 4000

WARP SPEED April  29(Gold Coast) GPO Box 2004 Brisbane 4001 (07) 356 5472

CONQUEST 95 May 7 GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512   

QUEST Star Trek May 14 12noon - 4.00pm Yungaba Community Centre, 
100 Mains Rd Kangaroo Point (07) 356 5472


CRITICAL MASS May 3 8pm SA Writers' Centre, Second Floor, 187 Rundle 
Street, Adelaide.  6:30  Five Spices Restaurant

AUSFA, c/- Clubs Association, University of Adelaide, North Terrace, 
Adelaide SA 5001.

UNISFA - University of Western Australia Science Fiction Association.
See Web page or e-mail  ( Simon Oxwel for 
more details.

THE WEST LODGE  Doctor Who Fan Club. First Saturday of the month at the 
Collins Street Centre, South Perth. Entry Fee $1.50members, 
$3.00 non-members.  Snail-Mail : P.O. Box 190 Mt Lawley 6050 
E-Mail :


No current information


THE MENTOR #87  Ron Clarke P.O. Box K940, Haymarket, N.S.W. 2000 $20/4 or 
the usual. (This one is worth it for the photo of Kevin Dillon from the 
early sixties) 

THE CAPTAIN'S LOG #213  Katharine Shade for Austrek GPO Box 5206AA 
Melbourne 3001


ECHO BASE HOTH (03) 563-1323. PSIBAUD, (03) 804 3205, free single line 
stand-alone sf and education BBS  THE CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS Star Trek 
(03) 723 8344.  Ausom's First Class BBS SF conference called 
Sci Fi (03) 543 3411


UNISFA /unisfa/




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Warp Speed,  Justin Ackroyd,  Joyce Scrivner, Sally Beasley, Susan Clarke, 
Captain's Log


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