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This year's DUFF winners, Pat and Roger Sims, have released a brief
introduction, including their trip itinerary. June 2-5 Melbourne;  June
6-8 Adelaide; June 9-13 Hobart (Thylacon); June 13-14 Sydney; June 15-16
Wellington; June 17 Auckland. 


Leah  Smith, one of Australia in '99's  U.S.agents, reports that she has
sold her fourth story, "Hemingway, Remarks Are Not Literature," to
Wildside Press's forthcoming Alternate Skiffy  anthology. 


Best Fanzine:  		Time/Space Visualiser  Paul Scoones. 
Best Other Publication:	The Best of TSV 21-26. 
Best Writer: 		Peter Friend &  Li Cross "Vain" (Interzone) 
Best Artist: 		Warwick Gray 
Special Achievement:  	The Continuum Con Committee

Basicon, the 1995 Media NatCon, has released its first flier (attached).
Thylacon, the 1995 Lit NatCon has released another progress report, with
details on their guests, hotels, a program skeleton, masquerade, the
Magic Tournament and a membership list reaching into the fifties.


THYLACON 1995 Lit NatCon,June 9-12, Hadley's Hotel, Hobart. GsoH Kim
Stanley Robinson, Peter Nicholls and Grant Stone.$75-00. Sup $20-00.
Voting $5-00. P.O. Box 418, Sandy Bay, Tas 7005 (002) 313-779 e-mail 

ARCON AUSSIECON REUNION CONVENTION- celebrating twenty years of
Australian Science Fiction. September 22-24  GsoH Robin Johnson & David
Grigg Savoy Plaza Hotel Melbourne. P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill, Vic 3131 Att
$50-00. Att Ages 12-18yrs $30. Supp $20.
CONTINUUM (Conquest 95) October 13-15 GsoH Jerry Hardin O.C.P. & Richard
Arnold. Gateway Hotel, Brisbane  GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512
Att $85 until August

BASICON 1995 Media Natcon October 14  venue tba  $20 Att ($100 at the
door.) Hucksters $30. Banquet $7 P.O. Box 567 Blackburn 3130

TERROR 95 Horror Convention. October 27-29 Caulfield Arts Complex
Victoria. GsoH  Richard Harland, Michael Helms & Big Bad Ralph. $40 to
1/6/95; $45 to 25/10/95; $50 at the door. Hucksters $75. P.O. Box 7545 St
Kilda Rd Melbourne 3004 (03) 9509 0766

MUDCON November 18-19 Winery tour/Convention. Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue
Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

MUTAGEN '96 January 26-29 1996, Dr Who GsoH  Peter Davison (O.C.P.)
Chris Barrie (O.C.P.)  Paul Cornell. Att $90-00. GPO Box 910G Melbourne
3001. (03) 534-2752 

THE FESTIVAL OF THE IMAGINATION '96 ( Confusion 96/Swancon 21) Lit/Media
NatCon April 4-8 1996. Kings Hotel  Perth.  GsoH Bruce Sterling, Neil
Gaiman & Robin Pen. Membership $50 until May 31; $60 from then until
September 30; Supp $20; Voting $10. GPO Box G429, Perth, 6001 Ph:(09) 434
4167. E-mail

CONSTELLATION NZ Natcon: Queens Birthday Weekend 1996 The Christchurch
City Travelodge, NZ GsoH Michael Moorcock, James Dignan $50.00 during
1994/5 P.O. Box 29-119, Fendalton, Christchurch NZ. Email:

MEDTREK V  Australia Day Weekend 1997 UWS Hawkesbury Richmond NSW  Susan
Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

CONSPIRACY  1997 18th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention
(bidding for the 15th Australasian SFMedia Con) March 28 to 31 1997.
Airport Hotel Wellington N.Z. GsoH tba. PO Box 10104, Wellington, New

AUSTRALIA IN '99 Bid for the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention.  $10
pre-supporting rate. P.O. Box 99 Bayswater 3153.

GoH = Guest of Honour 
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting 
tba= to be announced. 



KIM STANLEY ROBINSON June 15 6pm Galaxy Books

SYDNEY FUTURIANS June 16 7pm Room 1614, Tower Building, University of
Technology, Broadway, Sydney.

KIM STANLEY ROBINSON June 17 Powerhouse Museum $10. 12noon to 5pm. Other
speakers include Professor Malcolm Walter.

SOUTHERN SF GROUP  June 17 2pm Interplanetary settlement 15 Shade Place
Lugarno (02) 534-3595

TERRY DOWLING  June 22 6pm Galaxy Books. Reading from An Intimate
Knowledge of the Night.

THE WINTER BALL July 29 Elim House, Shaftesbury St Burwood (NSW). $50.
All bookings by July 20th to Susan Clark, 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge
NSW 2776. Proceeds to the Linda Cox Chan Fund for Diabetes Research.

SYDNEY DR WHO FAN CLUB 4th Sunday of  month Sefton District Girl Guides'
Hall. P.O. Box 381, Chester Hill, 2162 (02) 727-4272

Ferguson Community Centre, 30 Caldwell St Merewether P.O.  Box 140,
Kotara Fair 2289, ph (049) 57 5109  (049) 43 2666

BABYLON 5 OZ FAN CLUB PO Box 161 Adamstown  NSW  2289 Penrith SF Group
(047) 322-179 or (047) 301-073


DR WHO FAN CLUB OF AUSTRALIA PO Box 4 Epping NSW 2121 email: $9 per year

GARGOYLE CLUB First Friday of month 7.00pm, Royal Exhibition Hotel Surrey

THE THURSDAY NIGHT GROUP Informal eating and nattering.  5-7pm Thursday
Nights (Contact Galaxy Bookshop for details)

TAVERN Monthly booze-up for Doctor Who fans in Sydney. First Friday of
month,  6 pm. Museum Hotel (just behind the Australian Museum)


MSFC    7-30pm St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick May
26 Book readings. June 2 model car racing. June 9 Coffee, cake &
conversation. P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

ENTERPRISE May 27 1-4.30pm. Sydney Myer Music Bowl Ice Rink  P.O. Box 466
World Trade Centre  3005

TIME TREKKERS June 2  7.30pm Bendigo Community Support Centre 46
Sternberg Street Bendigo. P.O. Box 934 Bendigo 3550

STAR TREK MARATHONS June 3 6:30pm State Film Centre 1 Macarthur St East
Melbourne (03) 9758 1807

AUSTREK  June 4 12 noon Coppin Hall 313 Punt Rd Prahran. GPO Box 5206AA
Melbourne 3001 (03) 9887 1701

NOVA MOB June 7 Alan Stewart's Place. Phone Alan Stewart for details (03)
9429 8354

Dandenong Library. Ann McGann 63 Woodside Ave, Frankston, 3199.

KIM STANLEY ROBINSON June 14 12 noon Slow Glass Books Upstairs 305
Swanston Street Melbourne

GALLIFREY June 17 GPO Box 910G Melbourne 3001

WINTER FETE July 8 9am—3pm MSFC St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd
West Brunswick. Tables $15. (03) 9877-1093

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB Friday Nights 6-7.30pm. Informal eating and nattering.
K&Ms, Myer Arcade Melbourne

GAMMA QUADRANT OUTPOST  A local chapter of the U.S. based Bajoran
Alliance, (Deep Space Nine)  P.O. Box 567 Blackburn 3130

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB  P.O. Box 41 West Brunswick 3055 Fanzine
Babbling On


WARP SPEED May 28 GPO Box 2004 Brisbane 4001 (07) 356 5472

CONQUEST 95 June 4 GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512

NEW HORIZONS June 4 British Sf  776 Cavendish Rd Holland Park 4121 (07)
349 2229

QUEST Star Trek June 11 12noon - 4.00pm Yungaba Community Centre, 100
Mains Rd Kangaroo Point (07) 356 5472

BRISBANE DR WHO CLUB June 18 P.O. Box 10308 Adelaide St Brisbane 4000 


CRITICAL MASS June 7 8pm John Foyster on 'June 1953'. SA Writers' Centre,
Second Floor, 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide.  6:30  Five Spices Restaurant

THE 'NOCK June 14  6:30pm The Brechnock Hotel, King William St, Adelaide.

AUSFA, c/- Clubs Association, University of Adelaide, North Terrace,
Adelaide SA 5001.


UNISFA - University of Western Australia Science Fiction Association.See
Web page or e-mail  (

THE WEST LODGE  DOCTOR WHO FAN CLUB. First Saturday of the month at the
Collins Street Centre, South Perth. Snail-Mail : P.O. Box 190 Mt Lawley
6050 E-Mail :


CANBERRA SFS June 1  7:30pm, general meeting  ph (06) 288 6391 (ah) PO
Box 47, Civic Square ACT 2608 


THE CAPTAIN'S LOG #214  Star Trek Katharine Shade for Austrek
GPO Box 5206AA Melbourne 3001

SYDNEY FUTURIAN  #6  Newszine Ron Clarke PO Box K490  Haymarket 2000

SO YOU SAY  #11  Perzine/Genzine Shayne McCormack 49 Orchard Rd Bass Hill


ECHO BASE HOTH (03) 9563-1323. 
PSIBAUD, (03) 9804 3205, free single line stand-alone sf and education BBS  
THE CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS Star Trek (03) 9723 8344.  
AUSOM's First Class BBS SF conference called Sci Fi (03) 9543 3411 

UNISFA /unisfa/ 





1995 Ditmar Votes		June 10 1995 
1995 ASFMA Nominations		July 14 1995 
1996 FFANZ Nominations		August 11 1995 
1996 FFANZ Voting 		December 8  1995 
1996 Ditmar Nominations		January 31 1996
1996 ASFMA Nominations		January 31 1996 


Greg Egan is not really trying to corner the young adult market.
The title of his novel is Quarantine,  not "Quaranteen "  as typoed in
The BS #32.  and it was the British  SFA Awards, not  "Britist".
(Corrections courtesy of the K&M's "after it's been run off" proof
reading service. Thanks fellas.)


Warp Speed,  Captain's Log, Sydney Futurian  Tim Jones, Roman
Orszanski, John Foyster


Tuesday June 6th.  Distribution Friday June 9th.

                           FFANZ  1995/1996

Tim Jones NZ FFANZ Administrator Dept of Library and Information Studies
Victoria University of Wellington PO Box 600, Wellington email:

	The Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand is looking for candidates to
travel to Perth at Easter 1996 (5-8 April) and represent New Zealand fandom at
Swancon 21/Confusion 96, the 1996 Australian Literary and Media Natcon.  The
Guests of Honour at this convention are Bruce Sterling (co-author with William
Gibson of The Difference Engine, author of The Hacker Crackdown and Heavy
Weather), Neil Gaiman (famous comics dude and co-author with Terry Pratchett
of Good Omens), and Robin Pen (Perth fan, who as far as I know isn't the
co-author of anything with anyone).  The Con is being held at the Kings Hotel,


	To be eligible, you must be an active fan resident in New Zealand.
Candidates need one nominator from New Zealand and one from Australia.  You
must provide a written candidate's platform of not more than 100 words
describing yourself and your virtues as a candidate, together with a
non-refundable deposit of $10.  Candidates must promise, barring acts of God,
to attend Swancon 21, to administer the fund in New Zealand until such time as
a successor is chosen (normally, a period of approximately two years), and to
complete, publish, and sell a Trip Report detailing their trip to raise funds
for FFANZ.  Although the FFANZ winner is not required to do more than attend
Swancon 21, it is customary to spend two to three weeks in the destination
country, travelling and meeting fans.  Joint candidacies are possible - in
this case, the joint platform should not exceed 100 words.


	Funds permitting, the winning candidate will receive their fare to and
from Perth from the New Zealand fund, and travelling expenses within Australia
from the Australian fund.  Their Swancon 21 membership and hotel accommodation
will also be paid for.  In the case of a joint candidacy winning, the fund
will undertake to pay one return airfare to Perth, and will contribute towards
the other if funds permit.


	Nominations will close on 	Friday August 11 1995
	Voting will close on 		Friday 8 December 1995

Send nominations, with name of the candidate, names of nominators, candidate's
platforms and $10 deposit to:  Tim Jones, 87 Ellice St, Wellington 6001.


	At about the midway point of my term as New Zealand FFANZ
Administrator, the fund is in good shape to send the next New Zealand FFANZ
winner on their way to Swancon 21, the 1996 Australian National Convention in
Perth at Easter.  After Donna Heenan's FFANZ visit, we have approximately
$1150 in the New Zealand FFANZ account, which on present prices is enough to
fly one New Zealander to Perth and back.  A stopover in Sydney or Melbourne
can currently be added for only another $50.


	Donna Heenan's trip as 1995 FFANZ winner seems to have been highly
successful, with a number of people who met her remarking how much they
enjoyed her company.  Donna and her travelling companion Neil Murray began
their trip at Conquest in Auckland, where Donna was on several panels and also
spoke on Australian fandom at the "Australia in 1999" Worldcon bid.  They then
visited Dunedin, where they  were the guests of Pauline Meinung and Rex
Thompson;  Christchurch, where they stayed with Murray and Natalie MacLachlan;
Wellington, with Kay and I;  and Norsewood, to visit Lyn McConchie, before
flying out again from Auckland.  In each centre, their hosts made sure they
met local fans;  here in Wellington, we had a gathering of about 15 people
which began in our (full to overflowing) living-room and moved down the road
to Strawberry Fare dessert restaurant.  I enjoyed Donna and Neil's company,
and I hope to see them again if Australia wins the 1999 Worldcon.


	AUSTRALIAN CRAWL,  the report on Tim Jones' and Kay Gubbins' trip to
Constantinople in Melbourne last Easter and subsequent travels in Victoria and
N.S.W., is now available.  For a donation of $5 to FFANZ, you get a 32-page
report featuring everything from ferrets to philosophy, from William Gibson to
pit bull terriers.  Written by Tim Jones, with guest appearances by Kay
Gubbins, the report is available from 87 Ellice St, Wellington 6001.  Get your
copy now!


	Here's a summary of the New Zealand FFANZ account's incomings and
outgoings since I took over the account in November last year:

Opening balance (24/11/94)	472.22


FFANZ Auction - 1994 			588.00 
FFANZ Auction - 1995, plus sales	675.20 
LynMcConchie - FFANZ afternoons		203.94 
Cost reimbursement from Neil Murray	125.00 
Voting fees                          	31.00 
Interest				14.88
Total:					1638.02


Costs of 1995 FFANZ winner's trip		844.70     (1) 
Printing of 50 x trip report			115.30 
Repayment of sales to WICG (Dunedin)		15.00
Total:						975.00

Excess of Income over Expenditure 	663.02

Current balance (16/5/95):		1135.24

(1) This was made up of accommodation 370, tolls 14.70, expenses + travel 460.

Australian Administrator Donna Heenan P.O. Box  99 Bayswater  3153

		Basicon First Flyer - May 1995



*What's Happened To The Media NatCon?

Well, basically, since Condiment won the right to hold the 1995 Media
NatCon,  not a lot  has  happened,  due  to  various organisational
problems. But now, with permission from the original  committee, the NatCon
has  a whole new look. It's under new management, it's got a new team of
helpers, it's on a completely different theme, in a new location.  And we've
changed the name,  too.  Basicon. Sure it's not quite the convention you
voted for, but it's better than nothing.

*Why Basicon? 
Well, basically, we had the idea for this before we had the idea of taking
over the NatCon. For far  too  long, conventions  have been  trying  to get
bigger, better  and more  spectacular, with  elaborate banquets,   expensive
guests, pricey   hotels   and exorbitant entrance  fees.  It's  time we got
back to basics. It's time we had reasonably priced convention where  fans
can gather together  and  just  enjoy themselves without the need to be
entertained by some spectacular  extravaganza.  No overseas  guests.  No
ostentatious light-and-sound shows. No long autograph queues. No rip-offs.
No hassles with hotel managers. A one-day  convention  in  a hall.  Just  a
fun  time, basically. 

*Where And When
Is It? Good question. The location is, as yet, unconfirmed. We've got a
number of places in mind. We're looking for a hall or similar,  centrally
located, reasonably  priced,  near public  transport. We're open to
suggestions. As for the date,  Condiment always said it was going to be on
Saturday the 14th of October 1995, so we're going to try to get it as close
to  that  as  possible.  We'll  let you  know  when developments occur.

*What Are You Going To Do? 
All sorts of stuff. Because it's  the NatCon,  we're  obliged to run  the
Business Meeting,  complete  with  legal  wrangling  and  site selection of
the  1997 Media NatCon.  Also,  we'll be handing  out  the  ASFMA  awards.
Other  than that,  a variety  of  interesting  and  entertaining  panels
and items are planned.  The con will only have one basic programme stream.
There will be hucksters. There will be an auction. There will be probably be
soup and bread rolls provided free for lunch. There will be a pizza banquet
at night for an extra $7.

*Who's Behind This Dastardly Scheme? 
Basicon does not have a committee, per se. We do, however, have a small,
enthusiastic bunch of volunteers with over a century of convention
experience between them. Salt of the Earth, they are, each and every one.
Upon hearing that Basicon was going ahead, they all selflessly stepped
forward to offer their valuable time and expertise in order to ensure that
you,   the  con-going  public, have  an enjoyable  convention.  They   will
each be  allotted various  jobs  to perform  before  and/or  during  the
convention. These  hero  volunteers  include Samantha Dare,  Paul  Ewins,
Ian Gunn,  George Ivanoff,  Paul Poulton, Wendy Purcell, Carol Tilley, Glen
Tilley, Jane Tisell, Kerri  Valkova  and  Christine Young.  Karen
Pender-Gunn  is Panicker-In-Chief. If  You  want  to volunteer to help,
you'll be most welcome.

*Who Gets The Money?
We're (keeping every cent) going to give any profit to worthy causes. We
haven't finalised the details yet, but it looks like the money will be going
to a combination of the various Fan Funds and one of the local foodbank

*What's It Going To Cost? 

Not a lot. We're deliberately trying to keep the price down.  The following
prices might possibly be subject to change, depending on venue charges, but
we rather doubt it...
	Full Membership (if paid in advance)         $20
     	Full Membership (if paid at the door)       $100
     	Huckster's Table (includes 1 membership)     $30
     	Pizza Banquet Smorgasbord Pig-Out Frenzy .   $7

*Why Is Your Pay-At-The-Door Price Five Times As Much As Your Pay-In-Advance
Price? Basically because we want you to pay in advance,  stupid.  That's how
cons run. They need most of the money up front to book the venue and pay
other expenses.  It's  the same when you buy tickets to a concert. All too
often lately, cons have been cancelled because people haven't been paying in
advance. Also,  we need to know how many people want lunch.  So we're
training you to pay in advance. We really doubt that anyone will be dumb
enough to wait to pay at  the door,  so, basically,  you either pay in
advance or you miss out on a pretty good convention.

*Our Dealing With Dickheads Policy. 
We're running this convention.  If you don't like the way we're running this
convention then shut up, go away and let the rest of us enjoy it. Or go and
run your own. If you want to help, want to offer constructive advice or any
form of assistance, then you will be welcomed with open arms. If you are
self-important enough to believe you have the god-given right to inspect our
financial records, we're quite happy to let you come round and see them at
the first convenient time, provided you are a fully paid-up member of our
convention.  The donation of a small  Financial  Records  Inspection  Fee
will apply. Basically, if you act like a dickhead, we'll treat you with the
respect you deserve. 

*What If I Want To Run The Media NatCon In 1997? 
We'd love you  to.  You need  to  let us  know as  soon  as possible.  Right
now  would  be  good.  If you  intend running a con in 1997, and have not
yet announced your guests of honour, you can make a presentation at our
business meeting. The members of Basicon will put it to the vote, and away
you go! Bids will be accepted up to one week  before  Basicon.  Contact  us
for  further details. 

*So What Do I Do Now?
Join up by filling in the form overleaf. Volunteer to help. Reproduce this
flyer and pass  it  around.  Tell  your  friends.  Advertise  it wherever
you can. Watch the skies. Stay calm. Listen for further announcements.

P.O.Box 567, Blackburn, Vic, 3130               

             Your Basic All-Purpose Form.

I want to join Basicon and pay membership(s)			(   ) 
in advance at $20 each.

I want to hire Huckster's Table(s) at $30 each			(   ) 
(including one membership)

I want to pay for meals at the Pizza Banquet Smorgasbord	(   ) 
Pig-Out Frenzy at $7 each.

Total cheque enclosed (made payable to Basicon, of course.) 

TOTAL:								(   )

None of the above, just yet, thank you, but I want to be on your 
mailing list to be kept appraised of future developments.

I would like to volunteer to help with Basicon in the following areas...

Panels   	(   )  	Auction  	(   )   Pre-con stuff	(   )
Catering 	(   )	Publicity	(   )	Registration 	(   ) 
Security 	(   )   Displays 	(   )   Setting Up 	(   )
Gopher   	(   )	Whatever 	(   )   Sweeping Up 	(   )

Of course, I enclose a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope because that's 
just the sort of nice, generous person I am.

My Name: 

My Address:

My Phone Number:           

My e-Mail

		Getting Conventions Back To Basics...