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Guff-winner Ian Gunn sends a poctsarcd from London on which he name-drops
so heavily it's a wonder the card didn't get charged excess postage. He
notes the party at which Joseph Nicholas "managed to stay vertical, or at
least sitting propped up on a chair and unconscious - someone put a sign
on him which read 'I died in the war for people like you. Please give
generously.'" Ian also notes that there is support for the A in '99 bid
but that the Brits would like to hear more about it.

The nominees for the 1995 Australian Science Fiction Media Awards, to be
presented at BasiCon, have been announced.

Chris Balliss, Paul Ewins, Ian Gunn, Karen Pender-Gunn
Ian Gunn, Tracy Hamilton, Darren Reid, Catherine Scholz, Steve Scholz,
Kerri Valkova
Coztume (Gail Adams), Ethel the Aardvark  (Paul Ewins), Pink  (Karen
Pender-Gunn), Severed Head  (B.J. Stevens), The Communicator  (Derek
Screen), Thyme  (Alan Stewart)
Bobby & Mike #1  (Peter & Jimmy Reilly), Spock (Katharine Shade), Strange
Matter (Sian O'Neale), The Mentor (Ron Clarke)
Constantinople Closing Ceremony  (Performance) George Ivanoff & Ian Gunn,
Constantinople Masquerade Video  (Video Compilation) Carol Tilley,
Constantinople Opening Ceremony  (Video/Performance) by George Ivanoff &
Ian Gunn, Constantinople Party Animation (Computer Animation) by Kerri

Trek Fandom got a lengthy mention in the ABC's Compass on Sunday 21st
August. It seemed to emphasise the fanatic devotion to the Star Trek™
philosophy, rather than looking at it as people enjoying a television
show. The group that got the most attention were a role playing group who
act out their own Trek™ adventures. Meanwhile, on Hey Hey It's Saturday
(26/8/95), Marina Sirtis, one of the actors from ST:TNG™ ,  seemed to
enjoy herself judging Red Faces, their talent quest, and got in a plug
for Starfest.

The Lucy Sussex/Judith Buckrich anthology She's Fantastical  was launched
at Budinski's Theatre of Exile in Carlton on August 27th. Julian Warner
reported that the launch went well. Starfest also got a writeup in The
Sunday Age  27/8/95. The article mentioned Paramount's video ban, quoted
members of Austrek and Enterprise and mentioned the prices people paid
for merchandise. The most recent issue of Bloodsongs contains no
Australian fiction. Aurealis #13,  on the other hand, features stories by
Michael Pryor, John T. Stolarczyk, Tracey Rolfe, Aidan Doyle and co-Guff
winner Ian Gunn. (Ian did a writing course run by Aurealis editor Dirk
Strasser as part of his campaign to win every Ditmar in 1996.)

(Intersection, the 1995 Worldcon)
Courtesy of Thyme  and Alan Stewart come the information that Baltimore
has won the right to host the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention.
Their guest as C.J. Cherryh, Milton Rothman, Stanley Schmitz and Michael
Whelan, with toastmaster Charles Sheffield.
Hugos went to Mirrordanse  Bujold; "Seven views of Olduvai" Resnick;
"Martian Child" Gerrold; "None So Blind" Joe Haldeman; Gardner Dozois;
Jim Burns; Brian Froud & Terry Jones; All Good Things  ST:TNG; Interzone;
Ansible;  Dave Langford; Teddy Harvia I, Asimov.   The Campbell went to
Jeff Noon. On a sadder note, Richard Hryckiewicz reports the news that
John Brunner suffered a stroke and died at the convention, on August

Basicon, the 1995 Media NatCon,  has released its progress report, which
includes the ASFMA voting form. In a rather bizarre move, it has set the
voting fee at $21, $1 higher than the attending fee. Please note the
change in phone numbers for The Festival of the Imagination.  Continuum
has released it's progress report Conscript,  which seems on the verge of
becoming a fanzine.

Mini-Convention September 9-10 Trek Australis Ashfield Catholic Club, 7
Charlotte St Ashfield
Arcon Aussiecon Reunion Convention- celebrating twenty years of
Australian Science Fiction. September 22-24  GsoH Robin Johnson & David
Grigg Savoy Plaza Hotel Melbourne. P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill, Vic 3131 Att
$50-00. ($75 at the door) Att Ages 12-18yrs $30. Supp $20. 
Continuum (Conquest 95) October 13-15 GsoH Jerry Hardin O.C.P. & Richard
Arnold. Gateway Hotel, Brisbane  GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512
Att $85 until August Banquet $40
BasiCon 1995 Media Natcon October 21  Melbourne University Student Union
Building.  $20 Att ($100 at the door.) Hucksters $30. Banquet $7 P.O. Box
567 Blackburn 3130
Terror 95 Horror Convention. October 27-29 Caulfield Arts Complex
Victoria. GsoH  Richard Harland, Michael Helms & Big Bad Ralph. $40 to
1/6/95; $45 to 25/10/95; $50 at the door. Hucksters $75. P.O. Box 7545 St
Kilda Rd Melbourne 3004 (03) 9509 0766
Mudcon November 18-19 Winery tour/Convention. Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue
Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776
Mutagen '96 January 26-29 1996, Dr Who GoH   Paul Cornell. Att $90-00.
GPO Box 910G Melbourne 3001. (03) 534-2752
The Festival of the Imagination '96 ( Confusion 96/Swancon 21) Lit/Media
NatCon April 4-8 1996. Kings Hotel  Perth.  GsoH Bruce Sterling, Neil
Gaiman & Robin Pen. Membership $60 until September 30; Supp $20; Voting
$10. GPO Box G429, Perth, 6001 Ph:(09) 361 8210 or (09) 381 7534. E-mail
Constellation NZ Natcon: Queens Birthday Weekend 1996 The Christchurch
City Travelodge, NZ GsoH Michael Moorcock, Peter Jackson, James Dignan
$50.00 during 1994/5 P.O. Box 29-119, Fendalton, Christchurch NZ. Email:
Medtrek V  Australia Day Weekend 1997 UWS Hawkesbury Richmond NSW  Susan
Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776
Conspiracy  1997 18th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention
(bidding for the 15th Australasian SF Media Con) March 28 to 31 1997.
Airport Hotel Wellington N.Z. GsoH tba. PO Box 10104, Wellington, New
Australia in '99 Bid for the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention.  $10
pre-supporting rate. P.O. Box 99 Bayswater 3153.

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced.


Sydney Dr Who Fan Club  September 23  Anglican Church Hall, 2  Rochford
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Newcastle Doctor Who Science Fiction Club 3rd Sunday of the month, Alice
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Penrith SF Group (047) 322-179 or (047) 301-073
Australian SF Association  GPO Box 4440 Sydney 2000
Dr Who Fan Club of Australia PO Box 4 Epping NSW 2121 email:  $9 per year 
Gargoyle Club First Friday of month 7.00pm, Royal Exhibition Hotel Surrey
The Thursday Night Group Informal eating and nattering.  5-7pm Thursday
Nights. Ali Baba Café on George St.  (Contact Graham Batho (02) 807-2573
for details)
Tavern Monthly booze-up for Doctor Who fans in Sydney. First Friday of
month,  6 pm. Museum Hotel (just behind the Australian Museum)

MSFC    September 1st Australia in '99 Bidding Party. 7-30pm September
15th Tea & Tidbits St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick
Friday nights. P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005
Time-Trekkers September 1 Bendigo Cinemas. Apollo 13  launch. $8  P.O.
Box 934 Bendigo 3550
Star Trek™  Marathons September 2 6:30pm State Film Centre 1 Macarthur St
East Melbourne (03) 9758 1807
Austrek September 3  2pm Coppin Hall 313 Punt Road Prahran. GPO Box
5206AA Melbourne Vic 3001
Nova Mob September 6   Ali Kayn Alan Stewart's Place. Phone Alan Stewart
for details (03) 9429 8354
Gallifrey September 16  12 noon.  Indoor rock climbing. Vic Ranges
Flemington. (ph) 0411 180 717. GPO Box 910G Melbourne 3001
Dandenong Valley Science Fiction & Futurist Society September 19, 8pm
Dandenong Library. Ann McGann 63 Woodside Ave, Frankston, 3199.
Enterprise September 23 10am Car Rally Moreland Park Brunswick P.O. Box
466 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005 (03) 583 7404
A Night at the Opera September 23 6.30 pm 5th Annual S.F. Ball. Royal
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The Field Journal.
Doctor Who Club of Victoria  GPO Box 4782UU Melbourne VIC 3001. $12 per
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New Horizons September 3 British Sf  776 Cavendish Rd Holland Park 4121
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Conquest 95 September 3 GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512
Quest Star Trek™  September 10 12 noon - 4.00 pm Yungaba Community
Centre, 100 Mains Rd Kangaroo Point (07) 356 5472
Brisbane Dr Who Club September 17 P.O. Box 10308 Adelaide St Brisbane
Warp Speed (Brisbane)  October 29 GPO Box 2004 Brisbane 4001 (07) 356
11:21 (Qld X-Files Club) Contact Flat 2, 10 Roseglen St Greenslopes 4120

Critical Mass September 6 8pm SA Writers' Centre, Second Floor, 187
Rundle Street, Adelaide.  6:30  Five Spices Restaurant
The 'Nock September 13  6:30pm The Brechnock Hotel, King William St,
AUSFA, c/- Clubs Association, University of Adelaide, North Terrace,
Adelaide SA 5001.

UniSFA - University of Western Australia Science Fiction Association.See
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The West Lodge  Doctor Who Fan Club. First Saturday of the month at the
Collins Street Centre, South Perth. Snail-Mail : P.O. Box 190 Mt Lawley
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Canberra S FS  No current information ph (06) 288 6391 (ah) PO Box 47,
Civic Square ACT 2608

Ethel the Aardvark #62  Paul Ewins for the MSFC P.O. Box 212 World Trade
Centre Melbourne 3005 
The Captain's Log 217  Katharine Shade for Austrek GPO Box 5206AA
Melbourne Vic 3001. 
Conscript,  Kathy Cornish for Conquest GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001

Echo Base Hoth (03) 9563-1323.  The Captain's Quarters Star Trek™  (03)
9723 8344.  Ausom's First Class BBS SF conference called Sci Fi (03)

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Babylon 5 OZ Fan Club
David Grigg
Doctor Who Club of Victoria
Dr Who Fan Club of Australia 
Festival of the Imagination 1996 (under construction)
Ibn Qirtaiba 
Eric Lindsay 
Kate Orman Kate Orman
Perry Middlemiss

1996 DUFF Nominations	October 31 1995
1996 FFANZ Voting	December 8  1995
1996 Ditmar Nominations	January 31 1996
1996 ASFMA Nominations	January 31 1996
1996 DUFF Voting	April 21 1996

Warp Speed, Lucy Sussex, Ian Gunn, Simon Oxwell, Kate Orman, Sue Ann
Barber, Tim Jones, Conscript. Julian Warner, Richard Hryckiewicz, Alan

Tim Jones, among others. enlightened me about Peter Jackson. "Marc! I'm
shocked! Not knowing who Peter Jackson is! He is the Wellington-based
director of Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Brain Dead, and most recently,
Heavenly Creatures. Does this help?" It helps a little. I've heard of
Meet the Feebles, but I haven't seen any of the films.

Deadline For #40
Tuesday September 12th.  
Distribution Friday September 15th. 


The Australasian Science Fiction Media Awards (ASFMAs) are voted on each
year at the National Media Science Fiction Convention  (This year, it's
BasiCon, in Melbourne) and are designed to honour fannish writers,
artists, editors and creators of audio-visual presentations whose work
appeared during the previous calendar year (1994).      Members of
BasiCon are eligible to vote. Voting is by optional preferential  ballot
(simply  number  your  choices  in  order  of preference, you do not have
to vote in all categories nor indicate a preference for all nominees
within a category).

Voting closes at 12:00 noon at the convention on Saturday 21st October

Postal votes must be received by the last mail on Friday 20th October, at
ASFMA, BasiCon, P.O.Box 567, Blackburn, 3130.

[ ]	Chris Ballis			[ ] 	Ian Gunn
[ ]	Paul Ewins			[ ]	Tracy Hamilton
[ ]   	Ian Gunn			[ ]	Darren Reid
[ ]	Karen Pender-Gunn		[ ]	Catherine Scholz
[ ]  	No Award			[ ]	 Steve Scholz
[ ]	Unable To Vote In This Category	[ ]	Kerri Valkova
					[ ]	No Award
					[ ]	Unable To Vote In This 
[ ]	Coztume  (Edited by Gail Adams)
[ ]	Ethel The Aardvark  (Edited by Paul Ewins)
[ ]	Pink  (Edited by Karen Pender-Gunn)
[ ]	Severed Head  (Edited by B.J.Stevens)
[ ]	The Communicator  (Edited by Derek Screen)
[ ]	Thyme (Edited by Alan Stewart)
[ ]	No Award
[ ]	Unable To Vote In This Category

[ ]	Bobby & Mike #1   (Edited by Peter & Jimmy Reilly)
[ ]	Spock  (Edited by Katherine Shade)
[ ]	Strange Matter  (Edited by Sian O'Neale)
[ ]	The Mentor  (Edited by Ron Clarke)
[ ]	No Award
[ ]	Unable To Vote In This Category

[ ]	Constantinople Closing Ceremony (Performance) by George Ivanoff &
	Ian Gunn
[ ]	Constantinople Masquerade Video  (Video Compilation) by Carol
[ ]	Constantinople Opening Ceremony  (Video/Performance) by George
	Ivanoff & Ian Gunn
[ ]	Constantinople Party Animation  (Computer Animation) by Kerri
[ ]	No Award
[ ]	Unable To Vote In This Category



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