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DUFF 1996

The 1996 DUFF ballot is now out. Candidates Stephen Dedman, Danny Heap
and Perry Middlemiss are vying for the right to represent Australian
Fandom at LACon, the 1996 WorldCon. Note the changed deadline 15 April
1996. (Alan Stewart warns there might be a minor change to the ballot


One-time Norstrilia Press honcho Rob Gerrand has been seen on the ABC
news in connection with the ANZ Bank.


MUDCON November 18-19 Winery tour/Convention. Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue
Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

MULTIVERSE I November 25  9-00am to 6-00pm Melbourne Uni Student Union
$15 P.O. Box 1044, Bundoora 3083

THE FESTIVAL OF THE IMAGINATION '96. Lit/Media NatCon April 4-8. Kings
Hotel Perth. GsoH Neil Gaiman & Robin Pen. GPO Box G429, Perth, 6001
Ph:(09) 361 8210 or (09) 381 7534. E-mail

THE REUNION #4  April 20-22  Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road
Faulconbridge NSW 2776

PARLIAMENT OF DREAMS May 3-5 (Babylon 5) GoH Jerry Doyle
(Garibaldi)(O.C.P) Radisson Hotel, North Quay, Brisbane Att (until 1
December) $95 (full) / $75 (concession) (07) 3266-4040 or (07)
3375-1775 PO Box 492, Corinda, QLD 4075

CONSTELLATION NZ Natcon: Queens Birthday Weekend 1996 The Christchurch
City Travelodge, NZ GsoH Michael Moorcock, Peter Jackson, James Dignan
$50.00 during 1994/5 P.O. Box 29-119, Fendalton, Christchurch NZ.
Email: c.

MEDTREK V  Australia Day Weekend 1997 UWS Hawkesbury Richmond NSW  $40
Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

BASICON 2 1997 Media NatCon Melbourne Uni Student Union $20. Date and
other details tba. P.O. Box 567 Blackburn 3130

CONSPIRACY  1997 18th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention
March 28 to 31 1997. Airport Hotel Wellington N.Z. GsoH tba. PO Box
10104, Wellington, New Zealand.Email:

AUSTRALIA IN '99 Bid for the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention.
$10 pre-supporting rate. P.O. Box 99 Bayswater 3153.

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced.



MEDTREK CHRISTMAS PARTY December 9 7.00pm  Golden Rickshaw Restaurant
Homebush Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

VALENTINE'S BALL February 17 1996 7.00pm Elim House Burwood NSW Susan
Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

THE WINTER BALL August 31 1996 7.00pm Elim House Burwood NSW Susan
Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

Alice Ferguson Community Centre, 30 Caldwell St Merewether P.O.  Box
140, Kotara Fair 2289, ph (049) 543 603  (049) 43 2666 e-mail

BABYLON 5 OZ FAN CLUB PO Box 161 Adamstown  NSW  2289. Fanzines The
Babble-on Babylon 5  and Gold Channel e-mail

PENRITH SF GROUP (047) 322-179 or (047) 301-073


DR WHO FAN CLUB OF AUSTRALIA PO Box 4 Epping NSW 2121 email:  $9 per year

GARGOYLE CLUB First Friday of month 7.00pm, Royal Exhibition Hotel
Surrey Hills

THE THURSDAY NIGHT GROUP Informal eating and nattering.  5-7pm
Thursday Nights. Ali Baba Caf on George St.  (Contact Graham Batho
(02) 807-2573 for details)

TAVERN Monthly booze-up for Doctor Who fans in Sydney. First Friday of
month,  6 pm. Museum Hotel.

NEW PARRAMATTA SF DISCUSSION GROUP! Infinitas Bookshop, 5/1 Horwood
Place, Parramatta. (02 633 5682)


MSFC  November 10  7.30pm AGM. St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd
West Brunswick P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

Dandenong Library. Ann McGann 63 Woodside Ave, Frankston, 3199.

STAR TREK MARATHONS December 2 6:30pm State Film Centre 1 Macarthur
StEast Melbourne (03) 9758 1807

NOVA MOB December 3  Christmas Yum Cha. Phone Alan Stewart for details
(03) 9429 8354

ENTERPRISE December 16 6.30pm to Midnight. Christmas Party St David's
Uniting Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick P.O. Box 466 World
Trade Centre Melbourne 3005 (03) 583 7404

TIME TREKKERS December 16 2-00pm Christmas Party  6 Melbury Court
Epsom P.O. Box 934 Bendigo 3550.

ST VALENTINE'S BALL February 10 7.00pm. Red Squadron P.O. Box 1230
Ballarat Mail Centre 3354

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB Friday Nights 6-7.30pm. Informal eating and
nattering. K&Ms, Myer Arcade Melbourne

GAMMA QUADRANT OUTPOST  A local chapter of the U.S. based Bajoran
Alliance, (Deep Space Nine)  P.O. Box 567 Blackburn 3130

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB  P.O. Box 41 West Brunswick 3055 Fanzine
Babbling On

THE X-FILES FAN CLUB OF AUSTRALIA P.O. Box 402, Niddrie 3042., Fanzine
The Field Journal.

DOCTOR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA  GPO Box 4782UU Melbourne VIC 3001. $12
per year. Fanzine Sonic Screwdriver. Meetings Second Saturday of the
month. email:

AUSTRALIAN HORROR SOCIETY  1st Thursday of the month, 7.30 pm back
room Maori Chieftan Hotel, Moray St Sth Melbourne. P.O. Box 7545 St
Kilda Rd Melb. 3004.

aus.sf MELBOURNE DINNER  There are plans for the annual aus.sf dinner
in late November or early December. If interested, contact Joan

GALLIFREY is no longer holding meetings

WARP SPEED (Gold Coast)  November 25 GPO Box 2004 Brisbane 4001 (07)
356 5472

WARP SPEED (Brisbane)  November 26 GPO Box 2004 Brisbane 4001 (07) 356

CONQUEST 95 December 3 GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512

QUEST Star Trek  November 12 12 noon - 4.00 pm Yungaba Community
Centre, 100 Mains Rd Kangaroo Point (07) 356 5472

NEW HORIZONS December 17 British Sf  776 Cavendish Rd Holland Park
4121 (07) 349 2229

11:21 (Qld X-Files Club) Contact Flat 2, 10 Roseglen St Greenslopes

AUSFA, c/- Clubs Association, University of Adelaide, North Terrace,
Adelaide SA 5001.

SASTREK  Star Trek 16 Fowler St Woodside 5244

UNISFA - University of Western Australia Science Fiction
Association.See Web page or e-mail  (

THE WEST LODGE  Doctor Who Fan Club. First Saturday of the month at
the Collins Street Centre, South Perth. Snail-Mail : P.O. Box 190 Mt
Lawley 6050 E-Mail :


CANBERRA S FS November 16 Madame Yip's Dickson ph (06) 288 6391 (ah)
PO Box 47, Civic Square ACT 2608


BUSSWARBLE #27   Michael Hailstone 14 Cecil Road Blackheath NSW  2785. 

REVIEW ZINE 39    Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776. 

PINKETTE #15a Karen Pender-Gunn P.O. Box 567 Blackburn 3130. 

FASTIDIOUSLY TRIMMED TOENAILS  #19  Judith Hanna & Joseph Nicholas 15
Jansons Rd, South Tottenham, London N15 4JU U.K. features material on
the Gunn/Pender-Gunn visit to the U.K. (Okay, it's not an Australian
fanzine, but Judith is an ex-patriate and its a damn good fanzine.)

ECHO BASE HOTH (03) 9563-1323.  
THE CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS Star Trek  (03) 9723 8344. 
AUSOM'S FIRST CLASS BBS SF conference called Sci Fi (03) 9545-5215. 



Kathryn Andersen

Australasian Fannish Email Directory

Babylon 5 OZ Fan Club

David Grigg

Doctor Who Club of Victoria

Dr Who Fan Club of Australia 

Festival of the Imagination 1996

Ibn Qirtaiba 

Eric Lindsay 

Kate Orman

Perry Middlemiss

Quantum Leap




1996 FFANZ Voting		December 8  1995
1996 Ditmar Nominations		January 31 1996
1996 ASFMA Nominations		January 31 1996
1996 DUFF Voting		15 April 1996


Warp Speed,  Alan Stewart, Kathryn Andersen,  Review Zine

The details for Refractions published in the BS 42 were incorrect. The
address should read Kathryn Andersen 5 Epsom Court, Donvale VIC 3111

Tuesday November 21th.  
Distribution Friday November 24th. 

                          AUSTRALIA in '99


Since 1972, the Down Under Fan Fund, a fan-supported fellowship, has
encouraged closer ties between science fiction fans in Australasia and
North America through an alternating annual exchange of
representatives. DUFF is supported by voluntary contributions from
fans all over the world. DUFF delegates attend Worldcon or a national
convention in the host country and visit fans they might otherwise
never meet in person. Delegates are responsible for raising funds and
administering DUFF until a new delegate from their continent is
elected, and are expected to publish trip reports which can be sold to
aid the fund.

DUFF exists solely on the donations and contributions of fans and fan
organisations. Please give generously. Anyone may contribute, and
donations in excess of the voting donation are gratefully accepted.
Cheques should be made payable to "DUFF" (in North America) or "Alan
Stewart" (in Australasia). Money should always be sent in the
administrator's home currency.

DUFF uses the preferential system of balloting to guarantee an
automatic runoff and a majority win. You rank the candidates in order
of preference (1, 2, 3...). If there is no absolute majority for one
candidate after the first count of votes, first-place votes for the
lowest-ranking candidate are dropped and the second-place votes on
those ballots are assigned to the candidates named. This goes on until
one candidate has a majority. It is therefore important to vote for
second, third, etc. places, especially if you choose to write in a
candidate. (You are not required to fill in more than your name,
address and first choice.) Ballots must be signed and accompanied by a
donation of at least $4 in United States currency or $6 in Australian
currency. You must return the entire ballot (both sides). You may vote
only once.

Voters' eligibility: 
Anyone who is active in fandom may vote. "Active in fandom" means
involved in fannish pursuits, such as fanzine writing or reading,
convention running or attending, amateur film/video production, or
club participation. Voting is limited to natural persons.

Three Australasian and two North American fans have stood as
nominators for each of the candidates. Each candidate has provided a
$20 bond, a brief written platform and a description of previous North
American travel, and promised (barring acts of God) to travel to LACon
III, the 54th World Science Fiction Convention, August 29 - September
2, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, as attending member #1776, and to
serve as administrator of the fund until a new Australasian delegate
is elected.

Ballots must be postmarked by 15 April 1996 and reach  an
administrator  by  22 April 1996.

                        DUFF 1996 -- VOTING BALLOT
Please print clearly and legibly. List in order of preference (1, 2,
3, etc.):

[    ] Stephen Dedman		[    ] Write-in___________________
[    ] Danny Heap		[    ] Hold Over Funds
[    ] Perry Middlemiss		[    ] No Preference

Name _____________________________	

Signature _____________________


City	State/Province Postal Code  Country

Phone				E-mail			
$ _______Donation (Your generosity is appreciated) 	

Voters must be natural persons who are active in fandom. If you think
you may be unknown to the administrators, please give the name of a
fan or a fan group  (other than a candidate or nominator) who can
vouch that you meet these criteria.


Reference Address______________________________________________________


Stephen Dedman
Writer, Gamer, Associate Editor of Eidolon, Actor, Ailurophile,
seasoned traveller (no MSG), Member SFWA and HWA. Active in fandom
since 1977; former Swancon secretary and programmer, fan writer,
editor of The Ravin' (nevermore!), panelist at two Worldcons and one
NASFIC, guest at Confusion 96 and Swancon 22. Former Sf bookshop
manager, experimental subject, and used dinosaur salesman. Not famous,
but was once mistaken for a waxwork of someone famous at Madame
Tussaud's. If I win, I'll try to visit the World Fantasy Convention,
lots of parties, scores of bookshops, and the occasional sushi bar. Be
seeing you!
Previous North American Travel: Visited US and Canada in 1987, 1990
(ConDiego), 1992 (Magicon) and 1994 (ConAdian).
Nominators: Wil McCarthy, Robert J Sawyer, Tara Smith, Nick
Stathopoulos, Grant Stone.

Danny Heap
G'day, I'm Danny Heap. Most of my life's been spent as an SF-loving
drover (cattleman) - while other drovers got drunk, I read P.K.D. I've
co-produced an award-winning fanzine, been involved with numerous
conventions, hoaxed people, kicked GoH's out of my room and been to
two WorldCons. I hope to get to L.A.Con III, meet people, appear on
panels (I've been asked to do "Sticky Moments" if I make it over),
have zany, road-movie style adventures around the continent,
demonstrate the further joys of Vegemite and have such a good time
that I'll get really depressed when it's time to leave.
Previous North American Travel: None
Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Stephen Boucher, Roy Ferguson, Janice
Murray, Dick & Leah Smith.

Perry Middlemiss
I became actively involved in fandom after attending Aussiecon in
1975. I've helped to run 4 conventions inthat time and have been a
member of several apas, though ANZAPA is the only one that currently
has to put up with me. I've produced a number of fanzines, with the
major ones being Spectre (1978-80), Larrikin (with Irwin Hirsh
1986-89), The Best of ANZAPA (1993- ) and The Wollongong Pig-
Breeders' Gazette (1992- ). I won a Ditmar for Best Australian Fan
Writer in 1988. Additional interests include maintaining the
Australasian Fannish Email Directory as well as a few other Australian
fannish WWW pages, the fannish history group Timebinders, and helping
Australia win the Worldcon in 1999. If I win I promise a fanzine in
every pot. A trip report ? No worries. Now, got any babies you want me
to kiss ?
Previous North American Travel: None.
Nominators: John D Berry, John Foyster, Irwin Hirsh, Marc Ortlieb,
Joyce Scrivner.

Send this entire ballot with US$4 or A$6 (or more) donation to an
administrator by 15 April 1996.

DUFF Administrators

Alan Stewart, 
PO Box 222, World Trade Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, 3005, AUSTRALIA 
Phone: +61 (3) 429-8354

North America:	
Pat & Roger Sims, 
34 Creekwood Square, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45246, USA
Phone: +1 (513) 771-7587	

Reproduction and distribution of this ballot is encouraged, as long as
it is done verbatim.

Anyone doing so should substitute their name here  Marc Ortlieb