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Greg Egan has a new book Distress  (Millennium, London, December 1995).
MSFC member Craig MacBride got a letter in Good Weekend, The Age Magazine.
It was about the Liberal's tendency to allow everyone freedom in everything
but the right to view pornography. Tasmanian Chris Nelson notes 'As part of
its travel supplement on the weekend, The Australian Magazine 11/11/95
featured a column and photo on a London pub decked out in Star Trek
memorabilia. Staff and regulars wear costume, the menu includes "Kirk
Kebabs", "Tribble Burgers", etc.' Chris  has also been leafing through the
first edition of a new "who's who" Contemporary Australians 1995/96
(Melbourne, Reed, c1995) of  ca.4500 entries, 9 are F or SF writers Damien
Broderick,  Peter Carey,  Lee Harding, Paul Jennings,  Victor Kelleher,
John Marsden, Gerald Murnane, Gillian Rubinstein, Patricia Wrightson. Only
two or three names that could be considered central to adult sf in Oz.
George Turner? Terry Dowling? Not listed. 'Broderick, at least, must have
smiled as he filled out his form. Under recreations his entry reads "pain
control". Oddly enough, Lee Harding doesn't include "Wastebasket" or any of
his other zines among his publications. ' Graham Green notes that he is
part of a team that is in the process of publishing a science fiction based
magazine that will include sf based articles. Submissions invited.
Correspondence to

(Edited version)
(A longer version of this, including Paul's overview of the year in
Australian SF will appear in the January issue of Thyme)

	One of Paul Collins' "Calloway" stories, "Tangerine Dreams", has been
published in issue #13 of Revelation Magazine.
	Stephen Dedman continues to place stories in professional markets around
the world. "A Sort Of Walking Miracle" appeared in the September issue e of
Science Fiction Age  (Stephen's name is on the cover). "Tour de Force" also
appeared in Asimov's . Stephen's most recent story sale is"A Single Shadow"
to Beyond.
	Recently Greg Egan has found it necessary to curtail his prolific  output
of short stories to concentrate more on novel writing. Fortunately he still
finds time to fit in a new story every so often. Some recent stories
include: "Mitochondrial Eve"  Interzone #92, Feb 95; "Wang's Carpets"  New
Legends, e d Greg Bear, Legend, May 95; "Luminous" - Asimov's  Sep 95;
"Mister Volition" Interzone #100, October 1995; "Tap" Asimov's Nov 95;
"Silverfire" Interzone #102, Dec 95.
	Rosaleen Love has placed a story, "Alexia And Graham Bell", with Pamela
Sargeant's Women of Wonder  anthology.
	Stephen Proposch (editor of Bloodsongs) has sold a poem titled "Hard" to
the US magazine Palace Corbie.
	Lucy Sussex appeared in Melbourne's Accent Age on Friday 15 September with
a commissioned short  story on the Beijing conference and the future of
women. It appeared under the heading "A Fit Future f or Women with Vision"
(Lucy's original title was "Walking Backwards into the Future")
	George Turner's story "Flowering Mandrake"  is reprinted in the Dozois The
Year's Best Science Fiction: Twelfth Annual  Collection.
	 In his editorial for Beyond #2  David Riley say s he has consistently
received many really excellent stories from Australia. Issue #1 included
Rick Kennett's "The Road to Utopia Plain".  #2 includes "Two Tomorrow"  by
Steven Paulsen. Issue #3 includes "Research Project" by Shannah Jay.
	Paul Collins will have another anthology out from Penguin next year. This
will be a collection of young adult fantasy stories from writers s uch as
Isobelle Carmody, Paul Collins, Shannah Jay, Tony Shillitoe, Ke ith Taylor,
Beverley McDonald, Jane Routley and Sean McMullen.
	Dark House (Mammoth) subtitled "stories compiled by the master of the
macabre" is an anthology of horror stories for young adults edited by Gary
Crew. Contributors are David McRobbi e, Jenny Pausacker, Garry Disher,
Victor Kelleher, Gillian Rubinstein, Phillip Nielsen, Arno ld Zable, Carmel
Bird, Peter Lawranc e, Marion Halligan, James Moloney, Isobelle Carmody and
Gary Crew.
	Damien Broderick has recently returned to writing fiction. Damien ha s
received an advance from AvonNova for a new novel with th e working title
of The White Abacus. Two other novels, co-written with Rory Barnes, are
currently with publishers in the USA: Zones , a young adult novel based on
a radio play Damien wrote some years ago and The Book Of Revelation  a
"slipstream" st yle book with SF-ish tones about a character who believes
he's been abducted by aliens and returns to start a Hubbard-like religion.
	HarperCollins' current thrust into Australian science fiction and fantasy
continues.The second book in the Battleaxe  series, The Enchanter, is
planned for publication in April 1996 and the third book wi ll follow.
HarperCollins' first s.f.  title will be Privateer, by Simon Brown planned
for publication in April 1996. Following it will be Metal Fatigue by Sean
Williams in June 1996.
	Paul Collins will have a non-fiction book published by TPT in Perth late
this year. It is called How To Sell Your Fiction & Poetry - Made Easy and
will feature a specialist SF short story and novel section. The book will
include articles by Robert Hood on Horror, Gary Crew on children's writing
and Sherry-Anne Jacobs on Romance.
	The fourth (and final? ) book in Shannah Jay's Tenebrak series, The Price
Of Wisdom, is due from Pan next year. Also expected are Dirk Strasser's new
novel, Equinox and  the first novel in "The Living Towers Trilogy" from
Martin Middleton.
	Greg Egan's novel, tentatively titled Diaspora  is due from Millennium in
December 1996.
	Following the success of the first three Mirror Danse chapbooks, Bill
Congreve intends to publish more local SF. The first will be a collection
of short stories by Leanne Frahm which will probably include two new
stories and two reprints. Planned for release next year are  collections by
Robert Hood and  Simon Brown. Bill is also planning to edit a Year's Best
Australian Horror anthology to be launched at the Perth NatCon.
	Lucy Sussex's If I Eat Your Soul,  a 19th Century ghost/detective/voodoo
novel, is due to be published by TOR in the USA in July 1996.
	Bambada Press has released a chapbook collection of horror stories by Bryce
Stevens call Skin Tight, illustrated by Kurt Stone with an introduction by
Chris Sequeira.
	Kate Orman's third Doctor Who novel, Sleepy, is scheduled for publication
in March 1996.
	"Moonstone", HarperCollins children's sf and fantasy series will publish
Bronze Mirror, by Sophie Masson in mid 1996.  Paul Collins has sold a
science fiction novel called Earthborn to the series.
	HarperCollins continue to publish a number of other SF/F titles for kids.
Beyond The Boundaries  by Jackie French (a sequel to Walking The
Boundaries) due mid 1996 explores new boundaries of time and space.
	 Gary Crew and SteveWoolman have another horror book called Caleb (ERA) due
out in March 1996, aimed at readers of all ages. Also watch out for Rookie
Cop, ten macabre stories for adolescent to adult readers edited by Gary. In
October or November, Gary will also publish two horror/dark fantasy books
for younger readers, one called The Barn  (Lothian) and one called The
Bentbackbridge  (Lothian).
	Planned from Random House is the new Glyn Parry novel, Mosh, a rock and
roll fantasy on the internet, planned for publication around February next

James Styles and family are moving to the idealic wilds of Maryborough,
where James will be driving freight trains for VicRail. Mayhap he will bump
into John Alderson, who still lives out that way.  Local author Paul
Voermans, meanwhile has attached his train to the information superhighway
and will be working for Vicnet.

Please note two minor corrections to the Duff Ballot that appeared in the
previous issue of the Bullsheet. Stephen Dedman's ballot has been ammended
to read "'...If I win, I'll also try to visit the World Fantasy
Convention...' (Some people had read the earlier version as Stephen saying
he would be attending the World Fantasy Convention INSTEAD of the SF
Worldcon). There is also a minor change to his nominators. Wil McCarthy has
been replaced by  Samantha Star Straf.

At their recent AGM, the following were elected unopposed to the MSFC
Committee: Apollo Zammit - President; Alan Stewart - Secretary; Sharon
Tapner - Treasurer; Justin Semmel - Club Activator;  Derek Screen -
Publicity Officer.

In a brief poctsarcd from Ditto 8, Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber note that
Ditto 9 (A convention for fanzine fans) will be run by Richard Brandt
October 25-27 1996. (4740 N. Mesa #111 El Paso TX 79912) The other major
fanzine fan convention, Corflu 13, is March 15-17 1996 in Nashville (Lucy
Huntzinger 2305 Bernard Ave Nashville TN 37212)


MULTIVERSE I November 25  9-00am to 6-00pm Melbourne Uni Student Union $15
P.O. Box 1044, Bundoora 3083

THE FESTIVAL OF THE IMAGINATION '96. Lit/Media NatCon April 4-8. Kings
Hotel Perth. GsoH Neil Gaiman & Robin Pen. GPO Box G429, Perth, 6001
Ph:(09) 361 8210 or (09) 381 7534. E-mail

THE REUNION #4  April 20-22  Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW

PARLIAMENT OF DREAMS May 3-5 (Babylon 5) GoH Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi)(O.C.P)
Radisson Hotel, North Quay, Brisbane Att (until 1 December) $95 (full) /
$75 (concession) (07) 3266-4040 or (07) 3375-1775 PO Box 492, Corinda, QLD

CONSTELLATION NZ Natcon: Queens Birthday Weekend 1996 The Christchurch City
Travelodge, NZ GsoH Michael Moorcock, Peter Jackson, James Dignan $50.00
during 1994/5 P.O. Box 29-119, Fendalton, Christchurch NZ. 

MEDTREK V  Australia Day Weekend 1997 UWS Hawkesbury Richmond NSW  $40
Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

BASICON 2 1997 Media NatCon Melbourne Uni Student Union $20. Date and other
details tba. P.O. Box 567 Blackburn 3130
CONSPIRACY  1997 18th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention March
28 to 31 1997. Airport Hotel Wellington N.Z. GsoH tba. PO Box 10104,
Wellington, New Zealand.

AUSTRALIA IN '99 Bid for the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention.  $10
pre-supporting rate. P.O. Box 99 Bayswater 3153.

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced.



MEDTREK CHRISTMAS PARTY December 9 7.00pm  Golden Rickshaw Restaurant
Homebush Susan Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

VALENTINE'S BALL February 17 1996 7.00pm Elim House Burwood NSW Susan
Clarke 6 Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

THE WINTER BALL August 31 1996 7.00pm Elim House Burwood NSW Susan Clarke 6
Bellevue Road Faulconbridge NSW 2776

Ferguson Community Centre, 30 Caldwell St Merewether P.O.  Box 140, Kotara
Fair 2289, ph (049) 543 603  (049) 43 2666

BABYLON 5 OZ FAN CLUB PO Box 161 Adamstown  NSW  2289. Fanzines The
Babble-on Babylon 5  and Gold Channel

PENRITH SF GROUP (047) 322-179 or (047) 301-073


DR WHO FAN CLUB OF AUSTRALIA PO Box 4 Epping NSW 2121 $9 per year  

GARGOYLE CLUB First Friday of month 7.00pm, Royal Exhibition Hotel Surrey

THE THURSDAY NIGHT GROUP Informal eating and nattering.  5-7pm Thursday
Nights. Ali Baba Caf on George St.  (Contact Graham Batho (02) 807-2573 for

TAVERN Monthly booze-up for Doctor Who fans in Sydney. First Friday of
month,  6 pm. Museum Hotel.

PARRAMATTA SF DISCUSSION GROUP 1st Thursday of the month  7pm Infinitas
Bookshop, 5/1 Horwood Place, Parramatta. (02 633 5682)


MSFC  Each Friday  7.30pm AGM. St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West
Brunswick P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

STAR TREK MARATHONS December 2 6:30pm State Film Centre 1 Macarthur St East
Melbourne (03) 9758 1807

NOVA MOB December 3  Christmas Yum Cha Lotus Inn, Market Lane Melbourne.
Phone Alan Stewart for details (03) 9429 8354

Dandenong Library. Ann McGann 63 Woodside Ave, Frankston, 3199. 5971-3645.

ENTERPRISE December 16 6.30pm to Midnight. Christmas Party St David's
Uniting Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick P.O. Box 466 World Trade
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TIME TREKKERS December 16 2-00pm Christmas Party  6 Melbury Court Epsom
P.O. Box 934 Bendigo 3550.

ST VALENTINE'S BALL February 10 7.00pm. Red Squadron P.O. Box 1230 Ballarat
Mail Centre 3354

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB Friday Nights 6-7.30pm. Informal eating and nattering.
K&Ms, Myer Arcade Melbourne

GAMMA QUADRANT OUTPOST  A local chapter of the U.S. based Bajoran Alliance,
(Deep Space Nine)  P.O. Box 567 Blackburn 3130

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB  P.O. Box 41 West Brunswick 3055 Fanzine
Babbling On

THE X-FILES FAN CLUB OF AUSTRALIA P.O. Box 402, Niddrie 3042., Fanzine The
Field Journal.

DOCTOR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA  GPO Box 4782UU Melbourne VIC 3001. $12 per
year. Fanzine Sonic Screwdriver. Meetings Second Saturday of the month.

AUSTRALIAN HORROR SOCIETY  1st Thursday of the month, 7.30 pm back room
Maori Chieftan Hotel, Moray St Sth Melbourne. P.O. Box 7545 St Kilda Rd
Melb. 3004.

GALLIFREY is no longer holding meetings


WARP SPEED (Gold Coast)  November 25 GPO Box 2004 Brisbane 4001 (07) 356

WARP SPEED (Brisbane)  November 26 GPO Box 2004 Brisbane 4001 (07) 356 5472

CONQUEST 95 December 3 GPO Box 1376 Brisbane 4001 (07) 273 6512

QUEST STAR TREK  December 10 12 noon - 4.00 pm Yungaba Community Centre,
100 Mains Rd Kangaroo Point (07) 356 5472

NEW HORIZONS December 17 British Sf  776 Cavendish Rd Holland Park 4121
(07) 349 2229

11:21 (Qld X-Files Club) Contact Flat 2, 10 Roseglen St Greenslopes 4120


AUSFA, c/- Clubs Association, University of Adelaide, North Terrace,
Adelaide SA 5001.

SASTREK  Star Trek P.O. Box 369 North Adelaide S.A. 5006 (08 337 8759).
(Please note the correction)


UNISFA - University of Western Australia Science Fiction Association.See
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THE WEST LODGE  Doctor Who Fan Club. First Saturday of the month at the
Collins Street Centre, South Perth.  P.O. Box 190 Mt Lawley 6050
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WESTREK  Star Trek Club of Western Australia Inc. last Friday of  month
6:45pm. (except December second Friday) Labour Centre Building, 82 Beaufort
Street Perth. Hall . P.O. Box 307 Bentley WA 6102 Phone: (09) 356 1757


CANBERRA S FS December 7 Woden Public Library Corinna Street, Woden ph (06)
288 6391 (ah) PO Box 47, Civic Square ACT 2608


OSCILLATION OVERTHRUSTER  Sue Ann Barber P.O. Box 1169 Bibra Lake 6163


ECHO BASE HOTH (03) 9563-1323.  
THE CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS Star Trek  (03) 9723 8344. 
AUSOM'S FIRST CLASS BBS SF conference called Sci Fi (03) 9545-5215. 



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