A gesweotolian newszine produced for the Australian National Science
Fiction Association by Marc Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill,
Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA
	Postal subscriptions $6-00 for ten.(Cheques made out to Marc Ortlieb
please. Stamps accepted). Available for items of gossip. E-mailed
direct, a once off $10 fee.  Free copy from aus.sf on Internet or at  


	Jonathan Strahan passes on the following information about Eidolon.
" Eidolon 25/26 shipped to the world in December 1997. Along with a
new column by Greg Egan on physics, it includes fiction by Rick
Kennett, Rosaleen Love, Terry Dowling, Russell Blackford, Sean
Williams, Simon Brown and Dirk Strasser. Eidolon 27 is currently in
preparation, and should be out no later than April '98.
	Jeremy G Byrne and I have delivered The Years' Best
Australian Science Fiction And Fantasy Vol.2 to HarperCollins
Publishers Australia for a May '98 publication. The book will be
published as a mass market paperback of about 470pp and sell for
$14.95. The contents have been confirmed, but as we need to complete
a few details. We hope to have a launch for the book in Perth at
Swancon, and then do some East Coast promotions later.
	We're redesigning our web presence and have changed
our URL to and our e-mail to
(though our old address will continue to function). "
	Stephen Dedman's  "Schrödinger's Catalyst" appears
in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction December 1997. Lucy
Sussex has sold a story to F&SF.
	Sadly, this month's remainder tables included
Shannah Jay's Envoy  and Paul Voermans' The Weird Colonial Boy

Aussiecon Three Fan GoH Bruce Gillespie would like it noted "On the
third weekend in January, Bruce Gillespie celebrated, if that is the
word, thirty years in fandom. At the Ferntree Gully home of John and
Diane Bangsund, Bruce first met George Turner, John and Elizabeth
Foyster, Lee Harding, Tony Thomas, Damien Broderick, Rob Gerrand and
Paul Stevens. All, except Bruce, have since forgotten the occasion."

Jane Bledsoe of Avon books noted "In honor of the launch of  Eos,
Avon Book's new science fiction and fantasy imprint, we held an
online convention on January 10th. The conventionfeatured chats with
Raymond E. Feist, Ben Bova, and Gregory Benford plus panels with
Rudy Rucker,  Damien  Broderick, Severna Park and Dennis Danvers."
Ellen Datlow notes "Jack Dann's Titanic story, "Going Under" is now
online at OMNI Internet."

John Baxter's biography of Stanley Kubrick is reviewed in The Age
Saturday Extra December 20 1997 and in The Sunday Age  4/1/98. Terry
Dowling reviews Kim Wilkins The Infernal, Stephen Dedman's The Art
of Arrow Cutting and Greg Egan's Diaspora plus The Encyclopedia of
Fantasy in The Weekend Australian Review 27/28/12/97. Works by
Gillian Rubenstein, John Marsden, Margaret Clark, Christine Harris,
Claire Carmichael and Catherine Jinks got a mention in the summary
of young adult fiction in The Sunday Age  4/1/98.
The ABC has been showing some old Australian short
independent films including two featuring Bruce Barnes "Walter" and
"A Mum's Christmas"; in the latter he has a speaking role.
"Trekkie guru" Derek Screen appeared under the headline
"Keeping the FAITH" in the Herald Sun 7/1/98. In the photo that
accompanies his profile, Derek stands in front of a Star Trek poster
of James Kirk... Lucy Sussex reports "The December issue of The
Australian Way  (Qantas in-flight) magazine, featured an article on
Australian crime writing, in which I was pictured, wearing my crime
hat (velvet) and being described as a crime fiction historian." Lucy
reviews three Australian mainstream novels in The Age 24/1/98. The
ninth of Kerry Greenwood's Phrynne Fisher novels, Raisins and
Almonds,  is reviewed in the same edition and again in The Sunday
Age 25/1/98
In his guest editorial in the December 1997 F&SF, Gordon van
Gelder looks at the "SF is dead" argument and mentions Greg Egan as
one of the compelling arguments for sf in the 1990s being alive and
Damien Broderick has a column on regenerating telomeres to
rejuvenate cells and its implications in The Age  23/1/98, followed
up by reviews of How Nature Works and How the Mind Works in The
Weekend Australian 24-25/1/98
Richard Hanley and the Star Trek Exhibit at ScienceWorks got
the best part of a page in The Herald Sun 26/1/98. Multiverse was
also mentioned.
Colin Steele notes "I reviewed over seventySF/fantasy/horror
books in The Canberra Times  in 1997 (not all long reviews I agree).
In the light of linmited space to Van Ikin in The Sydney Morning
Herald and Terry Dowling in The Australian this probably was the
best coverage by a 'national' newspaper."
Editorial Note I must admit that the Bullsheet's Media Watch
is limited by what I see and what information people send me. If you
have material in the media, please let me know. I'm particularly
interested in any mention of reviews of Australian SF.

I keep hearing rumours that things are being done, but have seen
nothing recently. There is no current flier, and too few copies of
Progress Report One were sent to Australia.

Jean Weber reports "Eric's  doing very well, taking walks (even up
hills, which is now allowed) as well as generally behaving himself.
I haven't had to resort to the retraints. (Thanks to all of you who
offered advice, assistance, and equipment -- fortunately I haven't
needed it. Thanks also to everyone who sent email or cards.)

Eric's working on his report, but slowly, and we're having some
technical problems getting it all moved off his palmtop and onto a
computer from which we can email it.

Eric does not have access to his personal email account at work, so
anything you send there will be lost in the hundreds of messages
piling up. If it's ever seen, it won't be for several more weeks or
more." Messages can be sent to him through Jean Weber's Compuserve

Perth Fan Grant Watson reports that he appeared in his local paper
in connection with his play Degree Absolute which will be staged
from February 12-15, 19-22. 8:00pm. at Gilkisons Basement corner of
Murray and Irwin Sts, Perth.

It seems a year for visiting British fans. Sometime Interzone Guest
Editor  Paul Brazier and Juliet Eyeions passed through Melbourne in
early January. Ausie expatriate Judith Hanna and ex-GUFF winner
Joseph Nicholas are due in February. Alan Stewart has been visiting
hospital for exploratory surgery, but the results seem good. Rumour
mentions a large but benign cyst.

Karen Pender-Gunn reports that Basicon 2 made a $500 donation to
Foodbank, the convention's official charity. The Post-Con report is
due Real Soon Now.
Grant Watson gives the following list of authors who should
be launching books at Swancon 23: Simon Brown, Dave Luckett, Sean
Williams, Jack Dann and Janeen Webb.
Chris Ballis provides the following information regarding
the Multiverse Costume Parade. "The Australian Costumers' Guild is
staging the Multiverse III costume parade.
For all those who have volunteered to assist with the
parade, and anyone who wishes to, there will be an informal barbeque
meeting, Sunday, February 8, 1998, at 2:00pm.
If you'd like to attend, contact Angela DeIacovo, the
costume parade director, on (03)9773 2885.
The costume parade will precede the banquet. You can attend
without attending the banquet (we just chuck you out before the
banquet begins). People viewing the parade will also be served hot
finger food and soft drinks beforehand (or cold finger food if the
weather's stinkin' hot).
The parade and the banquet will be staged at a location a
couple of minutes walk (or two minutes' drive) away at The Moorabbin
Masonic Centre cnr Rowans Rd & Isabella St, Moorabbin.
Pre-bookings for the banquet are essential seeing it is
fully catered.
If you have not received banquet information or the costume
parade booklet and entry form, please contact Multiverse via e-mail
or the postal address or telephone.
Niall Doran reports that the Thylacon 2 Web Page is up and
running at

There is a nomination form for the Australian Science Fiction
Achievement awards, but no mention of the Atheling.


MULTIVERSE 3 February 13-15 1998 Edmund Barton Centre 488 South Road
Moorabbin Victoria GsoH Claudia Christian, Robert Llewelyn P.O. Box
355 World Trade Centre Melbourne, Victoria 3005 Australia

HYPER-CON '98 Star Wars March 7th 1998 8:30 am to 5pm Masonic Centre
cnr Castlereagh and Goulburn Streets Sydney GoH Jeremy Bulloch
HyperSpace, PO Box 804, Kensington NSW 2033 Email : http://

HIGHLANDER DOWNUNDER II  March  28-29 1998 Mercure Hotel, Brisbane
GoH Peter Wingfield (O.C.P.) $85 full, $70 concession. Day reg is
$50 & $40 concession. 11 Perrett St Bundamba Qld 4304

CSO (Dr Who NatCon) April 24-26 1998 Brisbane Travelodge Roma Street
Station GsoH Caroline John & Geoffrey Beevers ph Trevor Gensch (07)
5499 0265

SWANCON TWENTY THREE  April 24-27, 1998 (Anzac Day long weekend )
Orchard Hotel, 707 Wellington St, Perth.International GoH: Lois
McMaster Bujold Local GoH: Tess Williams Guests:  Jack Dann, Stephen
Dedman, Craig Hilton, Sue Isle, Dave Luckett, Grant Stone, Janine
Webb, Sean Williams Dead GoH: Jules Verne Fan Guest: Gina Goddard.
Membership $60.00 until 31st August GPO Box 429 Perth WA 6841 E-mail:

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 3 Babylon 5 Convention May 2-3 1998 GsoH: Mira
Furlan, Michael O'Hare, Stephen Furst, Joshua Cox, Sandy Bruckner

WORLD HORROR CONVENTION 1998 May 7-10 1998 Embassy Suites North
Phoenix, AZ USA GsoH Brian Lumley; Bernie Wrightson; Tom Doherty;
John Steakley; Tom Savini.P.O. Box 61565, Phoenix, AZ USA

CONSTRUCTION (New Zealand NatCon) May 30 - June 1 1998 West Plaza
Hotel Wellington GoH Neil Gaiman P.O. Box 11559 Manners St
Wellington New Zealand

THYLACON  2 (1998 Australian National Science Fiction Convention)
June 5-8 1998 Hadley's Hotel, Hobart GoH Leanne Frahm Attending $65
until the end of 1997 Supporting or child-in-tow $20   Thylacon 2,
PO Box 55, Battery Point, TAS 7004.

BucCONeer 56-th World Science Fiction Convention. August  5 - 9
1998, Baltimore Convention Center and Inner Harbor hotels,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA. GOHs: C.J. Cherryh, Milt Rothman, Stanley
Schmidt, and Michael Whelan, Special Guest: J. Michael Straczynski,
Toastmaster: Charles Sheffield. Attending $130 Supporting $30
Children 4-12 $65 (Rates apply until 15 June, 1998). BucCONeer, P.O.
Box 314, Annapolis Junction, Maryland  20701 USA. E-mail: URL:

CONQUEST 98 October 9-11 1998 Mercure Hotel Brisbane GsoH. Peter
Jurasik (Londo), Walter Koenig (Bester) Richard Arnold  GPO Box
13676 Brisbane Qld 4001

AUSSIECON THREE 1999 World Science Fiction Convention. September 2-6
1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne GsoH George Turner, Greg
Benford and Bruce Gillespie. Aussiecon Three, GPO Box 1212K,
Melbourne, 3001, Australia email

CHICON 2000 The 58th World Science Fiction Convention
August 31 to September 4 2000 - Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben
Bova, Bob Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster:
Harry Turtledove P. O. Box 642057, Chicago IL 60664, fax:

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 


The Dandenong Science Fiction Society will be evicted from their
regular venue in the Dandenong Library due to the privatisation of
council resources. They are after a new venue from July. Anyone with
suggestions or offers of venues should contact Ann McGann (see club
info below.)


CANBERRA S FS   ph (06) 288 6391 (ah) PO Box 47, Civic Square ACT

Next Gen


SYDNEY SKYFORCE  February 22 1-5pm Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club,
24 John Street, Lidcombe PO Box 804 Kensington NSW 2033 Email

SMEG RADIO 2RRR Wednesday nights between 7pm and 8pm.

SYDNEY DW SF FAN CLUB GPO Box 2870 Sydney 2001



DR WHO FAN CLUB OF AUSTRALIA PO Box 4 Epping NSW 2121 email:  $9 per year

FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY  Room 1615 University of Technology

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION Star Trek, The X-Files, Babylon 5, Doctor
Who  P O Box 797 Fairfield  NSW  2165 Email Friends of Science Fiction

LOST IN SPACE AUSTRALIA P.O. Box N9 Petersham North NSW  2049

NSW UNI SF CLUB zine Sub Space Relay  (02) 481-9419

NEWCASTLE SCIENCE-FICTION CLUB First Sunday of every month, Alice
Ferguson Community Hall  30 Caldwell St, Merewether. Call Craig 049
871413 for more details.

Alice Ferguson Community Centre, 30 Caldwell St Merewether P.O.  Box
140, Kotara Fair 2289, ph (049) 543 603  (049) 43 2666 e-mail

PARRAMATTA SF DISCUSSION GROUP  1st Thursday of the month  7pm
Infinitas Bookshop, 5/1 Horwood Place, Parramatta. (02 633 5682)

PENRITH SF GROUP (047) 322-179 or (047) 301-073

SOUTHERN SCIENCE FICTION GROUP 15 Shade Place Lugarno (02) 534-3595.

TAVERN Monthly booze-up for Doctor Who fans in Sydney. First Friday
of  month,  6 pm. Museum Hotel.

THE THURSDAY NIGHT GROUP Informal eating and nattering.  5-7pm
Thursday Nights. Maloney's 614 George St, City

THE OTHER THURSDAY NIGHT GROUP  The Elysee Coffee Lounge (corner
Pitt and Bathurst Streets) THEN  dinner.


QUEENSLAND STAR TREKKERS (Quest) February 8 GPO Box 2084 Brisbane
4001 West Hill QLD 4101 Email

CONQUEST  March 1 Metro Arts 109 Edward St Brisbane GPO Box 13676
Brisbane Qld 4001

BRISBANE DR WHO FAN CLUB March 15 Queensland Rail Institute Center,
Brisbane Central Station PO Box 10308, Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD
4000. email

HIGHLANDER  March 15 Metro Arts Building 11 Perrett St Bundamba Qld
4304 Newsletter The Buzz

VORTEX  April 5 Queensland Rail Institute Center G.P.O. Box 2084
Brisbane 4001

COSMIC COTILLION(Vortex)  May 30 7.00pm Irish Club - Elizabeth
Street, Brisbane Contact Kevin on 07-3356 5472

CAMP KHITOMER 3 June 6-7 GPO Box 2084 Brisbane 4001 West Hill QLD
4101 Email

BRISBANE SKYFORCE Contact Nick - (07) 3369 9744,  PO Box 5732 West
Hill QLD 4101

FSFSA C/O Leela Cosgrove 3 Sollis St. Geebung Brisbane Q 4034

HYPERION (07) 3341 0307

NEW ALLIANCE   P.O. Box 7446 East Brisbane Qld 4169

THE SPACE RANGER FAN CLUB Dinners at least once a month 104 Muir
Street, Labrador 4215 (07)55322812

TERMINAL PYRAMIDS The Wide Bay DW and B7 Fan Club 51 Rocky St
Maryborough QLD 4650 (071) 215 180 (Daniel Pattell)

UQTREK  The University of Queensland's first and only club for the
Appreciation of Star Trek contact Perryn Fowler


AUSFA, c/- Clubs Association, University of Adelaide, North Terrace,
Adelaide SA 5001.

CRITICAL MASS Contact Damien Warman PO Box 3355, Rundle Mall
Adelaide SA 5000 (note change of email address)

SASTREK  P.O. Box 369 North Adelaide S.A. 5006 (08 337 8759).

(08) 294 8337 (Jeremia Boddey, president)  Monthly meetings. Fanzine
Chameleon Factor ; newsletter Wall of Lies,  annual fanzine  Jethryk


MSFC  February 6 Greek Food & Computer Imagery.  February 13 Book
Club Night  February 20 Worldcon Night & Role Playing 8.30pm St
David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick P.O. Box 212 World
Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

TIME TREKKERS  February 6 St Luke's, 46 Sternberg St BendigoP.O. Box
334 Bendigo 3550.

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB  February 7  1-4pm A.G.M. to elect a
new committee of Five (the 5) and to decide on incorporation. Room
21 on the Second Floor Moonee Pond Community Centre, Corner Mount
Alexander Road and Pascoe Vale Road, Moonee Ponds. P.O. Box 41 West
Brunswick 3055 Fanzine Babbling On  Email

706 Frankston Vic 3199 015 510 159

SKYFORCE (Star Wars) February 14 1-5 pm Melbourne Uni, Copeland
Theatre, Economics and Commerce Building P.O. Box 427 Northcote 3070
Email Address:

FELLOWSHIP OF MIDDLE EARTH Monash University February 20-22 Camp
Venus Bay, South Gippsland $10 for Monash Clayton students, $15
Conc., $20 Others  FOME c/o The Union, Monash University, Clayton
Victoria 3168 or

PHRYNE FISHER  CLUB February 21 6.00pm drinks and a light supper at
Flappers Cocktail  Bar, 1st floor 203 Swan St Richmond. P.O. Box 41
West Brunswick 3055

STAR TREK THE EXHIBIT  February 27 to July 19 Science Works

ENTERPRISE February 28 12 noon to 5-00 pm Science Works Visit P.O.
Box 466 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005 (03) 9583 7404

AUSTRALIAN COSTUMERS GUILD Telephone (03)9557 7088 P.O. Box 322
Bentleigh Vic 3204 email

AUSTREK  St Marks Church Hall, Cnr Canterbury & Burke Roads,
Camberwell. From 2pm. Contact  Shane Campbell (03) 9489 8743 or GPO Box 5206AA Melbourne 3001

AUSTRALIAN HORROR WRITERS P.O. Box 7545 St Kilda Rd Melb. 3004.

BIG SF (Star Trek/ general SF) Ballarat  P.O. Box 178 Wendouree 3355

THE DAEMONIACS CLUB P.O. Box 1528 Collingwood Vic 3066

DOCTOR WHO CLUB OF VICTORIA  GPO Box 4782UU Melbourne  3001  email:

DRINKIES Last Thursday of the each month, Dickens on Collins, from
6:00pm. (Contact Bev Hope at the MSFC for more details)

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB Friday Nights 6-7.30pm. Informal eating and
nattering. Myers Cafeteria Melbourne

GALLIFREY GPO Box 910G Melbourne 3001 Daniel Klein 0419 379 842,
AH:(03) 9850 7275

GOULBURN VALLEY SCI-FI CLUB c/o 41 Grutzner Ave , Shepparton , 3630

MELBOURNE ANIME SOCIETY every 2nd & 4th Saturday, 1-4pm at Oakleigh
Mechanics Institute Hall, Lvl 1, 142 Drummond St, Oakleigh. Stephen
Porritt (sec) 2/20 Florence Road, Surrey Hills, 3127 Ph  9889 3829

NOVA MOB 13 Frederick St Brunswick.

RED DWARF FAN CLUB P.O. Box 1044 Bundoora 3083

THE X-FILES FAN CLUB OF AUSTRALIA  Locked Bag 1013, Flemington,
3031. Fanzine The Field Journal.


JUMP POINT  UWA The Babylon 5 club of W.A. Email

THE NEUTRAL  ZONE   PO Box 1169, Bibra Lake, WA, 6965.. Phone (09)
434 4167, email:  Fanzine The Final Frontier

UNISFA - University of W. A. Science Fiction Association.  Rebecca
Kirkman  Box 59 c/o Guild of
Undergraduates, University of Western Australia  Nedlands 6907.

THE WEST LODGE  Doctor Who Fan Club.  P.O. Box 190 Mt Lawley 6050
E-Mail :

WESTREK  Star Trek Club of Western Australia Inc. Last Friday of
month 6:45pm. (except December second Friday) Labour Centre
Building, 82 Beaufort Street Perth. Hall . P.O. Box 307 Bentley WA
6102 Phone: (09) 356 1757


The Instrumentality December 1997 Mark Loney for The Australian
Science Fiction Foundation P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic 3131

Green Stuff #4 Harry Warner Jr. Fan of Letters Murray Moore 377
Manly St, Midland, Ontario L4R 3E2 Canada

Sydney Futurian #32 Ron Clarke P.O. Box K940 Haymarket NSW 1240

The Communicator #26 Enterprise P.O. Box 466 World Trade Centre
Melbourne Vic 3005

Converse #3 Kim Huett P.O. Box 679 Woden ACT 2606

Mimosa 21 Nicki & Richard Lynch P.O. Box 3120 Gaithersburg MD 20885

X-POM #1 'H' Gibbens Tullamarine District Veterinary Clinic 38
Fawkner St Westmeadows Vic 3049

Snufkin's Bum #2 Maureen Kincaid Speller 60 Bournemouth Rd
Folkestone Kent CT19 5AZ U.K.

Ultrawarp 28 Simon Mead for Time Trekkers P.O. Box 334 Bendigo 3550.

Mind Wallaby #1 Ian Gunn P.O. Box 567 Blackburn Vic 3130

The Royal Swiss Navy Gazette #2  Garth Spencer at Box 15335,
V.M.P.O., Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 5B1  or

Emerald City # 28 Cheryl Morgan

Fans Across the World 71 B. Wilkinson, Ground Floor Flat, 8 West
Avenue Road,Walthamstow, E17 9SE, Great Britain fax:

Ansible 126 Dave Langford, 94 London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1
5AU, UK. Fax 0118 966 9914.  E-mail

Does Anybody Read This List #1  James Allen

For a full listing,


The Alternative Alliance
Paul Collins
Craig Peters
Smeg Radio
Star Trek Viewing Times
Thylacon 2


ANZAPA 181			February 7th
Aurealis Competition		30 June 1998

Alan Stewart,  Kevin Sheehan, Stuart Davis, Justin Ackroyd, Lucy
Sussex. Jean Weber, Ann McGann, Bruce Gillespie, Karen Pender-Gunn,
Grant Watson, Jonathan Strahan, James Allen, Niall Doran


Tuesday February 10th.  
Distribution Friday February 13th.


1997 Australian Fanzine Listing

The 1998 edition of the annual Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards
will be presented at Corflu UK, the Fanzine Fans Convention, in
Leeds, England, on the weekend of March 13th - 15th, 1998. Voting is
open to all fans, and submission of the ballot by March 1st, 1998 is
the only criteria  for voting eligibility. It is not necessary to
physically send this ballot for your vote to be counted: Votes will
also be accepted via e-mail at, and by telephone
at 206-547-3520 (No calls before 9 am or after 10pm Pacific time,

Please list in order your top three choices in the categories of
Best Fanzine, Best Fanwriter, Best Fan Artist, Best Letterhack, and
Best New Fanzine Fan. Fan writers, fan artists and letterhacks
should have been active in 1997, and fanzines published at least
once during that year, to be considered eligible for the FAAn
Awards. Fans whose first fanzine activity took place after January
1st, 1993 are eligible for the 1998 Best New Fan award.
Nodistinction of media of reproduction or distribution will affect a
fan or fanzine's eligibility.

Results of the balloting will be tallied on the following simple
point system: A first place vote is worth five points; a secondplace
vote is worth three; and a third place vote is worth one point. The
individual or publication receiving the most points in each category
will receive the award.

Please mail this ballot to Andrew Hooper, 4228 Francis Ave. N. #103,
Seattle, WA 98103 USA, or e-mail to  Please
include your name and full street address below, so that you can be
added to the FAAn Awards mailing list. Ballots must be received by
March 1st, 1998, to be counted.

Best Fanzine:




Best Fan Writer:




Best Fan Artist:




Best Letterhack:




Best New Fanzine Fan:



Your Name and Address:




Yours in Roscoe,


The Mark Time awards for Audio Science Fiction will be presented at
Minicon 33 in Minneapolis. The deadline for submissions is March 1st
For details and entry forms, contact  Jerry Stearns,, or 612-722-2907.