A figurant newszine produced for the Australian National Science Fiction
Association by Marc Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill, Vict, 3131,
Postal subscriptions $6-00 for ten.(Cheques made out to Marc Ortlieb
please. Stamps accepted). Available for items of gossip. E-mailed
direct, a once off $10 fee.  Free copy from aus.sf on Internet or at  


	Greg Egan has a story, "Oceanic" in the August 98 Asimov's. 

	Chuck McKenzie writes to note that Hybrid Publishers has accepted his
novel Worlds Apart and that it is due for release in July 1999 [just in
time for Aussiecon Three]. Chuck describes the novel, the first in a
trilogy, as one "which runs in much the same vein as the Red Dwarf and
Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy books." and he cites Robert Sheckley
as an influence. He is available for interviews etc. contact him on (03)


	Jane Sullivan discusses horror in The Sunday Age 19/7/98 and includes a
section on Australian horror, plus a photo of "Hot Goth" Kim Wilkins.
Slow Glass Books was the background for a photograph of Terry Pratchett
in the Herald Sun 15/7/98. Race Matthews had a letter in the Age
17/7/98. Various media outlets, including ABC Television and Radio 3LO
have been covering Gerry Anderson's visit to Australia in conjunction
with a display of Thunderbirds related material. The Sunday Age 26/7/98,
included a photo of puppet Scott Tracy. Yvonne Rousseau had a letter
mentioning Barbara Ker Wilson's novel Jane Austen in Australia in the
July 98 Australian Book Review.


	Karen Pender Gunn reports "Ian is out of hospital at last, he came home
yesterday afternoon. He may have blood filtering at the Alfred next
week. He has to have a blood test at Box Hill hospital at 7 tomorrow
morning to find out. The infection that put him into hospital for 4 days
was unknown. He did get a private room for two nights so he got some
sleep, the lucky sod!"


	Assorted Australian fans have reported phone calls from the peripatetic
Terry Frost. Could it be that the lad is getting homesick?


	The second issue of Voice of the Platypus is now available. It includes
assorted useful information about the convention. PR #2 is at the
printers and should be out in mid-August. There are various changes in
the pipeline - for regular updates, check their excellent Web Site Current attending rate is only $200,
which, for a five day convention, is superb value, especially
considering the number of people who you can expect to visit for the

	Cheryl Morgan notes the progress of DUFF winner Terry Frost  "Having
thoroughly enjoyed Westercon, Mr. Frost presented himself at the
Business Meeting and moved to amend the Bylaws so that the convention
could be held in Australia so that he might enjoy it more frequently.
After much spirited debate and considerable hilarity the motion was
passed subject to a proviso of Mr. Yalow's that it not take effect until
such time as Australia has been annexed by the US or the US has been
annexed by Australia. Convention attendees later commented that they had
not enjoyed a business meeting so much in ages.
	The following Monday Terry came to BASFA. In view of the Westercon
decision, I moved that BASFA instruct our ambassadors to the US Congress
(Mr. Roger Wells) and Australia (Mr. Stephen Boucher) to contact the
relevant authorities at their convenience and see what they could do to
hasten an annexation one way or the other. Mr. Wells has responded that
he will be in Washington later this month and will see what he can do.
We have yet to hear from Mr. Boucher.
	Later in the same meeting it came time to make Terry an ambassador
(something we do to all unsuspecting foreign visitors). Given that we
already have an ambassador to Australia (the aforementioned Mr.
	Trey Haddadd suggested that we make Terry our ambassador to "Australia
at Avignon" and that he be known as the "anti-ambassador". For some
reason this latter point appealed greatly to him.
	Subsequent days were spent sight seeing in San Francisco. Terry claims
that he spent time in Alcatraz.
	Terry was last seen being put on the train for Seattle where he will be
entertained by Jerry Kaufman, Janice Murray, Andy Hooper and other
notables. No news reports of untoward incidents have been received and
Jeanne Mealy says she is expecting him in Minneapolis shortly.
	Meanwhile, back with Westercon, Australian fans may be interested to
know that the 2000 convention will be held on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii
(well, in the Sheraton which is right on the beach). GoH is Dan Simmons
and we expect a fair few other authors to turn up. Projected membership
is around 1000. Membership rates will be published in A$ and NZ$
shortly. More information can be obtained via the SFSFC web site
(, and whilst you are there don't forget to check out
progress on our fabulous Worldcon bid (shameless plug)."
	Ian Gunn says "I've been reliably informed by a source very close to
Claire Brialey (i.e. Claire herself) that while she intends coming to
Aussiecon Three she doesn't wish to run for GUFF. I feel that this,
however, should not prevent people cajoling her further. Or indeed
cajoling anyone else. "


	Conquest 98 note that, due to the poor status of the Australian dollar,
they have had to cancel one of their Guests of Honour, Peter Jurasik.
Consequently, they have dropped their full attending rate to $200.

BucCONeer 56th World Science Fiction Convention. 
August  5 - 9 1998, Baltimore Convention Center and Inner Harbor hotels,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA. GOHs: C.J. Cherryh, Milt Rothman, Stanley
Schmidt, and Michael Whelan, Special Guest: J. Michael Straczynski,
Toastmaster: Charles Sheffield. Attending US$165, Supporting US$30,
Children 4-12 US$85 BucCONeer, P.O. Box 314, Annapolis Junction,
Maryland  20701 USA. E-mail: URL:

Comic book convention September 26-27 Venue: Centrepoint Convention
Centre Sydney

October 9-11 1998 Mercure Hotel Brisbane GsoH., Walter Koenig (Bester),
Judy Levitt, Richard Arnold  $200 attending. GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld

November 21 - 22 1998  University of Sydney, and Southern Cross Hotel
NSW GsoH Jason Carter Dwight Schultz Amis Tim Choate Jerry Doyle ph: 02
9453 0290 fax: 02 9975

April 1-5 1999 24 Annual Western Australian Convention The Metro Inn
Canning Highway South Perth GsoH Jack Dann, Sean Williams, Janny Wurts
Special Guests, Don Maitz & Janeen Webb, Fan Guest Dave Luckett $70
until October 11 GPO Box G429 Perth WA 6841

June 12-14 1999 3rd National Star Wars Convention Karralyka Centre
Ringwood Vict GsoH tba  $150 until 1/6/99. P.O. Box 427 Northcote Vic
3070 (03) 9416-8998

AUSSIECON THREE 1999 World Science Fiction Convention. 
September 2-6 1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne GsoH George Turner,
Greg Benford and Bruce Gillespie. Aussiecon Three, GPO Box 1212K,
Melbourne, 3001, Australia  Attending $200 Supporting $45 Child in tow
$45 email

CHICON 2000 The 58th World Science Fiction Convention          
August 31 to September 4 2000 - Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben Bova,
Bob Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster: Harry
Turtledove P. O. Box 642057, Chicago IL 60664, fax: 312-946-3779

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 


David Barker notes that Enterprise, has changed its web page and contact
phone number. New URL: The
contact phone number is  (03) 9515 3226 (7pm to 10pm only)




SOUTHERN SCIENCE FICTION GROUP August 15 2-00pm 15 Shade Place Lugarno
(02) 534-3595.

SYDNEY SKYFORCE August 16 10am-5pm Lidcombe Catholic Workmen's Club,  24
John Street, Lidcombe PO Box 804 Kensington NSW 2033 (03) 9416 89981

FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY August 21 7:00 Room 1615 Broadway Tower,
University of Technology Sydney


VORTEX  August 2  Red Cross Centre 397 Adelaide St G.P.O. Box 2004
Brisbane 4001

QUEENSLAND STAR TREKKERS (Quest) August 9 GPO Box 2084 Brisbane 4001

CONQUEST  September 6 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St  GPO Box 1376
Brisbane Qld 4001

HIGHLANDER  September 20 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St  Postal
address 11 Perrett St Bundamba Qld 4304 Newsletter
The Buzz


MSFC   July 31 tba. August 7 Animation Film and Video + Food August 14
Book Club  8.00pm St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick
P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB  July 31, August 7 ANZAPA collection night August 14
ANZAPA distribution 6-7.30pm. Informal eating and nattering. Myers
Cafeteria Melbourne

AUSTREK August 1 2pm Art Show St. Marks Church hall, Cnr Canterbury &
Burke Roads, Camberwell. email: GPO Box 5206AA
Melbourne 3001

NOVA MOB August 5 First dinner at about 6:00pm at The Arian Restaurant
on Sydney Road, followed by the meeting at about 8:00pm at 13 Frederick
St Brunswick.

DARK CITY OPENING NIGHT August 6 7:00pm. Village Centre, 206 Bourke St
Melbourne Adults $9.50, Children $7.50  Multiverse

TIME TREKKERS August 7  St Lukes 46 Sternberg St Bendigo P.O. Box 334
Bendigo Vic 3552

SKYFORCE (Star Wars) August 8 1-5 pm Melbourne Uni, Copeland Theatre,
Economics and Commerce Building P.O. Box 427 Northcote 3070 Email

706 Frankston Vic 3199  015 510 159 fax (03) 9787 0899

THIRD ANNUAL COSTUMERS' BALL August 15 6:30pm Streeton Room, The Centre
Ivanhoe. $48. The Australian Costumers' Guild P.O. Box 12345 A'Beckett
St Melbourne 8006 Contact Jane Tisell 98771190 for tickets

ARMAGEDDON August 19 6:45pm. Greater Union Russell Cinemas, Melbourne
Adults $9.50, Children $7.50 Multiverse web

MORT August 20-22 and August 27-29 The Gordon Masonic Halls, Moonee
Ponds. $12 ($8 concession) 9342 3648 or or

ENTERPRISE August 22 The Great Star Trek debate P.O. Box 466 World Trade
Centre Melbourne 3005 (03) 9583 7404

RICHARD HARLAND SIGNING August 27 Slow Glass Books 305 Swanston St

RICHARD HARLAND SIGNING August 28 Minotaur Books Melbourne

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB September 20 12 noon General Meeting Room
21 Moonee Ponds Town Hall P.O. Box 610 Ballarat Vic 3353 Babbling On


YEAR OF THE VANISHING TIGER Judith Hanna 15 Janson's Rd London N15 4JU

ULTRAWARP 31 Simon Mead for Time Trekkers P.O. Box 334 Bendigo Vic 3552

VOICE OF THE PLATYPUS 2 Paul Ewins for Aussiecon Three GPO Box 1212K
Melbourne Vic 3001

CONSCRIPT GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001


For a full listing,



Geoff Maloney

David Bofinger 



	Sally Yeoland notes  "Just to let you know my new address: 4 Stephen
Street, Preston 3072 from 2 July.  My home phone no. is 9484 4352.

	John Bangsund is still at 34 Beauford Avenue, Bell Post Hill on 52 722
749, and bangsund"


Yvonne Rousseau noted the quick piece of gender reassignment that I
afforded Jean-Paul Breault in the previous Bullsheet. It should, of
course, have read Jean-Paul Breault (n Day).


ANZAPA 183			August 7 1998
Guff Nominations		September 30 1998
Guff Voting			March 30 1999	


Alan Stewart,  David Bofinger, Cath Ortlieb, Cheryl Morgan, Yvonne
Rousseau., Chuck McKenzie, Karen Pender Gunn, Ian Gunn


Tuesday August 11th  
Distribution Friday August 14th.


Yes, it could only be a production of Terry Pratchett's MORT, following
hot on the heels of PerfoRMIT's MEN AT ARMS earlier this year. The
Whitley and Ridley Theatre Society (WARTS) invites you to enjoy Stephen
Briggs' adaptation of one of Terry's most loved books at the Gordon
Masonic Halls in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne.

Low-budget adventure and Mr. Pratchett's punny prose combine to produce
the sort of fun you're unlikely to have watching the latest
effects-laden sci-fi "blockbuster", as Mort, Death's inept apprentice,
manages to let romantic longings get in the way of a job well done.-
with disastrous results for causality and the future of history...

So go on, book a ticket or two. You know you want to! :)

More information and bookings are available at the MORT web site at:

Email enquiries should be directed to the WARTS secretary at

I hope to see you there!

- Benjamin John Evans
  WARTS Director 1998


1) An Opening Night group screening of Dark City,Thursday August 6th
7:00pm. Village Centre, 206 Bourke St  Melbourne Adults $9.50, Children

2) A Special Preview of Armageddon Wednesday August 19th. 6:45pm.
Greater Union Russell Cinemas, Melbourne Adults $9.50, Children $7.50

For ticket request forms, please check out the Multiverse web site at

Please make enquiries to 

This Fanzine Supports The Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid and Aussiecon
Three. Other Allegiances are still for sale.