The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet #108 – October 23 1998

A frowsty newszine produced for the Australian National Science Fiction
Association by Marc Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill, Vict, 3131,

	Postal subscriptions $6-00 for ten.(Cheques made out to Marc Ortlieb
please. Stamps accepted). Available for items of gossip. E-mailed
direct, a once off $10 fee.  Free copy from aus.sf on Internet or at  

	Erika Lacey announces the publication of Harbinger Magazine,  an
Australian-based speculative fiction magazine - science fiction,
fantasy, and horror.
	Subscriptions to the magazine is A$28 for 4 issues, or US$28 (A$44)for
non-Australians.  Sample copies are A$7 for Aussies, US$7.
	The magazine is in search of artists and writers. Payment is 1 aus cent
p.w. for subscribers and 1/2 aus cent p.w. and contributors copy (over
1000 words) for non subscribers (contributors copy under 1000 words).
Artists work is commissioned and enquiries should be made before
submitting material. The current issue has work from Jason Bleckly,
Robert Stephenson, and Edwina Harvey, and artwork from Vincent
Watego."Erika Lacey - Editor
Harbinger Magazine webpage

	Michael O'Brien proves that he's a sucker for a short skirt in that he
has a letter praising Ally McBeal in the Herald Sun 7/10/98. Of course,
Michael claims "I'm a great admirer of writer David E. Kelley" and
claims he enjoys the show for the quirky characters and surprising
dialogue. (Thanks to David Russell for noting the letter.) David notes
that Michael is turning the Wednesday Herald Sun into his personal
lettercol; he has another there on 14/10/98, commenting on, among other
things, Babylon 5.
	And a very late Media Watch. I was looking through an old (August 1992)
issue of Australian Personal Computer, looking for material for a
student, and I discovered an article on Nick Stathopoulos. It mentioned
that he was, at the time, using "a 386DX 33MHz machine with a very large
hard disk."(Probably all of a Gig...)


	Julian Warner notes that Aussiecon Three now has a phone number "Phone
Number (Melbourne): (03) 9517 1661 (This is an automated answering
service - we will return your call as soon as possible)"

	Ian Gunn reports "Due to lack of candidates, the deadline for GUFF
nominations has been extended to 30th November 1998. The lucky winner
gets an all-expense paid trip to Aussiecon Three, so if you know any
Britons/ Europeans worthy of of nomination get them excited about it
now! For further info contact or GUFF P.O. Box 567
Blackburn 3130"
	Victor Gonzalez reports "The DUFF race is underway, and I'm honored to
have been asked to nominate Andy Hooper for the 1999 race from America
to Australia. To further support Andy's candidacy, I have put up an
"Andy Hooper for DUFF" page with photos, fan articles, lists of fanac
and links. Check it out at
	Andy's other nominators for the Down Under Fan Fund are John Foyster,
Robert Lichtman, Irwin Hirsh and Ted White. Although there is no ballot
as of yet, rumor would suggest that the others in the race include Lise
Eisenberg and Janice Gelb.
	Janice Gelb responded "I was waiting for the official announcement but
as long as Victor has spilled the news in a different thread, I might
as well confirm that I am indeed standing for DUFF. My nominators are
Mike Glyer, Roger and Pat Sims, and Joe Siclari and Edie Stern on this
side of the Pacific; and Stephen Boucher and Jean Weber on the
Australasian side. To find out about my fannish career and see samples
of my con  reports, check out my web site (address given in my sig) and
my entry on Rob Hansen's "Who's Who in SF Fandom" site


November 21 - 22 1998  University of Sydney, and Southern Cross Hotel
NSW GsoH Jason Carter Dwight Schultz Amis Tim Choate Jerry Doyle ph: 02
9453 0290 fax: 02 9975

April 1-5 1999 24 Annual Western Australian Convention The Metro Inn
Canning Highway South Perth GsoH Jack Dann, Sean Williams, Janny Wurts
Special Guests, Don Maitz & Janeen Webb, Fan Guest Dave Luckett $70
until October 11 GPO Box G429 Perth WA 6841

June 12-14 1999 3rd National Star Wars Convention Karralyka Centre
Ringwood Vict GsoH tba  $150 until 1/6/99. P.O. Box 427 Northcote Vic
3070 (03) 9416-8998

The 57th World Science Fiction Convention. September 2-6 1999 World
Congress Centre, Melbourne GsoH George Turner, Greg Benford and Bruce
Gillespie. Aussiecon Three, GPO Box 1212K, Melbourne, 3001, Australia
Attending $225 Supporting $45 Child in tow  $45 email

The 38th Australian National Science Fiction Convention. September 2-6
1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne  P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic 3131

CHICON 2000 
The 58th World Science Fiction Convention August 31 to September 4, 2000
- Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob
and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster: Harry Turtledove $US135.00 for residents
of North America $US125.00 rate for bona fide residents of other
continents P. O. Box 642057, Chicago IL 60664, fax: 312-946-3779

The 59th World Science Fiction Convention  August 30 to September 3,
2001 The Pennsylvania Convention Center & Philadelphia Marriott Hotel
GsoH Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George Scithers
Toastmaster: Esther Friesner. Suite 2001, 402 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge,
PA 19046 USA

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 

	The West Lodge, is holding a special event to celebrate the festive
season and 35th Anniversary of Doctor Who on November 28th (Sat) at
7.00pm - Timelord's Gala which includes an evenings entertainment and a
light supper. For more info and pricing, please e-mail or ring (08) 9316 3260.
	Rob Brown notes "Aron Eisenberg, Nog from Deep Space 9, will be in
Sydney for Friends of Science Fiction's June 1999 meeting. Cost for the
day is $35 for fsf members and $45 for non members. Aron will be doing a
presentation, sitting on some panels and signing personalised autographs
for all attendees. The club supports the Bobby  Goldsmith Foundation and
some of the proceeds from the day go to this  charity. For information
email or call 02 9523 8385"


Club - 5-7 Charlotte Street Ashfield NSW

Place Parramatta

FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY  November 20 7:00 Room 1615 Broadway Tower,
University of Technology Sydney

SOUTHERN SCIENCE FICTION GROUP November 21 2-00pm  15 Shade Place
Lugarno (02) 534-3595.


STAR TREK: THE EXHIBIT Until January 31, 1999 The Queensland Museum

VORTEX  November 1 Red Cross Centre 397 Adelaide St G.P.O. Box 2004
Brisbane 4001

QUEENSLAND STAR TREKKERS (QUEST) November 8 GPO Box 2084 Brisbane 4001

HIGHLANDER  November 15 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St  Postal address
11 Perrett St Bundamba Qld 4304 Newsletter The

CONQUEST  December 6 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St  GPO Box 1376
Brisbane Qld 4001


CRITICAL MASS November 4 Jacq Felis Towards a definition of Fantasy
Contact Damien Warman P.O. Box 335 Rundle Mall Adelaide S.A.


MSFC  October 23  AGM October 30 Darren Maxwell on Collectibles November
6 Dr Who Night 8.00pm St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West
Brunswick P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB  October 23 October 30, November 6 6-7.30pm. Informal
eating and nattering. Myers Cafeteria Melbourne

ENTERPRISE October 24 Enterprise's 5th Birthday P.O. Box 466 World Trade
Centre Melbourne 3005 (03) 9583 7404

NOVA MOB  MEETING   November 4  8:00pm at 13 Frederick St Brunswick.

DANDENONG SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY November 11 P.O. Box 706 Frankston Vic
3199  015 510 159 fax (03) 9787 0899

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB  November 14 7:30. Christmas Party The
Cafe North Hotel 480 Victoria St Nth Melbourne P.O. Box 610 Ballarat Vic
3353 Babbling On

SKYFORCE (STAR WARS)  November 28 7 pm St Mark's Church Hall Camberwell.
Combination 10th Anniversary & Christmas Party. $18 by November 21st.
P.O. Box 427 Northcote 3070 Email Address:


THE WEST LODGE November 28 7.00pm Timelord's Gala  - or ring (08) 9316 3260.

Bill Bowers notes that Eric Lindsay P.O. Box 640 Airlie Beach
Qld 4802 is agent for Outworlds 70; and that it is available for
A$12.00. More details as they become available.


PHANEWS #12 Phantasia Bookshop Newsletter 443 High St Penrith NSW 2750

ETHEL THE AARDVARK 81 Ian Gunn for the MSFC P.O. Box 212 World Trade
Centre Melbourne 3005

FILE 770 #126 Mike Glyer 705 Valley View Ave Monrovia CA 91016 USA (CoA)

ANZAPA 184 Marc Ortlieb P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic 3131 A 176 page
issue, with the addition of new member Lucy Schmeidler. This issue
features major contributions from Bill Wright and Bruce Gillespie and
notes that Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber take over the presidency. (No
cigar jokes please.)


	Garth Nix notes " I've finally got around to a major upgrade of my
website, updating everything and adding a page about how I write (with
pics of my idea notebook, an original manuscript page from SABRIEL etc.)
I've also put in a bookshop in association with, both for my
own books and also a sort of article-come-list about all my favourite
books by all my favourite authors. Naturally this is a work in progress
as I keep remembering more favourites, so I will try and continually
update it. It's been an interesting exercise, particularly discovering
how many of my favourites are out of print in the USA (or not listed by
Amazon, anyway) . Great books like Peter Dickinson's 'The Blue Hawk' or
Alan Garner's 'Red Shift', Jack Vance's Alastor series and even most of
Georgette Heyer's Regency romances. Anyway, I hope it helps introduce
people to my favourite books, or be reminded of them.
	The site is at http://  please take
a look"
	Damien Broderick notes the following from Aidan Doyle
"At long last, I finally got around to overhauling my Oz Sf site which
has info on Australian sf, market lists and links to writing and sf
sites.  Some of the author profiles are still a bit out of date, but
I'll get around to them eventually. :-)."

For a full listing,

Annorax's Voyager Database


Mike Glyer 705 Valley View Ave Monrovia CA 91016 USA 
Bill Bowers
Tommy Ferguson
Sue Ann Barber 
Terry Frost 4/8 Walker St West Brunswick 3056


ANZAPA 185			December 6 1998
Guff Nominations		November 30 1998
Guff Voting			March 30 1999	

Alan Stewart,  Justin Ackroyd,  Ian Gunn, Victor Gonzales, Janice Gelb,
David Russell, Bill Bowers, Garth Nix, Damien Broderick,  Erika Lacey,
Julian Warner, Rob Brown


Tuesday  November 3rd
Distribution Friday November 6th.

This Fanzine Supports The Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid and Aussiecon
Three. Other Allegiances are still for sale.