The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet #111 – December 4th 1998

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Fiction Association by Marc Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill, Vict,
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	Damien Broderick reports "The launch on Friday night at Slow Glass
Books of Jack Dann and Janeen Webb's impressive all-original Oz sf
anthology DREAMING DOWN-UNDER was massively and buoyantly attended.  I
only just got my contributor's copies this morning, so I haven't had a
chance to read very much of the book.  But by god what an astonishing
object it is to weigh in the hand.  For 25 bucks in a huge trade
paperback, it's as good a bargain as the fine Aphelion equivalent
(some new, some reprint in that case) of a few years back, ALIEN
SHORES. I've already winkled out a few irritating misprints (does Paul
Collins' character Angel Hart really fit `rather smugly' into the
hard-boiled hero description, as Collins allegedly says in his
afterword, or `snugly'?), but the production is generally excellent.
My only reservation is the awful cultural cringe of the title itself,
with its supine acceptance of the snooty `Up-Over' US and European
view of us Aussies.  But Jack sez it will help sell the book overseas,
and I'm not going to argue with Jack's formidable marketing savvy.  A
striking book, and one that everyone on this list should run out and
buy.  I'm proud to be in it. "

	Enterprise and Austrek got a mention in The Herald Sun Weekend
Magazine 21/11/98. Sharon Tapner was quoted in the article that placed
the groups in the company of fan clubs devoted to Manchester United,
The Blues Brothers, John Denver, The Monkees and the Goon Show. (Why
the Goon Appreciation Society should be slumming in such company is
beyond me )

	Stewart Unwin sent me a copy of The November 1998 issue of
National Library of Australia News  which features an article entitled
"Gallifrey and Beyond, Dr Who at the National Library" by Edward
Duyker. It deals with Australian Dr Who fandom, showing Zerinza covers
and the Sonic Screwdriver website. Later in the same issue is an
article on Star Trek and Trek fanzines by Louise Blake. I figure it's
about time to get fandom out of the libraries and back in the gutter
where it belongs...

	Lucy Sussex notes that her street is getting itself an even worse reputation
than it got when she and Julian moved in. "Someone has just got himself shot at
the other end of the street. If only I hadn't been revising a horror story at
the same time...all abut the Yakuza and contract killing. Police are still
blocking off the street. Hasn't been such excitement since the two skulls in the
garden of next door down. To make things even odder, the night before the
shooting I'd been teaching death and how to write it at the Victorian Writer's
Centre. "

	Karen Pender-Gunn would appreciate copies of any publications
that make reference to Ian. She also notes that Space*Time Buccaneers
will appear as a book in the near future.  

	Mark Loney notes that the Aussiecon Three hotel booking form is being
proofread and should be up on the A3 website real soon now

	Rowena Cory Linquist reports on Brisbane's Vision Group "Our goal is
to support our fellow writers and polish our writing skills to
publication standard.
	VISION the group for writers of science fiction, fantasy and
horror, formed just over two years ago but already its members have
had resounding success with short story sales to the SF magazines
Eidolon, Under Magellanic Clouds and Altair, (placing second in the
Altair short story competition), two of our people placed highly in
the SF Writers of the Earth Short story competition, another came
first in the junior section of Society of Womens writers, and was
Highly Commended in the Laura Fold Fair Literary Award. One member has
sold to a young adult anthology of fantasy and an adult anthology of
Australian SF. Two members have sold a number of books to Macmillan
Childrens series. Transworld has asked one writer to rewrite their SF
novel and resubmit it. And one of our writers has sold a fantasy
trilogy to Transworld in Australia and Bantam in the US.
	Because of the groups size (approaching thirty on a busy day)
we have had to close to new members. But anyone wishing to join can go
on a waiting list until a place becomes available. If we get five
people on the list, well help them start a new group.
	The VISION newsletter is produced by Adrianne Fitzpatrick and
comes out 11 times a year. It contains articles on writing, market
news and interviews with writers and editors. Anyone wishing to get
the newsletter can send Adrianne a cheque made out to VISION ($20 for
a years subscription). Anyone wishing to see a sample of the
newsletter please send two 45c stamps.
	VISION meetings concentrate on writing, with lively critiquing
sessions. As a group member I can say belonging to VISION has been a
great. I appreciate the opportunity to mix with fellow writers.
	Spokesperson Newsletter Editor Adrianne Fitzpatrick, 102
Wadley Street, Macgregor, 4109"


March 20 & 21, 1999   Southern Cross Hotel Corner Goulburn & Elizabeth
Streets, City.and Sydney Entertainment Centre Harbour Street,
Haymarket GsoH William Shatner, Walter Bascom, Robin Curtis, Richard
Hatch, Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen 1 Day Ticket (Saturday OR Sunday) $120 2
Day Ticket $240 ph (02) 9453 0290.

April 1-5 1999 24 Annual Western Australian Convention The Metro Inn
Canning Highway South Perth GsoH Jack Dann, Sean Williams, Janny Wurts
Special Guests, Don Maitz & Janeen Webb, Fan Guest Dave Luckett GPO
Box G429 Perth WA 6841

June 12-14 1999 3rd National Star Wars Convention Karralyka Centre
Ringwood Vict GsoH tba  $150 until 1/6/99. P.O. Box 427 Northcote Vic
3070 (03) 9416-8998

The 57th World Science Fiction Convention. September 2-6 1999 World
Congress Centre, Melbourne GsoH George Turner, Greg Benford and Bruce
Gillespie. Aussiecon Three, GPO Box 1212K, Melbourne, 3001, Australia
Attending $225 Supporting $45 Child in tow $45 email

The 38th Australian National Science Fiction Convention. September 2-6
1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne  P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic

Reflections October 1-3 1999  Special Guest Richard Arnold $135 until
March 31st, $175 thereafter. GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001.  ph 0412-649-727

CHICON 2000 
The 58th World Science Fiction Convention August 31 to September 4,
2000 - Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton, Jim Baen,
Bob and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster: Harry Turtledove  $US135.00 for
residents of North America $US125.00 rate for bona fide residents of
other continents P. O. Box 642057, Chicago IL 60664, fax: 312-946-3779

The 59th World Science Fiction Convention August 30 to September 3,
2001 The Pennsylvania Convention Center & Philadelphia Marriott Hotel
GsoH Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George Scithers
Toastmaster: Esther Friesner. Suite 2001, 402 Huntingdon Pike
Rockledge, PA 19046 USA

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 

	Karen Pender-Gunn notes "I am now editing Ethel the Aardvark magazine
for the Melbourne Science Fiction Club and the next issue is due in a
couple of weeks. If you would like to include a small piece on what
you remember or miss about Ian please email it to me as soon as
possible. I want to make this a special issue just for our thoughts
for Ian. I know many for you have sent messages to me but I would like
to include your own words to make sure you say just what you want to

	Ian Woolf notes that the Sydney Futurian Science Fiction
Society recently celebrated its 59th anniversary.

	Shayne McCormack notes " I wasn't sure if you knew that
Phantasia has a website now. Karen and I both work on it, its a lot
like the old days of putting out a fanzine. There is an SF catalogue
on the site, a page for interesting links, Karen lists and reviews
relevant TV and mystery shows and films and we try to make it as
interesting and chatty a site as we can. Its at
	Our email address has changed too. It's
	Karen has also started a monthly get together at the shop that
she calls the Phan Club. At the moment its TV show-oriented (this
Sunday the meeting is about Babylon 5, and the new telemovie) but next
year I hope to organise some literary get togethers with local
authors. Details of meetings are on the site and in the monthly
PhaNews newsletter. "



SOUTHERN SCIENCE FICTION GROUP  December 12 Christmas Dinner 15 Shade
Place Lugarno (02) 534-3595.

FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY December 18 room 1615, level 16 of Broadway
Tower of UTS.  Richard Harland reading 7:00 Room 1615 Broadway Tower,
University of Technology Sydney

Catholic Club - 5-7 Charlotte Street Ashfield NSW

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION December 13 Lidcombe Catholic Club, John St
Lidcombe.P.O Box 797, Fairfield, NSW or by phone on
(02) 9523 8385

797, Fairfield, NSW 1860


STAR TREK: THE EXHIBIT Until January 31, 1999 The Queensland Museum

CONQUEST  December 6 AGM followed by Christmas Party. Red Cross Centre
409 Adelaide St  GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001

QUEENSLAND STAR TREKKERS (Quest) December 13  GPO Box 2084 Brisbane
4001 Email

VICTORIA MSFC  December 4 Christmas Party Preparation December 11
Christmas Party 8.00pm St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West
Brunswick P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB   December 4  Anzapa Collection. December 11  ANZAPA
distribution 6-7.30pm. Informal eating and nattering. Myers Cafeteria

SKYFORCE (STAR WARS) P.O. Box 427 Northcote 3070 Email Address:

Library P.O. Box 706 Frankston Vic 3199  015 510 159 fax (03) 9787

THE WESTGARTH CINEMA MARATHON December 12 7:00am (89 High St,
Northcote Vic. (03) 9482 2001)

ENTERPRISE December 19 Christmas Party P.O. Box 466 World Trade Centre
Melbourne 3005 (03) 9583 7404

MULTIVERSE INSURRECTION PREVIEW December 30 1998 7:30pm Village Crown
Cinemas, Crown Entertainment Complex Adults - $10.00	Children -
$9.00  email or


EMERALD CITY #39 Cheryl Morgan

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dr 90 Arthur Hlavaty

FANS ACROSS THE WORLD NEWSLETTER 80 B. Wilkinson, Ground Floor Flat, 8
West Avenue Road, Walthamstow, E17 9SE, Great Britain
fax: 0181-925-7126

TOMMYWORLD 42 Vol 3, No 1 Tommy Ferguson 40 Deramore Avenue, Belfast,
BT7 3ER, Northern Ireland E-mail: Phone Home:
(01232) 293275 Archive:

THE DAILY ? Joyce Scrivner


ANZAPA 185			December 6 1998
Guff Voting			March 30 1999
Duff Voting 			March 31, 1999.
Ditmar Nominations		March 31 1999

Alan Stewart, Damien Broderick, Lucy Sussex, Stewart Unwin,  Karen
Pender-Gunn, Mark Loney, Rowena Cory Linquist, Ian Woolf, Shayne


Tuesday  December 15th
Distribution Friday December 18th.

	Club Secretaries, Please note that that #112 will be the final issue
for 1998 and that the Bullsheet will resume in early February 1999. If
you have any January or February activities to list, you will need to
get them to me by December 15th.

	Richard Pursey reports "Pulp Fiction has moved to the following
address:  Shop 1, Rowes Arcade, 235 Edward St Brisbane Qld 4000, tel:
07 3221 0666, fax: 07 3221 0667"

	Julian Warner notes that, while I mentioned the fact that Julian
Headlong, Steve Davies and Paul Kincaid would be standing. I didn't
mention what they would be standing for, which is, of course, GUFF.

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