The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet #112 – December 18 1998

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Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA
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	Ion Newcombe reports "The latest edition of AntipodeanSF 10 has
been published, and it contains the following stories by
Australian authors:  "Earth Girls Aren't Easy"  by Edwina
Harvey ; "Inspiration", by Liz Martin  and "Mind Over Matter",
by Tony Plank .


	Jack Dann reports "Sunday, December 13, we had a spotlight
reading and mass signing for DREAMING DOWN-UNDER at the new
Borders superstore in Melbourne, which was great fun...and a
real success.  Rosaleen Love, Damien Broderick, Lucy Sussex,
Russell Blackford, and Sean McMullen five minute readings from
their stories; Janeen and I m-ceed (Janeen was a class act--I,
of course, did "schtick"), and then everyone went to the front
of the store to sign books.  Believe it or not, there were more
authors signing than there was table to sit at!  Other DREAMING
DOWN-UNDER authors in attendance were: Paul Collins, Andrew
Enstice, Wynne Whiteford, Aaron Sterns, Chris Lawson, Sara
Douglass, and Dirk Strasser  But the stroke of genius came from
HarperCollins' rep Norman Tilley, who came in a tuxedo with a
brilliant DREAMING DOWN UNDER placard and his bagpipes.  He
stood at the door and played, and what a hit he was.  (He's a
terrific piper, incidentally.)  Borders has asked us to do
another reading/signing in April, so we'll be working on that."
Lucy Sussex noted that there were times when the various Jam
Factory noises made it a little heard to be heard.


Transworld Publishers are once again offering their $10,000
prize for an unpublished science fiction or fantasy novel of
60,000 to 150,000 words. There is a $30 entry fee. The deadline
is 5:00pm January 29 1999. Further details are available from
The George Turner Prize, Treansworld Publishers, Ground Floor,
40 Yeo St, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089.


	Ali Kayn has an article on Internet Stalking in the January
1999 issue of
	Damien Broderick gets to nominate his favourite science books
for 1998 in The Weekend Australian Review December 12-13, 1998. 
	The report in The Australian 14/12/98, on the discovery of the
most distant known quasar, quotes "It's a fair statement to say
we're talking many billions of light years away," says Bruce
Gillespie, site operations manager at Apache Point [Observatory
New Mexico]. notes "Just a reminder that Smeg Radio -  a
weekly SF, fantasy and Cult TV radio program broadcasts live
every Wednesday in Sydney on 2RRR 88.5FM from 7pm to 8pm. If
you have any news you would highlighted, clubs you want
promoted and stuff like that, just drop us an email."


	Russell B. Farr notes "It is with some sadness that I announce
that, at this point in time, Ticonderoga Publications has no
plans to exist past December 31, 1999.
	Ticonderoga Publications will fulfill its two present
contracts, being the Sean Williams collection New Adventures In
Sci-Fi, due for publication 31 March 1999, and the Stephen
Dedman collection The Lady Of Situations, due in August 1999."


5 March 20 & 21, 1999   Southern Cross Hotel Corner Goulburn &
Elizabeth Streets, City.and Sydney Entertainment Centre Harbour
Street, Haymarket GsoH William Shatner, Walter Bascom, Robin
Curtis, Richard Hatch, Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen 1 Day Ticket
(Saturday OR Sunday) $120 2 Day Ticket $240 ph (02) 9453 0290.

April 1-5 1999 24 Annual Western Australian Convention The
Metro Inn Canning Highway South Perth GsoH Jack Dann, Sean
Williams, Janny Wurts Special Guests, Don Maitz & Janeen Webb,
Fan Guest Dave Luckett GPO Box G429 Perth WA 6841

June 12-14 1999 3rd National Star Wars Convention Karralyka
Centre Ringwood Vict GsoH tba  $150 until 1/6/99. P.O. Box 427
Northcote Vic 3070 (03) 9416-8998

The 57th World Science Fiction Convention. September 2-6 1999
World Congress Centre, Melbourne GsoH George Turner, Greg
Benford and Bruce Gillespie. Aussiecon Three, GPO Box 1212K,
Melbourne, 3001, Australia  Attending $225 Supporting $45 Child
in tow  $45 email

The 38th Australian National Science Fiction Convention.
September 2-6 1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne  P.O. Box
215 Forest Hill Vic 3131

Reflections October 1-3 1999  Special Guest Richard Arnold $135
until March 31st, $175 thereafter. GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld
4001.  ph 0412-649-727

CHICON 2000 
The 58th World Science Fiction Convention August 31 to
September 4, 2000 - Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben Bova, Bob
Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster: Harry
Turtledove  $US135.00 for residents of North America $US125.00
rate for bona fide residents of other continents P. O. Box
642057, Chicago IL 60664, fax: 312-946-3779

The 59th World Science Fiction Convention  August 30 to
September 3, 2001 The Pennsylvania Convention Center &
Philadelphia Marriott Hotel GsoH Greg Bear, Stephen Youll,
Gardner Dozois, George Scithers Toastmaster: Esther Friesner.
Suite 2001, 402 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, PA 19046 USA

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 



FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY December 18  room 1615, level 16 of
Broadway Tower of UTS.  Richard Harland reading 7:00 Room 1615
Broadway Tower, University of Technology Sydney

Catholic Club - 5-7 Charlotte Street Ashfield NSW

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION Insurrection Preview December 30 P.O
Box 797, Fairfield, NSW 1860 or by phone on (02)
9523 8385


STAR TREK: THE EXHIBIT Until January 31, 1999 The Queensland


FRIDAY NIGHT MOB  December 18 January 8, January 15, January 22
6-7.30pm. Informal eating and nattering. Myers Cafeteria

ENTERPRISE December 19 Christmas Party P.O. Box 466 World Trade
Centre Melbourne 3005 (03) 9583 7404

NOVA MOB CHRISTMAS DINNER December 20 12:00 noon Tho Tho
Restaurant 66 Victoria St Richmond.

MULTIVERSE INSURRECTION PREVIEW December 30 1998 7:30pm Village
Crown Cinemas, Crown Entertainment Complex Adults - $10.00
Children - $9.00  email or MSFC  January 15 Welcome Back   January
22 Prophecy Night 8:00pm St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd
West Brunswick P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

General Meeting The meeting is open to all members of the
Foundation: those who plan to attend are asked to contact Cath
Ortlieb, Foundation Secretary, by mail or email P.O. Box 215,
Forest Hill, Vict, 3131  or by phone
(039803 9480).

ANZAPA 185 171 pp with large contributions from Bill Wright,
Gerald Smith & Womble and Michael Green. There are currently
six places available to prospective members. Contact me, Marc
Ortlieb P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill, Vict, 3131


The Australian Star Trek Central

Bullsheet #113			January 26 1999
The George Turner Prize		January 29 1999
ANZAPA 186			February 5 1999
Guff Voting			March 30 1999
Duff Voting 			March 31, 1999.
Ditmar Nominations		March 31 1999

Alan Stewart,Ion Newcombe , Jack Dann, Cath Ortlieb, David
Russell, Judith Hanna, Russell Farr, Lucy Sussex

In response to Lucy Sussex story about shooting up Fred Street,
noted ex-Aussie fan and sometime letter writer to New
Scientist, Judith Hanna, notes:"Well, fancy that. We had one
too you know, back in September. We lack, however, Lucy's
literary parallels. Admittedly, I was off trolling around the
Welsh Marches with Steveg and Maureen Gell when it occurred,
while Joseph [Nicholas] slept through it and didn't hear a
thing. He says the double-glazing must have muffled the shot; I
reckon it was probably alcohol-induced oblivion.
	Mind you, our fatal shot wasn't an isolated incident. A
day or so before, a crack-house round the corner had been
raided by the fuzz. What isn't clear, however, is whether the
victim was an innocent passer-by or involved in the trade. We
assume the gunman was definitely involved in the trade.
	Then, a couple of days later, a house the other side of
our block sprouted coppers guarding its front gate, and
clamming up when asked what was going on.The local papers said,
thinly, that a gunshot had been heard about midnight, and when
the police arrived the house was empty.
	Since then, all's been normal -- quiet except for the

	"Hi! My name is T Campbell and this March I'm producing a
lighthearted spec-fiction comic called FAANS. We've got a
Website up and running () where you can read about
the characters and write letters to them directly. Or you can
always just write to me.
	Hope this letter finds you well. If you'd rather not
hear from me, just let me know... otherwise, I'll send you
another note when the book actually comes out.
	But if you think this is a great idea, tell your
friends and tell them to tell their friends. (And their
retailers, of course.) I can't do this without you, and I will
not forget that.

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