The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet #113 – January 29 1999

A galimatias newszine produced for the Australian National Science
Fiction Association by Marc Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215, Forest Hill,
Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA (e-mail:
	Postal subscriptions $6-00 for ten.(Cheques made out to Marc
Ortlieb please. Stamps accepted). Available for items of gossip.
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	H. Pascal reports "Each year, in March,   the Circulo Independiente
de Ficcion y Fantasia, the Universidad autonoma de Tlaxcala and the
Asocicion Mexicana de Ciencia Ficcion y Fantasia hold the
International Festival of Fiction and Fantasy in Tlaxcala (Mexico).
We would like to invite a writer from your country to our Festival
in this conditions: We'll pay hotel, alimentation and local
transportation and provide an interesting archeological tour to
pre-Columbian paintings and petroglifs. Reply to


	Ticonderoga Publications has announced the contents for its final
two collections, New Adventures in Sci-Fi  by Sean Williams, which
will be launched at ICon in April, and The Lady of Situations  by
Stephen Dedman to be launched at Aussiecon Three.  Prices and cover
details will be announced in early January. Both collections will be
limited to no more than 350 copies, and bookshop distribution will
be minimal. Chuck McKenzie notes that the release date for his novel
Worlds Apart  (Hybrid Publishers) has been brought forward to March
15 1999. The first book in the Zach Vance [???] Quartet weighs in at
332 pages and retails for $15.95. Ion Newcombe notes AntipodeanSF 10
is now available  at with the
following items: "Mind Over Matter" Tony Plank; "The Kiwi
Contingent" Tim Jones; "Earth Girls Aren't Easy"  Edwina Harvey;
"Inspiration"Liz Martin. AntipodeanSF 11. has two stories by
Australian writers: "The Fish"Simon Brown and "The Rats" Brendan
Carson. Jack Dann has a story in the upcoming  Bereshith Publishing
anthology Strange Attraction ed. Ed Kramer.  Steven Paulsen notes
"My kid's horror/fantasy book, The Stray Cat (Lothian), has now been
sold to G&G Buchvertriebs in Germany and the Watts Publishing Group
in the UK. Korean negotiations are presently also underway.
Meanwhile, the French edition is reported to be selling well and
Lothian plan to reprint it in Australia in 1999."


	The Aurealis Awards will be announced on February 26th.


	Ben reports "Potato Monkey, a new sf/f/h mag is now looking for
writers for its first issue. Payment will be in copies, unless of
course we find someone who wants to advertise in us:)Send
submissions to: Potato Monkey, PO Box 84, Darling Heights Q 4350 or
email them to and I'll pass 'em on
to the editors."


	Sophie Masson had a letter in the Australian Thursday December 17th,
about the use of computers in schools. The New Star trek movie is
getting lots of coverage, some good and some bad. The Herald-Sun
17/12/98 had a piece on Brent Spiner from STTNG. The Sunday Age
26/12/98 had larger features on Brent Spiner and the new Star Trek
movie Insurrection. Jack Dann notes that Dreaming Down Under
received favourable reviews from Andres Vaccari in The Sunday Herald
Sun and The Sydney Sunday Telegraph 27/12/98.  Lucy Sussex has a
regular stint as paperback reviewer for The Saturday Age. Her first
column 2/1/99 avoided sf. On 23/1/99 she reviewed Sophie Masson's
The Knight by the Pool. Damien Broderick looks at an assortment of
scientific books, including Lalla Ward's husband's Unweaving the
Rainbow in The Weekend Australian Review 16-17/1/99. Race Matthews
had an article on Premier Kennett's attacks on the Freedom of
Information Act in The Age 20/1/99. Colin Steele's regular reviews
in Canberra's The Sunday Times include a review of Sandra Danher's
The Darkness Within. Terry Dowling's science fiction reviews appear
in The Weekend Australian Review 23-24/1/99. He covers, among other
books, Sean McMullen's The Centurion's Empire, Tansy Rayner Roberts
Splashdance Silver and Richard Harland's Taken by Force. In an
article dealing with quality children's books (The Australian
25/1/99) Dave Luckett's A Dark Winter is noted as a book that
increased in sales when it was moved from the children's section to
the fantasy section.


	The committee of Aussiecon Three are please to announce that
they have finalised arrangements clearing the way for J. Michael
Straczynski to appear at the convention as a Special Guest. Mr
Straczynski is the creator and writer of the hugely successful sf
television series "Babylon 5" currently showing on Australian
commercial television.  This will be his first visit to Australia.
His only public appearances, during his time in Australia, will be
at Aussiecon Three.
Aussiecon Three is having an open day on the 20th of March
1999 2-5 pm at the St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West
Brunswick (Where the MSFC has its meetings.). This will include a
barbecue, displays, photos speakers throughout the afternoon giving
talks on aspects of the convention. All are welcome. Perry
Middlemiss reports "Nick Stathopoulos has agreed to take on the role
as Interim Masquerade Area Head. This appointment will hold until he
and I can appoint someone who will look after the admin part of the
event. In addition, he will also act as the compere of the event on
the night. " In addition Perry notes that Aussiecon Three will not
have a Toastmaster but that individual functions will have their own
Rose Mitchell notes that Lay by Pre Registration is now
available for Aussiecon Three
You can now make four instalments of $65 over the next 8
months until August 1. Future price rises will not affect your
'lay-by'. The registration price remains fixed from when you enter
the scheme.
At the same time, you will have all the privileges of a
member: you'll receive progress reports and be entitled to nominate
and vote in the Hugo Awards.
New pricing structures will become effective from about
March 1999. Subscription forms are available from  Aussiecon 3,
either website, mail, or e-mail.
Val & Ron Ontell are arranging a tour for after the
convention. A complete itinerary is at


	Our Far North Queensland correspondent, Eric Lindsay, notes
the following: "Being isolated up here at Airlie Beach, I don't get
a lot of fannish news to send you. But here is a small item, as I'm
Australian agent.
Andrew Porter's Science Fiction Chronicle is moving to being
a bimonthly as at the December 1998 issue. With currency
fluctuation, the subscription rates are now A$47 for 6, A$77 for 12,
A$107 for 18 issues. Australian agent is Eric Lindsay, PO Box 640,
Airlie Beach, QLD 4802
I'll be back in Sydney for a week or so starting Friday 12th
February, in a final attempt to clear out all the stuff left in my
house at 43 Chapman Parade, Faulconbridge. NSW fans can expect
announcements of parties and garage sales on Saturday 13th February
and Sunday 14th February. Jean will be off on her usual conferences
and work meetings in Sydney, in all probability.
I'm starting a small business called PsiPhi (the Greek
letters), selling Psion palmtop organisers to mobile businesses like
charter boat owners and real estate agents in the Airlie Beach area.
I'll be concentrating on value added softwear and hardwear, like GPS
and geographical information systems (since anyone can buy a Psion
without support from Harvey Norman at the same price I charge). "


	Clive Newall reports "1:00am, Thursday January 7th (or really late
on Wednesday night, if you prefer), a rather loud noise disturbs the
otherwise quiet LynClively household. Much running around, seeking
out of cats etc. Nothing appears out of the ordinary. Go back to
watching late night television/sewing as we were before. Later,
while putting out some rubbish, LynC notices that we no longer
appear to have a letter box. A quick look around locates various
pieces of our former letter box distributed over over a wide area.
Narrowly missed were the front windows, and the car parked in the
street. The boys in blue show up at our request the following
morning, take away the remains of the home-made bomb (luckily it did
not work 100%) and generally mutter things about "random act", "no
need to be concerned". Move ahead 10 days. The local paper reports
damage to a local brothel from a home-made bomb, and mentions in
passing "four instances of letter boxes being destroyed by home made
explosives" during the school holidays. Just lucky, I guess." You're
just going to have to take that red light out of the window Clive!!!


	Well not quite, but Karen Pender-Gunn notes that she has negotiated
a pension and that there are additional photographs of Ian's and her
wedding at


	GUFF voting is now open. GUFF will bring a European Fan to Aussiecon
Three. The candidates are Steve Davies, Julian Headlong, and Paul
Kincaid and the voting deadline is midnight on Easter Monday, 5
April 1999. A ballot will be included with this issue and is
available at
	Victor Gonzales notes "An online collection of Andy Hooper
fan writing was added today to the Andy Hooper for DUFF website,
which can be reached from the Squib page:"
	The Auld Lang Fund still needs more money to get special
guest Dave Langford over to Aussiecon Three. A $20 donation makes
you a Friend Of Old Langford. Donations should be sent to Marc
Ortlieb at the Bullsheet address above. In addition, given the
shortage of copies of silence of the Langford at present, I'm
auctioning the final three copies I have left. The reserve is $A20.
I will hold the auction open until February 28th and then the three
top bidders will receive the books. Send your bid to Marc Ortlieb
P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill 3131 or


	Christopher Ballis notes "the Australian Costumers' Guild is bidding
for Costume-Con 20 for the year 2002. The bid will be voted upon at
Costume-Con 17 in Philadelphia in mid-February this year. The bid
has the support of the state government and the Lord Mayor's office
and looks like being successful. There is some resistance form US
quarters seeing the event has never left North America before. The
competitive destinations of Los Angeles and Denver, both put up
after our bid was received by the service mark controllers, have
fallen away. A delegation from the Australian Costumers' Guild will
be attending CC17 to present the bid. Costume Con is the largest
event of its type, a convention for people interested in costume and
fashion. Along with panels and workshops and social opportunities,
the feature events are two costume parades (what the Yanks call
masquerades), one for SF& F, the other for Historical costuming."

	Aidan Doyle's web page, recently moved to, reports the
following: "Grail Quest is a conference festival being held at
Sydney Uni from 10-14 June 1999.  It is centred on the legend of
King Arthur but takes in all kinds of Celtic, mediaeval and fantasy
elements.  There are four main streams
	Literary, Arts (film, music, art exhibitions, theatre);
Academic, and Gaming (role-playing games, war games: table top,
freeform). There will also be jousting, demos of mediaeval arts and
crafts, a harp concert and dance, a poetry and storytelling night,
and music, art and literary workshops.
	Presenters in the literary stream include Sophie Masson,
Caiseal Mor, Paul Collins, Sean McMullen, Steven Paulsen, Kate
Forsyth, Rowena Cory-Lindquist, Garth Nix, Richard Harland, Jack
Dann, Janeen Webb, Isolde Martyn, Pamela Freeman, Margo Lanagan,
Traci Harding, Ian Irvine and others.
	The cost of the conference is $200 for the four days.  There
is also a short story competition centred around an Arthurian theme.
	More details are available from Sophie Masson at or Cathy Simpson at"


BEST OF BOTH WORLDS 5 March 20 & 21, 1999   Southern Cross Hotel
Corner Goulburn & Elizabeth Streets, City.and Sydney Entertainment
Centre Harbour Street, Haymarket GsoH William Shatner, Walter
Bascom, Robin Curtis, Richard Hatch, Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen 1 Day
Ticket (Saturday OR Sunday) $120 2 Day Ticket $240 ph (02) 9453

ICON April 1-5 1999 24 Annual Western Australian Convention The
Metro Inn Canning Highway South Perth GsoH Jack Dann, Sean Williams,
Janny Wurts Special Guests, Don Maitz & Janeen Webb, Fan Guest Dave
Luckett GPO Box G429 Perth WA 6841

GRAIL QUEST June 10-14 1999  Conference/festival centred on the
legend of King Arthur. Sydney University $200 Contact: Sophie Masson or Cathy Simpson at

FORCE THREE June 12-14 1999 3rd National Star Wars Convention
Karralyka Centre Ringwood Vict GsoH tba  $150 until 1/6/99. P.O. Box
427 Northcote Vic 3070 (03) 9416-8998

AUSSIECON THREE The 57th World Science Fiction Convention. September
2-6 1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne GsoH George Turner, Greg
Benford and Bruce Gillespie. Aussiecon Three, GPO Box 1212K,
Melbourne, 3001, Australia  Attending $225 Supporting $45 Child in
tow  $45 email

SPAWNCON TWO The 38th Australian National Science Fiction
Convention. September 2-6 1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne
P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic 3131

CONQUEST 99 Reflections October 1-3 1999  Special Guest Richard
Arnold $135 until March 31st, $175 thereafter. GPO Box 1376 Brisbane
Qld 4001.  ph 0412-649-727

CHICON 2000 The 58th World Science Fiction Convention August 31 to
September 4, 2000 - Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben Bova, Bob
Eggleton, Jim Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster: Harry
Turtledove  $US135.00 for residents of North America $US125.00 rate
for bona fide residents of other continents P. O. Box 642057,
Chicago IL 60664, fax: 312-946-3779

THE MILLENIUM PHILCON The 59th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30 to September 3, 2001 The Pennsylvania Convention Center &
Philadelphia Marriott Hotel GsoH Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner
Dozois, George Scithers Toastmaster: Esther Friesner. $US 125
Attending until April 5 1999. Supporting  $US 40  Suite 2001, 402
Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, PA 19046 USA

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 


	The True Church of All Worlds (Inc.) is an organisation
based on the books of Robert Heinlein. We invite fans and anyone
interested to visit our website: We
will be holding Astronomy evenings, RPG sessions, computer training
and games sessions and a host of other
PO Box 120, Cannington, Western Australia, 6987 ph: 0417 969994
	Conquest have a Special General Meeting on February 7 to
deal with proposed constitutional changes
	The Australian Science Fiction Foundation is looking for
nominations for its Chandler Award, given for lifetime contributions
to Australian science fiction. Contact Cath Ortlieb, P.O. Box 215
Forest Hill Vic 3131 for more details. Details are also available at

Note that there is an annual calendar available on the Vicnet SF web
site at


FUTURIAN SOCIETY OF SYDNEY February 19 Room 1615 Broadway Tower,
University of Technology Sydney 

FANZINES AND FRONTIERS February 13  3.00-4.00 pm Lower Ground One
Theatre UNSW. Explore the enterprising days of Star Trek fandom with
writer and fanzine creator Susan Batho. Free admission. No bookings
required. Contact (02) 6262 1271


Star Trek: The Exhibit Until January 31, 1999 The Queensland Museum

Vortex January 31 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO Box 2004 Brisbane Qld 4001

Conquest February 7  10:00am Valentine Verses Virus & SGM Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001

New Alliance February 7   PO Box 12083 Elizabeth St/BC Brisbane Qld 4002

Highlander Down Under March 21  Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane PO Box 198 Brisbane Albert St Qld 4002


MSFC  January 29 Anime February 5 Greek Food Night, February 12 Star
Trek 8:00pm St David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick
P.O. Box 212 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

Friday Night Mob   January 29, February 5 ANZAPA Collection,
February 12  ANZAPA distribution 6-7.30pm. Informal eating and
nattering. Myers Cafeteria Melbourne

Australian Babylon 5 Fan Club January 31  12 Noon to 9pm Putters
Mini Golf Cnrs Swanston Walk &  Lonsdale St. Contact
P.O. Box 610 Ballarat 3353  Phone: (03) 5334 6343 (Before 9pm)

St Valentine's Day Feast February 13, 1999 Australian Costumer's
Guild  (03) 9568 0708

The Cube Preview Screening February 18th 1999  7:30pm Kino Cinemas,
45 Collins Street Melbourne. Adults $10.00, Children $8.00. Contact
Multiverse PO Box 355 World Trade Centre, Melbourne, Vic, 3005

Enterprise February 27 Starfleet Exams & Quark's Collectors Day P.O.
Box 466 World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005 (03) 9583 7404

Aussiecon Three Open Day March 20  2:00-5:00pm St David's Church
Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick


Vanamonde  283-292 John Hertz 236 S. Coronado St No 409, Los Angeles
CA 90057

The Instrumentality December 1998 Richard Hryckiewicz for the
Australian Science Fiction Foundation P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill Vic

The Communicator #32 Derek Screen for Enterprise, P.O. Box 466 World
Trade Centre Melbourne Vic 3005

Ethel the Aardvark 82 Karen Pender-Gunn for the MSFC P.O. Box 212
World Trade Centre Melbourne Vic 3005

Conscript Conquest GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001


Emerald City #40,41 Cheryl Morgan

Ansible 137, 137.5, 138 Dave Langford, 94 London Road, Reading,
Berkshire, RG1 5AU, UK. Fax 0118 966 9914. ISSN 0265-9816. E-mail Available for SAE, whim, beer, or the secret of
Spiggy Holes.

Derogatory Reference 91 Arthur Hlavaty

Fans Across the World Newsletter 81,82 B. Wilkinson, Ground Floor
Flat, 8 West Avenue Road, Walthamstow, E17 9SE, Great Britain fax: 0181-925-7126

TommyWorld 43, 44 Tommy Ferguson 40 Deramore Avenue, Belfast, BT7
3ER, Northern Ireland E-mail: Phone Home:
(01232) 293275 Archive:

The Daily ? Joyce Scrivner



David Hearne
The True Church of All Worlds (Inc.)
Laura Anne Seabrook


Babylon 5 OZ Fan Club
Susan Batho (Smith/Clarke)


Kathleen Ager notes that her e-mail addresses are
or The Yugoslavian sf club Faros has a
new e-mail address -


Bullsheet #114			February 9 1999
The George Turner Prize		January 29 1999
ANZAPA 186			February 5 1998
Duff Voting 			March 31, 1999.
Ditmar Nominations		March 31 1999 
Guff Voting			April 5 1999


Alan Stewart,  Conquest, Russell B. Farr, H. Pascal , Perry
Middlemiss, Jack Dann, Victor Gonzales, Ben, Aidan Doyle, Eric
Lindsay, Christopher Ballis, Steven Paulsen, Clive Newall, Ion


Irwin Hirsh is acting as John Bangsund's agent in selling back
issues of John's fanzines. Complete details are available from Irwin
26 Jessamine Ave, Prahran East Vic 3181 or at  The sale's UK agent is
Dave Langford  94 London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5AU.


	Presented by The American Society For Science Fiction Audio
(ASFSFA). The Mark Time Award is given each year to honor the Best
Science Fiction Audio Production of the Year. The Ogle Award for
Best Fantasy Audio.
	The Mark Time Award takes another step forward this year, by
adding a category for Fantasy Audio.
	At Minicon 34, April 2-4, 1999 in Minneapolis, MN. we will
present a Gold and Silver Mark Time Award for the Best Science
Fiction Audio Productions of the Year 1998. We will also present a
Gold and Silver Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Productions of
1998.  (Charles Ogle was the star of Thomas Edisons 1910 silent
Frankenstein film.) The subjective decision of which category a work
fits into will be handled by the judges. Submission deadline is
February 1, 1999. How To Enter
 1. Fill out the Entry Form.  (see
 2. Send Five (5) copies of the Audio Production you are entering
(CDs or Cassettes), the Entry Form and a check for the $25.00 Entry
Fee to:  Mark Time Award, P.O. Box 566, Freeland, WA 98249 USA
 3. DEADLINE for Entry: February 1, 1999. Address: Mark Time Award
P.O. Box 566 Freeland, WA  98249  U.S.A. E-mail: W
W W:


In past years the Austrek art show has gone from strength to
strength.  The quality of the work produced by our members in the
past has been outstanding.  The effort that these budding artists
have put into their entries is amazing. You can see the hours of
painstaking work that goes into these creations.
	Hope fully this year, the artists in Austrek's Art Show
will out do them selves once more.
	The 3rd Annual Austrek Art Show is on the way.
	The show is once more being held on the  Saturday  7 August,
at St. Mark's Church, Camberwell All members and their families are
welcome to contribute. It doesn't matter if you are a veteran of the
art show, or if this is your first entry. All artists are welcome.
The art show is always a fun day with creative activities for the
young or the young at heart. Come along and compete in out
traditional origami aviation race, come for the BBQ, or come and
vote for your favorite entry. We will be having our traditional
categories, plus for those less artistically inclined we are adding
an invention or science section.
	So if you are an artist of any kind, or if you think you've
designed the next marvel of modern science, the 3rd Annual Austrek
Art Show is just the thing for you.
 	Categories are: Colour; Black and white; Photography/
computer generated; Junior   (under 13); 3d (sculpture/props);
Textiles; Invention Entries Due by the 3rd of July Cost: $2 per
artist Contact Litza Waters at

Further information check out Austrek's web page or telephone Austrek at (03) 9489
8743 or the old fashioned way, GPO Box 5206AA Melbourne  3001
This Fanzine Supports The Minneapolis in '73 WorldCon Bid and
Aussiecon Three.

"Autograph hunting is cool. No really."

Other Allegiances are still for sale.