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Vict, 3131, AUSTRALIA
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Ortlieb please. Stamps accepted). Available for items of gossip.
E-mailed direct, a once off $10 fee.  Free copy from aus.sf on
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The Aurealis Awards were presented at Slow Glass Books on February
26th. The winners were

Science Fiction
Novel:The Centurion's Empire Sean McMullen (Tor)
Short Story: "The Truth About Weena" David Lake (Dreaming

Fire Angels Jane Routley (Avon)
A Dark Winter Dave Luckett (Omnibus)
Short Story: "A Walk On Part In The War" Stephen Dedman (Dreaming

Novel: No Award
Short Story: "A Positive" Kaaron Warren

Young Adult:
Novel: Singing the Dogstar Blues Alison Goodman (Harper Collins)
Short Story: No Award

Convenors' Award:
Shaun Tan for his artwork in The Rabbits

In addition, the winners in the Aurealis Millennium Shot Story
Competition were announced. they were "Redemption" Katherine
Howell, "Enigmatic Mausoleum" Rob Bleckler and "Arise You Soft
Machines" Brent Lillie. All are published in the Aurealis Mega OZ
SF Anthology, which, apart from that, consists of several back
issues bound together.

Stephen Dedman's "Unequal Laws" appears in Science Fiction Age
March 1999 Edwina Harvey's children's story, "Helga" was published
in the anthology "Leaves of the Forest Muse". Erika Maria Lacey
reports regarding Harbinger "A new associate editor has joined the
forces here, Jason Kennedy. The word limit has been extended to
7500 words for fiction and 5000 words for non fiction, and the
payment is now 1c per word with a minimum of $5 and a maximum of
$50."  Erika also listed the contents of #1 which include fiction
by Kurt von Trojan., Brendan Carson and Edwina Harvey.

Rob Riel reports on the results of 1998's Science Fiction Writers
of Earth SF/F Short Story Contest. "Australia took out 2nd and 10th
places; not a bad showing, considering the competition, though this
year I reckon we can do better. Congratulations to Kain Massin and
Robert Stephenson for holding up our end.
This is a contest for unpublished writers, defined as those
who have yet to receive money for a published piece of fiction at
the time of entry. Details and entry forms are available from the
SFWoE website at, or by sending an SSAE
to SFWoE, c/- Rob Riel, PO Box 2108, Dangar, NSW, 2309. As last
year, we've arranged an option for Australasian residents to pay
the entry fee (US$5) in Australian dollars, and to post entries to
an Australian address; no currency conversion costs, no expensive
IRC's, no overseas postage.

Entry deadline for the 1999 contest is 30 October. Note, however,
that contest submissions can be circulated and even sold, provided
only that they are unpublished at the time of entry, and that the
author is otherwise eligible. So interested parties can submit now;
stories are not tied up until the awards are announced in January


Adrian Sherlock the producer of Damon Dark, a new weekly half-hour
Science Fiction series, which should screen on Channel 31, later
this year reports "Currently, we are about one day's shooting away
from completing the first four-part serial, titled "Maddox". Then
it will be on to the editing before shooting commences on the
second serial." The series is being produced for ERA TV with the
following cast: Adrian Sherlock, Niobe Dean,Steve McPhaill, Andrew
Dunn, George Ivanoff, Keith Cook and Ben Dixon. Members of the
George Ivanoff Fan Club should note this one.


Lucy Sussex reviews Dave Luckett's A Dark Journey in the Saturday
Age 27/2/99. The death of Stanley Kubrick was widely noted in the
media. A pity he didn't get to see 2001, but probably a good thing
that he didn't get to see the world of A Clockwork Orange. Damien
Broderick notes "I've been doing a huge amount of media PR for The
Last Mortal Generation, buzzing around Sydeny[sic], doing the
national Today morning TV show with Tracy Grimshaw, and lots of
radio interviews in the pipeline or live to air. A long piece about
the ideas in the book in the SMH Spectrum section a week or so back
aroused a bunch of interest; a very long piece due in the March
Quadrant, I gather; upcoming interviews etc on Ramona Koval's
admirable Books & Writing ABC Radio program; an Ockham's Razor
quarter-hour just recorded. Even copped five crisp minutes with
Derryn Hinch. Hoping for a targeted international discussion on ABC
TV's Lateline, but that might well fall through. Beats skiffy the
hell and gone. (Although a stint at the Perth Writers' Festival at
the end of Feb is more related to sf than to my non-fiction - or,
as some would have it, my `non'-fiction.)"


Elaine Walker reports regarding the moving of A Touch of Strange
"Bureaucracy and paperwork has slowed us down and we're mowing
through some red tape that is being wrapped around us. Consequently
it looks as if we won't be moving on Monday after all. We will
still be moving, just postponed the move a bit till we get
everything sorted out. Details will follow about the new moving
date as soon as we have them. (Pass on to whoever you think will be
interested..though not any of the mailing lists I'm sending this


The DUFF voting deadline has been extended until April 11th.
Meanwhile DUFF Candidate Janice Gelb has produced the Janthology, a
collection of her writing supporting her cause. It is available
from her at 1070 Mercedes Ave #2, Los Altos CA 94022 USA. It comes
with Janice for DUFF, a piece supporting Janice's candidature from
Eve Ackerman, Mike Glyer and Arthur Hlavaty.


Sally Yeoland, Bruce Gillespie and Elaine Cochrane note "John
Bangsund was hospitalised on Thursday 4 March with a serious heart
malfunction. His condition has improved rapidly and he expects to
be home very soon. Sally will give an update as soon as time
permits. Messages can be sent to either John or Sally's e-mail
addresses: John is and Sally is John's postal address is PO Box 5005, North
Geelong, Victoria 3215, Australia; his phone is (03) 5221 7313;
Sally's home number is (03) 9484 4352 and her work number is (03)
9616 7149."


Note the open day on March 20th. All are welcome. It'll be your
chance to ask embarrassing questions or discuss how you can become
more involved in the convention.


Rob Brown notes that the June 13 FSF meeting has DS9 actor Aron
Eisenberg (Nog) guest of honour.Cost for the day is $35 FSF members
and $45 for non members. Aron will be available to give a
presentation as well as sign autographs for all attending. Cheapest
Trek event with an actor attending you can go to. Also appearing,
John Cook (Sev Trek) and Chuck McKenzie( author of Worlds Apart).
Activities include panels, guest presentations, writers workshop
and video program.
Tickets available from FSF, P.O Box 797 Fairfield, NSW
1860, (02) 9523 8385 or from Galaxy Bookshop Sydney and Phantasia
at Penrith.


March 20 & 21, 1999   Southern Cross Hotel Corner Goulburn &
Elizabeth Streets, City.and Sydney Entertainment Centre Harbour
Street, Haymarket GsoH William Shatner, Robin Curtis, Richard
Hatch, Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen 1 Day Ticket (Saturday OR Sunday)
$120 2 Day Ticket $240 ph (02) 9453 0290.

March 27-28 1999 Edmund Barton Centre 488 South Rd Moorabbin GoH
Richard Hatch Special Guests: Sara Douglass, Kate Jacoby, Paul
Collins, Sean McMullen Full weekend $60 Saturday $40, Sunday $35 PO
Box 355 World Trade Centre, Melbourne, Vic 3005

April 1-5 1999 24 Annual Western Australian Convention The Metro
Inn Canning Highway South Perth GsoH Jack Dann, Sean Williams,
Janny Wurts Special Guests, Don Maitz & Janeen Webb, Fan Guest Dave
Luckett GPO Box G429 Perth WA 6841

April 2 - April 5 University High School, Story St, Parkville,
Melbourne. Includes 30 plus hours of anime (Japanese animation with
English subtitles)from M.A.S.Further details at

June 10-14 1999  Conference/festival centred on the legend of King
Arthur. Sydney University $200 Contact: Sophie Masson or Cathy Simpson at

June 13 1999  GsoH Aron Eisenberg, John Cook &  Chuck McKenzie $35
FSF members, $45 for non members. Tickets available from FSF, P.O
Box 797 Fairfield, NSW 1860, (02) 9523 8385 or from Galaxy Bookshop
Sydney and Phantasia at Penrith.

June 12-14 1999 3rd National Star Wars Convention Karralyka Centre
Ringwood Vict GsoH tba  $150 until 1/6/99. P.O. Box 427 Northcote
Vic 3070 (03) 9416-8998

The 57th World Science Fiction Convention. September 2-6 1999 World
Congress Centre, Melbourne GsoH George Turner, Greg Benford and
Bruce Gillespie.  Special Guest J.M Straczynski. Aussiecon Three,
GPO Box 1212K, Melbourne, 3001, Australia  Attending $225
Supporting $45 Child in tow  $45 email

The 38th Australian National Science Fiction Convention. September
2-6 1999 World Congress Centre, Melbourne  P.O. Box 215 Forest Hill
Vic 3131

October 1-3 1999  Special Guest Richard Arnold $135 until March
31st, $175 thereafter. GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001.  ph 0412-649-727

CHICON 2000 
The 58th World Science Fiction Convention August 31 to September 4,
2000 - Hyatt Regency Chicago IL GsoH Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton, Jim
Baen, Bob and Anne Passovoy, Toastmaster: Harry Turtledove
$US135.00 for residents of North America $US125.00 rate for bona
fide residents of other continents P. O. Box 642057, Chicago IL
60664, fax: 312-946-3779

The 59th World Science Fiction Convention  August 30 to September
3, 2001 The Pennsylvania Convention Center & Philadelphia Marriott
Hotel GsoH Greg Bear, Stephen Youll, Gardner Dozois, George
Scithers Toastmaster: Esther Friesner. $US 125 Attending until
April 5 1999. Supporting  $US 40  Suite 2001, 402 Huntingdon Pike
Rockledge, PA 19046 USA

GoH = Guest of Honour
O.C.P. = Other Commitments Permitting
tba= to be announced. 


Note that there is an annual calendar available on the Vicnet SF
web site at

	Michael Dawson notes "UniSFA turns Twenty One  this year
and this significant event is being celebrated with an anniversary
dinner. What makes a club truly unique is the people in it and it
would be great to see as many club members & associates at the
dinner (both past and present) as possible. If UniSFA has touched
your life... if it means something special to you...or if you just
feel like sharing a dinner with your friends then come along and
celebrate the club's coming of age with us! (Details below)
	Paul Harrison notes that The Fellowship of Middle Earth
holds weekly meetings Thursday lunchtime at Monash University, at
which many and varied topics related to science fiction and fantasy
are discussed. Membership is $3 per year."


SOUTHERN SCIENCE FICTION GROUP  March 13  2:00pm  Politics and
Government in Science Fiction - why is Feudalism so popular?Postal
Address 15 Shade Place Lugarno (02) 9534-3595.

FRIENDS OF SCIENCE FICTION March 14 Lidcombe Catholic Club, 24 John
St Lidcombe  P.O Box 797 Fairfield NSW 1860 Phone/
Fax (02)9523 8385

CAISEAL MOR APPEARANCE March 20  Phantasia SF & Mystery Bookshop
443 High St Penrith NSW 2750

A STAR WARS EVENT April 26 Phantasia SF & Mystery Bookshop 443 High
St Penrith NSW 2750


HIGHLANDER DOWN UNDER March 21  Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St
Brisbane PO Box 198 Brisbane Albert St Qld 4002

CONQUEST April 4  10:00am Valentine Verses Virus & SGM Red Cross
Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Qld 4001

NEW ALLIANCE April 4  PO Box 12083 Elizabeth St/BC Brisbane Qld

VORTEX May 2 Red Cross Centre 409 Adelaide St Brisbane GPO Box 2004
Brisbane Qld 4001


CRITICAL MASS April 7  David Hansen Walter Jon Williams'
Metropolitan, City On FireWriters Centre Adelaide PO Box 3355,
Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000


MSFC  March 12 Author Night Jack Dann & Sean McMullen March 19
Swap, Buy & Sell, March 26 Coffee, Cake & Conversation 8:00pm St
David's Church Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick P.O. Box 212
World Trade Centre Melbourne 3005

FRIDAY NIGHT MOB March 12, March 19, March 26  6-7.30pm. Informal
eating and nattering. Myers Cafeteria Melbourne

AUSSIECON THREE OPEN DAY March 20  2:00-5:00pm St David's Church
Hall 74 Melville Rd West Brunswick

AUSTRALIAN BABYLON 5 FAN CLUB March 20  11:00am Melbourne Zoo
Contact P.O. Box 610 Ballarat 3353
Phone: (03) 5334 6343 (Before 9pm)

GLEN EIRA - OGAKI JAPANESE FESTIVAL March 21 5:30pm Nausicaa of the
Valley of the Wind March 27 8pm  Ghost in the Shell Glen Eira Arts
Complex Theatrette, cnr Hawthorn & Glen Eira Rds, Caulfield

AUSTRALIAN COSTUMERS GUILD March 28 Ross House in Flinders' Lane
Melbourne PO Box 322 Bentleigh Vic 3204

AUSTREK  April 3 2:00pm A.G.M. Collectibles Show & Tell St Mark's
Church Hall Cnr Canterbury & Burke Rds, Camberwell GPO Box 5206AA
Melbourne 3001 03 9489 8743

NOVA MOB April 7  13 Frederick St Brunswick.

SKYFORCE April 10  Melbourne Uni, Copeland Theatre, Economics and
Commerce Building 1:00pm to 5:00pm P.O. Box 427 Northcote 3070


UNISFA DINNER March 19 7pm Hollywood Bowling Club, Smyth Road,
Nedlands Cost is $20 (free for children under 6, $12 for children
aged 6-12). Tickets are available from Michael Dawson or Anna
Hepworth, 9386-9724 or "".

JUMP POINT March 20  Quiz Night Willetton Sports Centre.  Entry $6
each or $30 for a table of six.  Questions will be science fiction
based. Costumes are welcome.  Stephen Wroth


THYME 125 Alan Stewart P.O. Box 222 World Trade Centre Melbourne
Vic 8005 Comes with

AUSTRALIAN SF NEWS 85 Alan Stewart(above) & Merv Binns P.O. Box 315
Carnegie Vic 3163

VANAMONDE 293-297 John Hertz 236 S. Coronado St No 409 Los Angeles
CA 90057 USA

PHILOSFY #11 Alexander R. Slate 8603 Shallow Ridge Drive San
Antonio TX 78239-4022 USA

FILE 770 128 Mike Glyer 705 Valley View Ave Monrovia CA 91016 USA

PHA NEWS 17 Phantasia Bookshop P.O. Box 1255 Penrith NSW 2751

THE MENTOR 94 Ron Clarke P.O. Box K940 Haymarket NSW 1240


ANSIBLE 140 Dave Langford, 94 London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1
5AU, UK. Fax 0118 966 9914. ISSN 0265-9816. E-mail

EMERALD CITY 42 Cheryl Morgan or

Flat, 8 West Avenue Road, Walthamstow, E17 9SE, Great Britain fax: 0181-925-7126


Elizabeth Trump notes "Just read through your last Bullsheet. There
has been a misprint in the telephone number for contacting The West
Lodge. It reads 9315 3260 and should be 9316 3260."

My apologies to Andrew Porter, the editor of SF Chronicle, who,
through editorial clumsiness was diminutized to "Andy" in the
previous issue.


Bullsheet #117			March 22 1999
Ditmar Nominations		March 31 1999 
Guff Voting			April 5 1999 
Duff Voting 			April 11, 1999.
ANZAPA 187			April 16 1998
Chandler Award Nominations	May 1st

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